Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BDSM Appreciation Event - I'm talking about early signs of kink

I'm taking part in the BDSM Appreciation Event that's going on at Scorching Books Reviews this month, and I'm so excited about it!  Today I guest blogged on early signs of kink (yeah, I actually share some personal kinky stuff, something I rarely do online!!!) and there's also a giveaway of Dark Without You to a lucky commenter.

BDSM Day 28:  Sue Lyndon Introduces Her Domestic Discipline Books And Offers A Giveaway

Come on over and enter the contest:)  Also, be sure to check out the other authors who've guested this month.  There's lots of fabulous guest posts and giveaways to enter!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fantastic Forty Guest

I'm visiting my friend Jane Wakely's blog today for her Fantastic Forty.  I answer a few (okay, forty!) questions and there's also an excerpt of Dark Without You included.  Come visit!

Fantastic Forty:  Sue Lyndon

Also, if you missed Jane visiting my blog on Saturday, check out her interview here:  Interview with Jane Wakely.

Have a great Tuesday!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

He Lays Down the Law with a Spanking and Rough Sex

This week's Six Sentence Sunday comes from my erotic romance novella, Dark Without You.  In this scene, Andy has decided to punish Alice.  Oh, and don't worry, she totally deserved it:)

"I know this type of relationship is new to you, but I won’t let you get away with bad behavior. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” The smallness of her voice and the way her posture relaxed moved that previously unaffected place in his soul again. She was submitting to him, surrendering like a good girl.

“After your spanking, I’m going to fuck your little pussy hard.”

Do you think Alice learns her lesson?

Dark Without You is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, All Romance, Sony Books, and Kobo.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Interview with Jane Wakely

I'm excited to welcome Jane Wakely to my blog today.  She's stopped by to answer a few questions and talk about her new paranormal romance short story, A PLACE TO BELONG, which releases today.  Hooray!

Sue Lyndon:  Jane, who are a few of your favorite authors?
Jane Wakely:  This question is tough cause I like and have read so many authors, both new and established, and I have tons of fave books! To narrow it down some, I really love the shifter worlds created by Dana Marie Bell, Crystal Jordan, Cynthia Eden and Rebecca Royce!

Sue Lyndon:  Do you like to listen to music while you write?
Jane Wakely:  LOL…I am one of those strange people that prefers silence over music any time of the day. I never write with music on!

Sue Lyndon:  Tell us a little bit about your newest release.  Feel free to include a small excerpt.
Jane Wakely:  My new release A PLACE TO BELONG is available today (8/25) from Silver Publishing! Its book one in my “Mount Brighton Cats” shifter series! Here’s the blurb:

Maggie, a professional photographer, has always been a loner. After spending the day on Mount Brighton, her car dies. Setting out to walk for help, she encounters a mountain lion intent on keeping her where she is.

Chris is a mountain lion shifter on his way home. Nearing the road, a car catches his attention. Intense feelings arise as he realizes the woman inside the stranded car must be his mate. He has to find a way to stop her from leaving.

Maggie and Chris share a strong connection, but Maggie isn’t sure if she should trust it. She has to decide whether or not to stay with Chris or let her insecurities and her past rule her future.

Sue Lyndon:  Where can readers find your newest release?
Jane Wakely:  A PLACE TO BELONG is available at SilverPublishing as well as most eBook retailers!

Sue Lyndon:  Coffee or tea?

Sue Lyndon:  Where can others connect with you?
Jane Wakely:  Twitter: @JaneWakely

Sue Lyndon:  What are your favorite genres?
Jane Wakely:  ROMANCE! I rarely read anything other than romance for enjoyment! My fave subgenres are Paranormal and Contemporary!

Sue Lyndon:  Star Trek or Star Wars? 
Jane Wakely:  No contest—STAR WARS!!

Sue Lyndon:  Do you write under a pen name?  If so, who knows about your naughty writing activities?
Jane Wakely:  Well…everyone! LOL I do write under a pen name, but everyone knows who I am, or they can find out easily enough. I chose a pen name for fun, not to stay anonymous! :)

Feel free to ask a question or leave Jane a nice comment:) 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to the Kinky Bed and Breakfast

Ever since the release of Tessa's Submission on Tuesday, a lot of people are asking if I intend to write more books set in Violet House (the bed and breakfast featured in both Valentine Submission and Tessa's Submission).  The answer is maybe:)  I don't have an idea for a third book in the Submission series yet, and I've got a few other works-in-progress on my plate right now, but I wouldn't mind writing a third book set in Violet House.

Valentine Submission and Tessa's Submission are available for a mere 99 cents on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sophie Sansregret's Intimate Conversation with the Characters of Dark Without You

Author Sophie Sansregret was kind enough to invite me to visit her blog today.  She grills Andy and Alice from Dark Without You, and we talk about a few other fun things related to this book...come visit and say hello!

Interview with Sue Lyndon:  Dark Without You

Be sure to check out Sophie's website and blog while you're there!

Dark Without You, an erotic spanking romance novella, is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, All Romance, Kobo, and Sony Books.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tessa's Submission - New Release!

Today is the release day of Tessa's Submission, my new BDSM romance novella published with Books to Go Now.  It's the sequel to Valentine Submission, but both stories can stand alone. 

Here's an excerpt:

Tessa crawled out of her beat up Cavalier and smoothed the wrinkles from her khakis. She clutched her purse and said a silent prayer for everything to work out. In response, the frigid wind whipped her long blonde hair around, ruining the sleek professional look she’d been going for, which was stupid in the first place considering her line of work. She eyed the other cars parked in the lot behind Violet House and felt a stab of self-consciousness. A newish SUV, a sleek red convertible, and a huge green truck with two cabs. White trash. Her stepbrother’s favorite pet name for her echoed in her mind. She took a deep breath and climbed the steps. Should she knock? The sign in the door said “open.” But she wasn’t a guest with a fancy car. Before she could decide, the door swung open. Startled, she stepped back and gaped up into a pair of piercing blue eyes. The intensity of the tall man’s expression was unnerving, and her heart subsequently skipped a beat.

“Um, hello,” she said, a hint of uncertainty in her tone.

“Hi.” He gave her a skeptical look, and she hoped he didn’t think she was too young for the job. “You must be Tessa Field.”

“Yes, I’m Tessa.” She offered her hand, wishing his scrutinizing gaze didn’t disarm her so.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Richard Black.” He grasped her hand in a firm shake, and to her dismay, her insides fluttered at the contact. “Please, come in.” He held the door as she passed through, and Tessa tried to ignore the magnetic pull she felt as she moved past his body. Get a grip, Field.

“Don’t you have a suitcase? You are spending the next three weeks onsite, aren’t you? Angie said you were seeking a job with room and board included.”

Her face flushed. “Yes, I do. I left it in my car. I wanted to make sure I actually got the job before I brought it in.”

He gave her a questioning glance, followed by a reassuring smile. “Anyone who’s good enough for Angie is good enough for me. Trust me, sweetheart, you’re officially hired.”

Hope swelled in Tessa’s chest. A real job and a nice place to stay – far away from her awful stepbrother and stepfather. Sure, it was only for three weeks, but she could spend those three weeks searching for a more permanent position somewhere else. For the first time in forever, she felt a spark of happiness. Violet House was the stepping stone she so desperately needed. “Thank you, Mr. Black.”

“You’re very welcome, Ms. Field.” He regarded the ominous sky outside. “Let’s get your suitcase and I’ll show you to your room.” Reaching for the door, he opened it for Tessa to pass through again. She couldn’t remember the last time anyone had held a door open for her. It felt strange, and she wished the butterflies in her stomach would die a quick death. Why did his mere presence make her feel like a schoolgirl with a stupid crush?

Her face flamed as he strode toward the rear of her crappy car with its smashed in bumper and assortment of dents – all battle wounds from the times her stepbrother took her car out after too many beers.

How embarrassing.

Shaking her insecurities away, she opened the driver’s door and popped the trunk.

“Why wasn’t your car locked?” Mr. Black’s stern question caught her off-guard. He was already hovering over her shoulder, grasping her large bag in one hand.

She shrugged. “It’s an old car. The locking mechanism wore out a while ago.” He stood far too close for comfort, one eyebrow raised in inquiry. A gust of wind rippled through his short dark brown hair as he loomed over her.

“That’s not very safe, Ms. Field.”

Tessa's Submission is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: A Snippet from Mountain Devil

I decided to pick a book from my backlist today for Six Sentence Sunday.  The following snippet is from my erotic spanking romance novella, Mountain Devil, which was released back in January.

Heat lightning flashed outside, and Ella sat up to witness the wondrous display of light against the Catoctin Mountains. Her mind traveled back two weeks, to her solo hiking trip on those mountains. She’d explored every trail, some of them twice, until her legs had ached and burned. Brandon had scoffed when she’d invited him along. “Hiking is for tree huggers,” he’d said. No, she’d thought, hiking is for me. This is how I’ll escape you for a whole day.

Don't worry - the heroine decides she doesn't want to marry this Brandon fellow.  She sneaks out her bedroom window, meets a bounty hunter named Ed, and things heat up, including Ella's bottom when she discovers Ed has a penchant for spanking.

Mountain Devil is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, All Romance, Sony, Kobo, Bookstrand, and iTunes.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm sharing my deepest, darkest secrets with Renee Rose

Okay, not really.  But I am chatting with Renee Rose over on her blog today and I do open up quite a bit.  I'm sharing how I came up with my pen name, talking about my new erotic romance release Dark Without You, and more!  Come visit! 

Find the interview here:

Sue Lyndon on Dark Without You and Alien BDSM Sex

Be sure to check out Renee's blog as well as her books while you're there.  She writes great spanking fiction!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Etopia Press Release Party

Tonight at 8:00 Eastern Standard Time, I'll be participating in an Etopia Press party on Twitter.  A fun time will be had by all and everyone is invited!  Here's a message about the event from Etopia editor Rachel Firasek:

We're having a blast here at Etopia Press and decided to share in the fun! Friday, August 17, 2012 at 8:00-9:00 PM Eastern Time, we'll be celebrating Etopia Press' latest releases. On top of meeting some fantastic authors, we'll have scavenger hunts, prizes, and free ebooks!

Here's how to join the fun: Follow @EtopiaPress on twitter and find the Hashtag #ETOPIA. Save #ETOPIA in your searches and follow the tag Friday at 8:00. It really is that easy!

We look forward to seeing you there! Oh, and if you want to help earn me some goody points with the press, please give my blog a shout out when you join the party!

I'd also like to mention today's new releases from Etopia:

The Sunset Hotel by Clive Martyn (horror)

Come Out For Me by Cody L. Stanford, Milla van der Have and Cindy Allen (LGBT)

The Triumph (My Name is Aelida) by J.C. McGuire (Historical)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tessa's Submission: Cover Reveal and Blurb!

I'm excited to share the cover and blurb of my upcoming release, Tessa's SubmissionTessa's Submission is a BDSM erotic romance novella, and it's the sequel to Valentine Submission, although the second installment can stand alone.

Here's the cover and blurb:

One taste of passion and play isn't enough ...

Richard Black owes the owner of Violet House a favor, so he agrees to stay at the oceanfront bed and breakfast for three weeks while his friends vacation in the Bahamas. He never imagined the new cook he's forced to hire at the last minute would quicken his pulse and stir his darkest desires. Tessa's the hardest temptation he's tried to resist, so young and so innocent, but their mutual attraction soon explodes into several nights of passion and exploration as he teaches her to submit.

Tessa Field will take almost any job, as long as room and board is included. She's desperate to escape her cruel stepfather and stepbrother after the death of her mother, and the temporary position as a cook and maid at Violet House seems like the perfect stepping stone in her quest for independence. She finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Mr. Black, and it isn't long before he masters her sexually and dominates her every waking thought. But when she's offered a job interview at a nearby business, reality beckons. Knowing her time at Violet House is limited and fearing Mr. Black isn't interested in a permanent relationship, she sneaks off for the interview. Apparently, their happiness isn't meant to last . . . or is it? Richard's not the kind of man to take no for an answer, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Tessa's Submission is set to release next week with Books to Go Now:)

Valentine Submission, the first book in this series, is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Sony, Smashwords, and Kobo.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celeste Jones grills me about spanking, feminism, and a whole lot more!

I'm over at Celeste Jones's blog today talking about what it's like to be a writer of spanking fiction and BDSM romance.

Find the interview here:

Spanking Fiction Writer Sue Lyndon Spills Her Guts

Be sure to have a look around Celeste's blog and check out her books while you're there too!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unicorns and playing dress-up

A few days ago, Renee Rose nominated me for the Meta Awesomest Blog Unicorn Prize. Thanks, Renee! These blog awards can sure be fun, especially when they come with a picture like this. It got me thinking...I've never been a unicorn for Halloween before. Maybe this is my year. Or maybe not. Not sure I could pull that body suit thing off without scaring the neighbors. Plus I'm pretty sure I'd bend over to tie my shoe and end up poking someone's eye out.

Award Rules

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer 10 questions you have about yourself.
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

Instead of telling you 10 things about myself, how about a list of my10 favorite Halloween costumes adults can buy to spice up their sex life?  Yep, that sounds like a better list to me. 

1.  Naughty nurse
2.  Schoolgirl
3.  Vampire
4.  Little Red Riding Hood
5.  Doctor
6.  Cowboy/cowgirl
7.  Maid
8.  Genie
9.  Pirate
10.  Jedi Knight

Blogs I nominate for the Meta Awesomest Blog Unicorn Prize:

1.  Jane Wakely
2.  Celeste Jones
3.  Cara Bristol
4.  Slightly Naughty Princess
5.  Creatively Constance
6.  Alta Hensley
7.  Jade Cary

*If I nominated anyone who has already been nominated, consider yourself super awesome!

Thanks again for nominating me, Renee!  If you haven't checked out Renee's blog, it's here and it's fabulous!

Happy costume shopping=)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: A teaser from Dark Without You

Today's six sentences are from my erotic spanking romance novella, Dark Without You.

As if he sensed her turmoil, Andy reached his free hand between her legs to find her pulsing clit. There was no friction as his finger slid measured circles around her sensitive nub, and she knew her pussy must be sopping wet.

“I want you to come right now, Alice. Come while I’m fucking your ass with this plug.”

She came hard, his words pushing her over the edge. Her toes curled tight as the violent wave of pleasure seared her center, spreading through her body like wildfire.

Want to read more?  Dark Without You is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance.

Find other Six Sentence Sunday entries at

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Interview with Celeste Jones - author of romantic spanking fiction

Today I'm interviewing romantic spanking fiction author Celeste Jones.  Please give her a warm welcome and be sure to check out her books!

Sue Lyndon:  Celeste, tell us how you got started writing.  Did you start out writing spanking fiction, or did you experiment with other genres first?

Celeste Jones:  I’ve always been an avid reader with a secret desire to write books. Several years ago while having lunch with my mother she leaned across the table and said “Have you ever heard of spanking…you know, like in sex?” Once I recovered, she told me that she’d met a woman in a writing class who wrote domestic discipline stories.  I contacted my mom’s friend and that’s how I got started.

Sue Lyndon:  Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

Celeste Jones:  I actually have two new releases. The first is Twenty One Days to a Better Attitude, a novella that’s about 30 pages long. Here’s the blurb from Amazon: Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Darcy Hughes has her life tightly under control, at least until Ben Dawson moves in next door. Ben’s attempts to be friendly are quickly rebuffed. He calls her out on her rude behavior and suggests that a good spanking will cure her bad attitude.

“I’ll give you a spanking.” Darcy opened her mouth to protest. He put a finger to her lips to shush her. “When it’s over, if you still believe that you didn’t need one, then I’ll go back over to my house and I’ll never bother you again.”

“But,” he continued to keep his finger on her lips, “if you find that you did need the spanking then I’m going to come back over here every Saturday night and redden your backside.”

The other book is Legal Briefs: Over The Knee Justice which includes two short stories (4,000 words each) about Jimmy and Eileen. Eileen is the youngest woman ever to be elected judge in the state. Jimmy, a probation officer, is more of a regular guy. When Eileen tries to remake Jimmy for her class reunion and then again for a family event, Jimmy lets her know he’s the man of the family.

Legal Briefs also includes a novella called The Bodyguard, which is about 35 pages. Kendra Johnson spends her days prosecuting criminals and her nights alone. All that changes when a body guard is assigned to protect her.

Detective Zach Stuart takes his job as a body guard seriously and when his charge is less than cooperative, he imposes his own brand of discipline...over his knee.

Sue Lyndon:  Where can readers find Twenty One Days to a Better Attitude and Legal Briefs: Over The Knee Justice?

Celeste Jones:  They can buy them at Amazon  or Barnes and Noble

Sue Lyndon:  What is your ultimate writing goal?

Celeste Jones:  Ultimately, my husband and I want to sell everything (except the computer and the dog) and travel the country in a motor home where I’d continue to write from different places all around the US.

So, in a few years if you see a big RV with a license plate that says “spank me”, it might just be us!

Sue Lyndon:  I’ve noticed you write under a pen name, as most erotic romance authors tend to do.  Are you open with your family and friends about your naughty writing activities?

Celeste Jones:  Well…my mom knows. LOL. I took several years off and just got back to writing last fall. My husband and one friend know about my writing, but that’s all. In fact, no one knows that I’m writing anything at all, so it’s a bit tricky. I hope to be more “out” soon.

Sue Lyndon:  Tell us about your upcoming projects.

Celeste Jones:  I’m currently working on a story about a woman who thinks that rules don’t apply to her so her husband puts her on Underwear Probation---no undies---so that the feel of her bare butt against her skirt will remind her that she needs to follow the rules. Of course, the sting of a spanking helps her to remember too.

Sue Lyndon:  Where can others find you online?

Celeste Jones:  On Twitter I’m @celestejones130

You can find me on Goodreads as Celeste Jones.

Sue Lyndon:  Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

Celeste Jones:  I’m having a great time writing and blogging. I love connecting with other writers and bloggers (and the lurkers!) out there. If anyone has been toying with the idea of starting a blog or writing spanking fiction, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to offer whatever advice or encouragement I can.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dark Without You: Character Interview of a Heroine in a Domestic Discipline Relationship

I'm over at erotic romance author Cara Bristol's blog today interviewing Alice Grove, the heroine from Dark Without You.  It's the first character interview I've ever done and I'll admit I had a blast doing it.  Come on over and find out what makes Alice tick and get the inside scoop on her domestic discipline relationship with Andy Steel.  Find the interview here.  Be sure to take a look around Cara's website and check out her books and recommended reads as well:)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Interview with Lea Barrymire: All about Dark Without You and more!

Erotic romance author Lea Barrymire was kind enough to interview me on her blog yesterday.  I answered some probing questions about my latest release, Dark Without You.  Want to know what scene was the hardest to write?  How about what kinds of research I did for the story?  You can find the answers to these questions and more in the interview here.  While you're there, feel free to browse around Lea's website - she writes great erotic romance!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Writers, Characters, & Playlists by Chris Karlsen

Romance author Chris Karlsen is guest blogging today.  Please give her a warm welcome!  Okay, take it away, Chris...

Q: Do My Characters Have Playlists?

A: Absolutely.

A question I see on author interviews fairly often is-do they listen to music while they write? The majority answer that they do. I have five playlists made and two more in my head waiting for me to put them together. I almost always have one of my lists playing in the background as I write. I may not be aware of a particular song or songs playing, if I’m really concentrating on a scene. On the flipside, there are times the music helps me through a scene. It can establish a sense of setting for me or many days, a mood for both the story and the characters.

In my first book, “Heroes Live Forever,” Elinor, the heroine, has inherited a house haunted by two medieval knights-- Basil, the hero, and Guy, his friend. The story begins in 1980. While Elinor is unpacking, she’s dancing along to an album she’s listening to. Taking into consideration the year and bands that were popular in the late 60’s and 70’s, one of the first groups who came to mind for Elinor to dance to was Fleetwood Mac. I thought of Stevie Nicks and her gypsy-like outfits and how she danced around on stage. As Elinor hums along to Rhiannon, she’s dancing and spinning from box to box, doing her version of Stevie Nicks. Watching and thoroughly enjoying the show is her unseen audience, Basil and Guy.

Throughout the story, Guy has a keen interest in music. Even as a ghost, he’s very outgoing, more so than Basil who was raised to be more reserved. One of Guy’s favorite songs when he was feeling cheerful was Born to be Wild, by Steppenwolf. In a pensive moment, he listened to Dust in the Wind, by Kansas.

As the story shifts to the current year, Basil is living a new life as Ian Cherlein and in love with Miranda Coltrane. Miranda is a Sarah Brightman fan. Ian has no ear for music but dances to Brightman to please Miranda. The situation turns comical when, unaware of the lyrics, Ian plays, “Time to Say Goodbye.”  

You never know how something simple--like giving your characters favorite songs might turnout better than you imagine. In the sequel, “Journey in Time,” Guy, who has been given another chance at life is now Alex Lancaster, a successful music producer. Shakira, the heroine, is a London attorney but plays second lead guitar in a weekend cover band. She loves to take songs she likes and dabble with other arrangements. Alex has a cottage in the English countryside where he’s converted a bedroom to a mini music studio. He also dabbles with arrangements. Their mutual love of music plays a substantial role in the relationship and the story.

In “Journey inTime,” Shakira and Alex are caught in a time warp and thrown back to medieval England in the 14th century. At one point in the story, it’s Alex’s birthday and Shakira wants to do something special. She brings together a group of musicians and arranges Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and Cole Porter’s The Way You Look Tonight, using the instruments of the period. It took my listening to loads of songs and trying to mentally hear how they’d sound with the limited choice of instruments Shakira had to work with, but I think it turned out well, and I had fun with the scene.

Again, you never know where giving your characters songs for them to love will lead. Shakira’s choice of the Cole Porter song allowed one of the knights at the castle to sing to the ladies at the banquet. That knight is the hero of the next book in this series, “Knights in Time.” And yes, he will sing in the story. I can’t wait to start picking his favorite tunes.

*Please feel free to leave a question or a comment for Chris.  If you'd like to learn more about Chris and her books, please visit her website:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Blogging at Fearless, Fast-paced Fiction

If you were going to start your own business, what kind of business would you start? I'm talking about this, plus the characters of Dark Without You over at Suz deMello/Sue Swift's Fearless, Fast-paced Fiction today. Please feel free to stop by for a visit! You can find me here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A 5 Star Review for A Firm Husband

I'm so excited to share that my western spanking romance novella, A Firm Husband, received a 5 star review from Katerina at Bottoms Up Book Review.  Here's what she had to say:

"I have to say, I loved this book. Sue Lyndon did a wonderful job with these two characters. Clara was headstrong, independent, and thoughtful. She ended up over the knee many times in this book, but it was never due to exorbitant foolishness. Mr. Davies was firm and unyielding, but he was reasonable and evenhanded. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a historical western romance chock full of spanking."

For the full review, including a naughty excerpt, go here.  If you haven't checked out the Bottoms Up Book Review site, please give it a look.  It's a great place to read reviews for spanking fiction.  Maybe you'll discover an author you haven't heard of yet!

A Firm Husband is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Blushing Books.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ a naughty snippet from Dark Without You

What day is it again?  Oh, right, another Sunday - another Sunday I forgot to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday.  Opps.  Well, no matter.  I'm posting a six sentence snippet anyway.  This is one is from my new release, Dark Without You.

The following scene shows part of a little spat between Andy and Alice.  Andy has just informed Alice that she is to sleep naked.  And as you're about to see, Alice has an opinion about that...

“Get into the bed now, Alice,” he said with a growl, his steel-hard eyes just daring her to disobey.

She wavered between minding Andy and telling him to fuck off. Part of her loved being ordered around by him, and always had. But the independent side of her wanted to break free, and that side won the battle in her mind.

She reached for her nightdress—only for Andy to sidestep closer, deftly pushing her over the bed and holding her down. He applied a quick series of smacks across her bottom, much to Alice’s surprise.

Hope you enjoyed that!

Dark Without You is available here:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Barnes and Noble
All Romance

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spotlight Saturday with Sophie Sansregret

Please welcome the talented Sophie Sansregret to my blog today for Spotlight Saturday.

Sophie, who are a few of your favorite authors?

When it comes to romance, my favorite is Bertrice Small. Her book, Skye O'Malley, is one of the first romance novels I ever read. Bertrice Small is my queen. I love her strong protagonists and the way she writes sex scenes. I haven’t read many of her later works though because I had two little kids later in life so I’m pretty busy now.

I tend to read non-fiction more than anything else. No favourite authors, but I do read anything recommended by the Groks Podcast.

Do you like to listen to music while you write?

These days I no longer have the luxury of listening to music when I write. I have terrible bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and no longer am able to enjoy typing. I dictate everything I write which pretty much precludes my ability to listen to music and work at the same time which saddens me greatly.

In the good old typing days, I used to listen to a lot of ambient music. I am a big fan of 20th century composers like Erik Satie, Arvo Part, Max Richter, and my favourite: Hans-Joachim Roedelius. I love the soothing music.

When I'm not busy being mellow I am getting back in touch with my roots as a child of the 60s. Albeit those roots are tenuous since I was born in 1966. I’m a big fan of Cream and Spirit.

Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

I have two novellas which came out simultaneously. For whatever reason, I always work on two books at the same time. I haven't yet decided if this is to the benefit or the detriment of each book.

Both novellas are the in-between genre of erotica and romance. One is an Elizabethan mild BDSM romance, while the other is a contemporary romance with a small bit of vampire and zombie thrown in.

I originally wrote the Elizabethan one, The Fire, as a Choose Your Own Sex Adventure book. I was massively pregnant at the time. As my due date drew close I began to realize that the logistics of juggling three or four different branches of this novella simply were not feasible in the few weeks I had left, so regrettably I abandoned this idea.

When I first worked out the basics of the story, I had a very exotic-looking neighbour. I decided to put her in as a secondary character in this novella. She is the basis for the character Serafina Falconsdotter—which reminds me that I need to send her a copy of the book. I’ll be doing more in that series in 2013, and I’m going back to the Chose Your Own idea!

The second novella is called The Coach House. It is mostly set in a contemporary urban environment, with the time portal and a vampire on the other side. I do not dwell overmuch in describing the vampire world or of things-vampire in this novella because, frankly, I think we all know what vampires do and don't do.

The idea for both novellas came from a friend whose house had burned down. Behind her house, built in the early 1800’s, was a second house known as a coach house. The houses in this area are extremely large and beautiful, several of which have coach houses or other out buildings.

The story of The Fire—an Elizabethean story about two young women being kidnapped after the family house burns down, and the sexual adventures experienced by the older of the two—were slightly inspired by this friend.

Excerpt from The Fire:

She was naked.

Correction, she was nearly naked which somehow seemed worse. Katherine looked down to see she was dressed, if one could use the term, in what she could only think of as horse tack. Some sort of leathered gag was in her mouth, a bridle attached about her neck. Her bosom was in some sort of harness, supported by leather straps underneath, leaving her nipples completely exposed. And below, her lower torso was wrapped by leather straps joined by metal rings. Her womanhood was uncovered, although her hips and legs sported a similar harness as her upper body. Katherine was mortified to discover that she was bound with leather straps on her hands and feet with each foot and hand tethered to a chain linked to each of the four posters on the corners of the bed.

The second book, The Coach House, was in memory of her house. This is the story of a woman who is dissatisfied with her live-in fiancé (who, she does not yet realize, is a zombie) and has what she thinks at first are erotic dreams which turn out to be night visits from the vampire Daniil.

Excerpt from The Coach House:

Unless there was some Tall Dark and Handsome silently breaking into women’s homes, making thoughtful and passionate love to them then quickly disappearing, Carys had been having an erotic dream. And from a purely analytic perspective, Carys knew that some unidentified and sexually sophisticated man could not possibly have seduced her twice that night in her sleep as she lay next to her snoring but otherwise comatose fiancĂ©. Nonetheless she rose from the bed to take a shower in the wee hours, scanning her nude body carefully in the full-length mirror behind the bathroom door but finding no love bites or any other incriminating evidence. Obviously she had been dreaming. She slipped carefully back into bed with heavily snoring Steve, whom she had not seen naked (not that either complained) in five years. It certainly hadn’t been Steve. No, this had been a very real and delicious dream.

Then yesterday it all changed. She had found a note placed on her laptop which read:

Tonight, after midnight. Same place. D

What inspired you to start writing?

I have always wanted to write. I cannot say that any particular thing inspired me. As soon as I could pick up a crayon or pencil I was writing stories. I have a five-year-old son, and I'm interested to see that he's constantly making up stories. For a child who just turned five he has an amazingly elaborate imagination. I wonder if there is a gene for this somewhere. My parents were a little miffed I didn’t go to med school as planned.

How do you go about choosing names for your characters?

I don't choose names for my characters. I have someone else do it for me, believe it or not. I just call a friend and ask for a name suggestion. Katherine was named after my friend Ariel’s cat. Carys’s name was a suggestion from Ariel.

What genres have you written in?

My first works were all science and speculative fiction. The Fire and The Coach House are my first romance writing offerings. Comedy is something I've always done and will continue to do. Although I guess one says humour rather than comedy, this comedy implies stand-up, although I have done that as well. Despite my being an extreme introvert, I do love to get on stage and do the routine from time to time.

Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek. Vintage Star Trek. Old-school. Both my sons are named after Star Trek characters.

Do you write under a pen name?  If so, why?

Sophie Sansregret, as you may imagine, is a pseudonym although I am, in fact, half-French. I write under the pen name because I continue to do business writing. I do not want to damage any of my relationships with my clients by being known as a writer of erotica.

Tell us about your upcoming writing projects.

I am doing a few things right now. I occasionally have a writing partner. Mercifully, she and I live about 4000 miles away, so we actually managed to get things done and not drive each other bananas. Our next project together is an erotica anthology, including our works as well as those of others.

Which reminds me Sue, do want be in our erotica anthology?

My true labour of love right now is a book I've been working on since before I was pregnant. Is the book I was writing about writing romance and erotica, a “metanarrative” I guess one would say.

As I mentioned before, love to write comedy. So the main character in this novel, and yes this will be novel length rather than my beloved novella length, is a perimenopausal woman who is just a little bit bitter and bitchy, who is trying to crank out her 20th or 30th book, while trying to lose 50 pounds and see if she can find just one acceptable human being on some online dating site.

I guess you could say it's a bit autobiographical. J

Except that, thankfully, I am no longer searching online for my true love. Found him. And he’s holding the baby while I dictate!

Thank you so much for having me here today Sue!

Please feel free to leave Sophie a nice comment or ask a question:)