Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is it release day yet?

In case you missed hearing me shout it from the mountaintops, I have a new erotic romance novella set to release on August 3rd.  That's three days from now.  But who's counting?  Oh that's right - I am!  I can't help it.  I'm always giddy over new releases and count the days down like I'm counting down to an exciting vacation or a hot date.

My new book is called Dark Without You and it will be my second release with Etopia Press.  Have I mentioned how much I love this cover?

Here's an excerpt:
When the bus was in eyesight, Andy shouted, “Race you!” and sprinted ahead. Alice followed clumsily. Three Long Island iced teas had been two too many. Andy, however, had had three beers and seemed as steady as a sober man after a good night’s sleep.
“You know I can’t hold my booze, Andy,” Alice complained breathlessly after she reached the bus.
“I remember well,” he said, moving closer, invading her personal space. “And I hope you’ve behaved yourself in college, Ms. Grove.”
Unbidden thoughts of the various parties Andy had pulled her out of during high school flashed back, along with the memories of his constant threats to take her over his knee. She’d always thought those threats to be empty, but the image caused her cheeks to flush and another tremor of wet heat shot between her thighs. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. She peered up into his smoldering eyes, lost in the conflicted memories of yesterday.
“Alice Grove at a loss for words,” he mused. “Call the newspapers.”
Alice recovered herself and punched his shoulder. “I’m adult now, in case you haven’t noticed.” The memory of Andy’s threats embarrassed her more than ever—and to her confusion, left her pussy aching with need. During her freshman year of college, he’d promised to finally take her over his knee the next time she cursed at him. Would he, really?
“I have noticed.” His eyes darkened, and she squirmed under his penetrating gaze.

Dark Without You will be available on August 3rd on Kindle, Nook, ARe, Sony, and other places ebooks are sold.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spotlight Saturday with Rionna Morgan

Please give romance author Rionna Morgan a warm welcome to my blog today for Spotlight Saturday.

Rionna, do you like to listen to music while you write?
I love to listen to music. I generally listen to instrumental Celtic music when I am writing. I enjoy Celtic Woman a lot.
Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

“The Wanting Heart is a sexy, intriguing, modern-day western romance.  A fun summer read.”  -- Kat Martin, New York Times Best Selling Author
Katherine White, a barrel racer from Colorado, lives in a fast-paced world where rhinestones shine, hooves pound, and dreams come true.  She plans on winning World Champion Barrel Racer and being with her friends until she graduates from college.
She doesn’t plan on the man who broke her heart strolling back into her life.  She doesn’t plan on finding solace in a charming stranger’s smile or falling victim to his knife.
“It’s late, Blake.  I’m tired.” Kate said.
“Not too tired to be kissing that city feller.”  Blake could’ve kicked himself.  He wanted to talk to her not fight.
“That’s none of your business.  You have no right to be spying on me.”
“I wasn’t spying.  I was watching Cathy.”
Kate stepped into the full light.  “Well, you should have taken her home and been on your way!”
Seeing dark circles beneath Kate’s eyes, Blake studied her.  He saw sadness and fatigue.  “Jesus, Kate.  Did you drive home last night?  Have you even been home?”
“What do you care?”
Blake grabbed her arms.  “Are you trying to kill yourself?”
“No.  I’m living my life.”
“I’ll tell you what you’re doing.  You’re going home and going to bed.”
“Don’t use that range boss voice on me.  You have no right.”
Blake couldn’t listen to another word.  Holding her body, even in anger, was too much for him.  Her words were crushed against her mouth as his lips covered hers.  He lifted her off her feet, molding her body to his.  She’d been nineteen the last time he kissed her.  Her body had grown and filled out since then.  But, he wasn’t thinking of that.  He wasn’t thinking of anything, but how damn good it felt to just hold her, kiss her.  Begging for her surrender, he stroked his hands over her hips, up her back and fisted them in her hair.
Where can readers find your newest release?
If you could be the hero/heroine in any novel, who would it be and why?
Wow, that is a tough question.  Years ago I read a Nora Roberts novel…the last of the Three Sisters Island Trilogy, Face the Fire.  The heroine is named Mia Devlin, and I kept thinking as I read, “Man, I want to be her when I grow up!”
Coffee or tea?
I seem to drink coffee more and more.  I just think smells so nice on those crisp Montana mornings.  Yet, Earl Grey tea is my absolute favorite beverage.
How do you go about choosing names for your characters?
I spend a lot of time researching the meaning of names.  I think that it’s clever to look for names that could fit an evil man or a heroic one and use it, thus creating another level of intrigue to the story.  Also, I look in the phonebook – online now – and see what type of names are prominent in the area of the country where my story is set.  I try to incorporate those names into the book as well.
Star Trek or Star Wars?
Ooooh!  Hard one.   I think I’d have to say Star Trek because of the movie that came out a few years ago.  My husband and I played hooky in the middle of the day and went to see it for my birthday.  That was a great day!  A wonderful memory.
Tell us about your upcoming writing projects.
I have another romantic suspense book set to be released sometime in November 2012.  Judge Thyself First features a profiler who uncovers a 20 year old murder at an Alabama prison.
My current work in progress – an artist stumbles upon a murder scene that has a fairy tale twist.
Where can others connect with you?
Please be invited to visit my blog to Enter to Win a Piece of Montana!
I can be found at the following locations.  I enjoy the company so please stop by! 
Thank you so much for having me here with you today.  I have really enjoyed spending time getting to know you and sharing my story with you.
May romance and mystery grace your day!
Please feel free to leave Rionna a nice comment or ask a question:)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dark Without You ~ Cover Reveal!

I have a new release due out in a week with Etopia Press.  It's called Dark Without You, and it's an erotic romance with a spanking/domestic discipline theme to it.  Here's the pretty cover:

BLURB:  Alice Grove owes her brother a lot.  After all, he adopted her after their parents died and worked several jobs just to keep food on the table.  When he requests she use her charms to keep one of the members of the band he manages happy until the end of the tour, it’s hard to refuse.  She meets up with the band and gets much, much more than she bargained for in the arms of the enigmatic drummer she’s had a crush on for years.

Andy Steel detests life in the limelight and plans to quit the rising metal band he plays drums for.  Touring for weeks on end with no company besides his fellow band members, trashy girls, and an endless supply of booze doesn't suit his old-fashioned ideals.  He aches to have a long-lasting relationship with just one woman.  Not just any relationship, but one in which he wears the pants.  He expects obedience inside and outside of the bedroom, and he won't hesitate to enforce his rules by giving his woman a good spanking.  When his childhood friend, Alice, meets the band in Chicago, all bets are off.  She's all grown up - and he's determined to have her for himself.  All goes as planned until an old flame from Andy's past shows up, and Alice's reasons for joining the tour are called into question.  When she skips town without a goodbye, Andy has no qualms about chasing after her.  But will he like the truth he finds?

Dark Without You releases on 8/3/2012 and will be available on Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, and other fine places ebooks are sold.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's (kinky) Christmas in July!

Today I'm visiting Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz's blog as part of her Christmas in July event.  There's an interview and a giveaway of Snowed in With Santa, which was my first naughty ebook published back in November 2011. 

Click the link below to check it out:

One Writer's Journey:  Sue Lyndon, Snowed in With Santa (erotica)

Will Jared's dark desires scare the inexperienced Alana away?

Alana has no choice but to accept the seasonal job as an elf in the local mall, not unless she wants to lose her apartment. She didn't expect the man under the Santa costume, a volunteer named Jared, to be such a hunk, either. But just as the sparks between them fly, Jared tangles with a thief and is escorted out of the mall for violating the manager's 'hands off' policy.

Jared can't believe he was fired from a volunteer job just because he single handedly apprehended a thief in the mall. Worse yet, he won't get to wish Alana a Merry Christmas and ask her out on a date. What he doesn't expect is for her to show up on his doorstep in the middle of a snowstorm . . .

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spotlight Saturday with Michael Joseph McDonald

Please welcome Michael Joseph McDonald to my blog today for Spotlight Saturday.

Michael, who are a few of your favorite authors?

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman feature prominently today, and George Orwell and Edgar Allen Poe are among my favourite classic authors.

Do you like to listen to music while you write?

Definitely, I find it helps set the mood for a scene I may be trying to tease particular emotions from, and in general helps as a wall of white noise to force my concentration onto the page.  I frequently listen to mellow or melancholic bands like REM, U2, and Radiohead, though I can enjoy something a little harder like Pink Floyd, Evanescence and Manic Street Preachers.  Movie and videogame soundtracks can be useful, too.

Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

My newest release, The Red Queen, follows a spoiled, self-indulgent princess who suddenly finds the heavy burden of responsibility and duty thrust onto her shoulders as she must save the kingdom from her tyrannical brother.

Where can readers find your newest release?

The Red Queen is published by Books To Go Now at Amazon.com

Coffee or tea?

Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

What inspired you to start writing?

I have been writing for almost as long as I can remember.  I began before I could actually write – I remember during my very first days of school our teacher would provide simple words printed on card for us to slot together to form rudimentary sentences.  We were simply supposed to say something like “The yellow truck drove down the street”, but I had decided I wanted to tell a whole story, and surprised the teacher by asking for more words to complete my epic.

Where can others connect with you?

I have a blog at themikewrites.blogspot.com.  I generally focus on writing there, though there will be the occasional post on other topics of interest to me, such as politics or technology.

What is your ultimate writing goal?

In the end I would love to be able to do this for a living – to have the backing of a publisher and a wide enough audience that I can ‘go to work’ by sitting down at my desk and doing what I love to do.  I don’t hope for fame and fortune, I don’t expect or desire to be the next J.K. Rowling, but I do hope to make a modest living and be able to dedicate myself to the kinds of stories my readers would want to see.

Tell us about your upcoming writing projects.

I am currently editing a steam-punk novel that I am quite excited about.   Set in an authoritarian dystopia (what steampunk isn’t?), it mirrors contemporary TV shows such as 24 and NCIS, while touching on issues of equality, freedom and security that trouble many people today.  Titled Portman Island Counter Terrorism (PICT, named for the Picts, a mysterious painted people who once inhabited my homeland of Scotland), the story focuses on a team of government agents who combat rebels against the ruling plutocracy, who keep their population underground to keep them safe from the supposedly poised atmosphere, the result of the previous great war.  The rebels insist that the government’s claims are misleading, and that the ruling class lives in luxurious above-ground cities beneath glass ceilings while the 99% toil in the dirt, never seeing the sun.  The team finds their loyalty tested, as they discover the rebels may not be as deluded as they had been led to believe, but this makes them no less dangerous.

The first chapter in this episodic adventure will be appearing for free on Smashwords soon.

Please feel free to leave Michael a nice comment or ask a question:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, Amazon, you dirty tease!

When I woke up yesterday morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee and opened up my laptop.  Yeah, sure, I'll admit one of the first things I do every morning is check the sales statuses of my books on Amazon.  I usually check them before bedtime too.  Well, imagine my surprise to see one of my spanking romance novellas, A Firm Husband, hanging out in the 1,000s.  I rushed to tell my husband the news, and then I tweeted my excitement, only to discover a few hours later that there was an Amazon glitch and that beautiful ranking didn't count.  A few hours after that, the glitch was fixed and A Firm Husband was back in its rightful place in the rankings.  Thank you Amazon for playing with my emotions like that, you dirty tease!  Maybe this happens all the time and I've just never noticed before.  In any case, A Firm Husband is still doing well on Amazon and already has five 4 and 5 star reviews, woo-hoo!

"I loved this book by this new author. (At least new for me.) It was set in the old West, the hero was hot, and heroine was bratty without being over the top, the spanking was hard and realistic, and the sex was steamy!  If you like spanking cowboys, this book is one for you!" - Five star review on Amazon

"I enjoyed this story and the characters in this book. It was a western romance with spanking involved and hot sex. Clara Sutton runs away from home wanting to experience life outside her Father's ranch. She doesn't get far when she encounters William Davies and lies to him about what's going on. Soon she finds out who he is and she learns what it's like to receive her punishment at his hands. Though the spankings are painful, Clara starts to develop feelings for William and vice versa. I enjoyed Clara's personality and she was not afraid to speak her mind even when it would get her in trouble or in this case, more spankings. William was what Clara needed to help her mature and be a rancher's wife. I really enjoyed the supporting characters of Henry and Mattie. Mattie and Clara's first meeting was so fun to see and led to consequences afterwards with the men in their life. Another enjoyable love story by this wonderful author." - Four star review on Amazon

I'm glad people are enjoying this novella, and I appreciate the people who take time to leave a review very much.  Maybe when I finish all my current works-in-progress, I'll try my hand at another western romance:)

A Firm Husband is available on the Blushing Books website and on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spotlight Saturday with Charles E. Butler

Please give author/artist/actor Charles E. Butler a warm welcome to my blog today for Spotlight Saturday.

Charles, who are a few of your favorite authors?

I have many inspirational favourites. Stephen King is probably at the top, then Kim Newman, James Herbert, Stephen Laws. Too many to mention really.

Do you like to listen to music while you write?

No, I can’t write and listen to music. I must have quiet. As for music, I have a very eclectic taste that comes from being part of a large family. From classical to rock. You name it and I probably have heard it at some time.

Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

My only two releases are The Romance of Dracula that is a book covering the fourteen major adaptations of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula and an ebook titled Detections in A scarlet Vein. This is a book that can’t be categorized by genre, nor printed in paperback form as it doesn’t carry enough pages - roughly twenty four. But it is very funny by all accounts and here is the prologue to give you a taste of how surreal it all is :-

“I had to add this because the book is lousy. Don't upset the shopping trolley as it will never pin the handbrake down again. That was the message on the door of the third urinal. I pushed it open and found a guy laid on the basin with various puzzles etched into his back. I checked the puzzles in my word search when I reached home but realized these had been made by a clever mind! I'd never find them in WH! I shrugged out of my trench and sat next to a girl sipping kool aid. She gave me her facebook address but had changed her profile before I logged on.

I'd lucked out!”

Where can readers find your newest release?

Coffee or tea?

Tea. Unless I’m outdoors, then it is coffee. It is a quirk of mine that I mash my own tea.

What inspired you to start writing?

Comic books first and foremost. I always held the aspirations to be a great comic book artist - and still do. But I lack the necessary discipline. Though one day, I just might sit down and try to realize that dream. Comics - to me - have always been the best and most entertaining medium in which to wallow in good story-telling. Possibly, like all people my age, I used to draw and write for my own amusement, great little comics of my own. But they would never be any prize winners. But I did enjoy illustrating the Chapterhead pictures in The Romance of Dracula. That gave me a big buzz.

Where can others connect with you?

How do you go about choosing names for your characters?

A character name doesn’t strike me as being too overtly important except as a means of identification for the reader - which sounds obvious. In Detections, for example, none of the characters are mentioned by names. The whole book is spoken by someone in the first person. We get the feeling that he is male, but that is all, and he meets all kinds of eclectic characters in there from a coroner to pistol packing nuns. Yes, it was a very fun book to write.

What are your favorite genres?

In books I read all kinds but the horror genre stands out. But I like a book that is well written. I love good prose and language. If that is missing, then the book is lost on me regardless of genre.

What genres have you written in?

I have two stories half-finished on my watt pad site. They are both novels that lean towards vampires. Demosthenes and the Vampire of Rome and The Lonely road of Creighton Tull. Demosthenes is an out and out horror story concerning vampires in the time of the Caesars. Creighton Tull is a ‘What if…’ scenario concerning the staging of Stoker’s Dracula novel.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

None. I’m not a fan of either. At a pinch, it would be the original Star Trek series. Simply because it never seemed to be off the TV when I was growing up. Science fiction has never interested me to much extent.

Do you write under a pen name?  If so, why?

No. I use Charles E Butler that is my full name. One I only really acknowledged when I wrote The Romance of Dracula. Never been a fan of the name, but it looks pretty cool on the cover of the book.

Tell us about your upcoming writing projects.

I am in the process of writing three more movie review books: Vampires Everywhere; the Rise of the Movie UnDead, Werewolves; the Children of the Moon and Vampires Under the Hammer.  I intend to flesh out the two novels spoken about above, Demosthenes and The lonely Road of Creighton Tull. Also, I am in the process of writing and drawing the graphic novels Nosferatu and the Phantom of the Opera. Both based on the classic silent movies respectively.

Please feel free to leave Charles a nice comment or ask a question:)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Setting the record straight...

I pay attention to the search keywords that land people on my blog.  Most of the search terms that lead people here are something like Sue Lyndon, spanking books, or bdsm romance.  No surprise there.  A few weeks ago, however, I began to notice anal in combination with other words as a common keyword leading people to my blog.  Sue Lyndon stories with anal, spanking anal punishment, and Sue Lyndon anal discipline are now regular searches I am noticing every week.

This is good!  It tells me the kind of stories people want to read, and I've finally decided to address all those lovely folks who land on my blog using those search terms.  Guess what?  ALL my books have anal scenes in them.

Let's go in reverse order of publication date.

Karyn and the Crigon - anal discipline

A Firm Husband - anal sex, more along the lines of anal discipline

Valentine Submission - anal play, anal sex

Mountain Devil - anal discipline

Snowed in with Santa - brief anal play

Most of the anal scenes in these books occur prior to, during, or after a M/F spanking.  In other words, she's been extra naughty this time and he decides she needs more than a simple spanking to get the point across.

I hope this post helps potential readers out there discover more of my books:)  If you'd like to read about my take on anal discipline, please go here and read the email I sent Alta Hensley about this subject.  It'll make you blush!

FYI, my upcoming release, Dark Without You, also contains a smoking hot thermometer scene.  Look for it on August 3rd.

Do you have a favorite book with an anal scene?  Post it here!  Did you write a book with an anal scene?  Post it here!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spotlight Saturday with Paul D. Silen

Please welcome author Paul D. Silen to my blog today for Spotlight Saturday.  He's stopped by to answer a few questions and to talk about his most recent release, Women at the Well, as well as his current work-in-progress, Our Way Back Home.

Paul, who are a few of your favorite authors?

I think that Mark Twain and Herman Melville are the greatest American authors of all time. I say this not only for their use of prose, dialogue and description, but their appeal can be directed toward any age level, be it a ten-year-old child to a college educated adult. James Joyce couldn’t do that. Not even William Shakespeare could do that. For contemporary authors I like James Joyce, John Steinbeck, and Leon Uris.

Do you like to listen to music while you write?

Generally I don’t. Most of the time when I write I need complete silence, unless a specific genre of music is relevant to the subject that I’m writing about. For example, if I’m writing about a disturbed character in a rural American setting. I might play some country music. Right now I am working on a noir piece about two itinerant jazz musicians in post war New York who are in trouble with the mob. As I work on this piece I’m listening to Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Thelonious Monk, and Dexter Gordon. These are musicians of the Be-Bop era of that time.

Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

Currently I don’t have anything that’s about to be released. In addition to Women at the Well, I’ve written one full-length novel and two other novellas. As you well know, for an unknown author to get published is like trying to make it in the entertainment industry, next to impossible! My most recent work, Our Way Back Home, I plan on submitting to Books to Go Now.

This is a story that takes place in present day Roswell, New Mexico where I happen to live. We have an unusual friendship between Ken Fletcher, a man in his mid-thirties. He’s a foreman at a dairy farm. He’s the son of a Baptist minister who fell from grace. He befriends Billy Zukowskiewicz, a man in his early twenties who has a developmental handicap. Billy moves in with Ken and gets caught up in a forbidden love affair.

Here is an excerpt:

Billy settled in quickly as the only possessions were some bedroom furniture, his clothes and some personal items. As he unpacked his toilet articles in the bathroom he noticed a football on Ken’s dresser. He asked him, “Do you play football? I like to play football too.”

Ken told him that he played football in high school and sometimes played with the farm hands at work. He asked Billy if he’d like to play with him, to which he enthusiastically agreed. They both went out into the street. Ken threw the football which Billy had easily caught. Ken moved in closer, thinking that due to Billy’s limitations he might not be able to throw the ball very far. Much to Ken’s surprise, Billy snapped that ball like a first string quarterback, making Ken chase it halfway down the street. They tossed the ball back and forth until it got dark. When they headed back to the house, Ken asked him, “Billy, where did you get an arm like that? You throw that ball like a pro!”

With the football tucked under Billy’s arm he said, “You know something Ken? I think that you and I are going to be friends.”

Putting his hand on Billy’s shoulder he replied, “You’re right Billy. I think so too.”

What inspired you to start writing?

Ever since I was in the sixth grade outlines and plots for stories would go through my head. This happened all through high school. I majored in English in college thinking that four years later I’d get a diploma and write the great American novel. It didn’t happen. Finally at forty-one years old I hunkered down and wrote a 150,000 word novel. At that time personal computers were new and very expensive. So I did this hard copy on a manual typewriter. After going through two ribbons and a few reams of paper, along came the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. If it wasn’t bad enough that I lost my house, my car, and most of my possessions, the manuscript got destroyed. After a catastrophe like that there was no way I could bring myself to pick up and write it again. Thinking back in retrospect, the work was a piece of garbage that wasn’t even worthy of a slush pile.

As time went on stories would come into my head. I’d let them mull around in my imagination until I had a solid basis to put it down on paper. I’m glad now that I waited until I was in my late fifties to start writing seriously because I can look back at life experiences at different stages of life with a more realistic prospective.

Where can others connect with you?

People can connect with me on facebook.

What is your ultimate writing goal?

I hope to get some books published by a well-known publisher. And I’m not going to lie. I do hope to get some recognition and some substantial monetary compensation for my work. The attitude, “I am not a hack! I refuse to compromise artistically!”

That was fine when I was in high school and college before I had a realistic grasp on life. But face it. It’s time to be honest with myself.

What genres have you written in?

I have written exclusively fiction. I’ve written on western as an experiment. I’ve written about people who are afflicted with developmental handicaps and the challenges that they have to face from society. I’ve written about religious and GLTG issues.

Please feel free to leave Paul a nice comment or ask him a question:)