Saturday, August 11, 2012

Interview with Celeste Jones - author of romantic spanking fiction

Today I'm interviewing romantic spanking fiction author Celeste Jones.  Please give her a warm welcome and be sure to check out her books!

Sue Lyndon:  Celeste, tell us how you got started writing.  Did you start out writing spanking fiction, or did you experiment with other genres first?

Celeste Jones:  I’ve always been an avid reader with a secret desire to write books. Several years ago while having lunch with my mother she leaned across the table and said “Have you ever heard of spanking…you know, like in sex?” Once I recovered, she told me that she’d met a woman in a writing class who wrote domestic discipline stories.  I contacted my mom’s friend and that’s how I got started.

Sue Lyndon:  Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

Celeste Jones:  I actually have two new releases. The first is Twenty One Days to a Better Attitude, a novella that’s about 30 pages long. Here’s the blurb from Amazon: Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Darcy Hughes has her life tightly under control, at least until Ben Dawson moves in next door. Ben’s attempts to be friendly are quickly rebuffed. He calls her out on her rude behavior and suggests that a good spanking will cure her bad attitude.

“I’ll give you a spanking.” Darcy opened her mouth to protest. He put a finger to her lips to shush her. “When it’s over, if you still believe that you didn’t need one, then I’ll go back over to my house and I’ll never bother you again.”

“But,” he continued to keep his finger on her lips, “if you find that you did need the spanking then I’m going to come back over here every Saturday night and redden your backside.”

The other book is Legal Briefs: Over The Knee Justice which includes two short stories (4,000 words each) about Jimmy and Eileen. Eileen is the youngest woman ever to be elected judge in the state. Jimmy, a probation officer, is more of a regular guy. When Eileen tries to remake Jimmy for her class reunion and then again for a family event, Jimmy lets her know he’s the man of the family.

Legal Briefs also includes a novella called The Bodyguard, which is about 35 pages. Kendra Johnson spends her days prosecuting criminals and her nights alone. All that changes when a body guard is assigned to protect her.

Detective Zach Stuart takes his job as a body guard seriously and when his charge is less than cooperative, he imposes his own brand of discipline...over his knee.

Sue Lyndon:  Where can readers find Twenty One Days to a Better Attitude and Legal Briefs: Over The Knee Justice?

Celeste Jones:  They can buy them at Amazon  or Barnes and Noble

Sue Lyndon:  What is your ultimate writing goal?

Celeste Jones:  Ultimately, my husband and I want to sell everything (except the computer and the dog) and travel the country in a motor home where I’d continue to write from different places all around the US.

So, in a few years if you see a big RV with a license plate that says “spank me”, it might just be us!

Sue Lyndon:  I’ve noticed you write under a pen name, as most erotic romance authors tend to do.  Are you open with your family and friends about your naughty writing activities?

Celeste Jones:  Well…my mom knows. LOL. I took several years off and just got back to writing last fall. My husband and one friend know about my writing, but that’s all. In fact, no one knows that I’m writing anything at all, so it’s a bit tricky. I hope to be more “out” soon.

Sue Lyndon:  Tell us about your upcoming projects.

Celeste Jones:  I’m currently working on a story about a woman who thinks that rules don’t apply to her so her husband puts her on Underwear Probation---no undies---so that the feel of her bare butt against her skirt will remind her that she needs to follow the rules. Of course, the sting of a spanking helps her to remember too.

Sue Lyndon:  Where can others find you online?

Celeste Jones:  On Twitter I’m @celestejones130

You can find me on Goodreads as Celeste Jones.

Sue Lyndon:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

Celeste Jones:  I’m having a great time writing and blogging. I love connecting with other writers and bloggers (and the lurkers!) out there. If anyone has been toying with the idea of starting a blog or writing spanking fiction, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to offer whatever advice or encouragement I can.


  1. Underwear probation! Writing about spanking is so much fun! You'll definitely want to warn a few people before you get a SPANK ME license plate. LOL

    1. It is fun. You can write about married couples or singles and all sorts of fun situations. I thik that's part of why I like it. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Love the interview. Celeste have you connected with Sunnygirl? She's living that dream.
    Sue I just finished 'Dark without You.'Loved it!

    1. I didn't know that. I'll have to get in touch with her. Does she already have my license plate? lol

    2. Aw, thanks, Minelle. I'm glad you enjoyed it:)

  3. Hi Celeste and Sue! Love your license plate and may your dream soon be a reality! Muah! I just may see you two on the road! Life is good!

    1. Thanks Tonya! If you see us on the road, be sure to honk!

  4. Great interview Celeste and Sue! love the spank me license plate plan!

  5. Great interview Celeste and Sue. What a great idea travelling and writing from different places! I'd love to do that :)

  6. Sorry I am a little late getting over here! Enjoyed the interview and like you both--Sue and Celeste. Regards,

  7. Lovely interview! Celeste Jones has been one of my favorite authors and I can't wait to read her new release. Underwear Probation, lol!