Friday, November 8, 2013

Saturday Spankings: Bent over Uncle Daman's desk...

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!

This week I'm sharing a snippet from Daman's Ward, which is available in full over on Bethany's Woodshed right now. If you're not a member of Bethany's Woodshed, you can still read the first chapter for free.

He stroked her backside for a moment, admiring the swell of her bottom area pushed to the desk. Her thighs were pressed tight together, but it didn’t keep her most private spots hidden. Downy black curls covered her sex, and he glimpsed the faintest hint of her puckering bottom hole. Daman was suddenly unfastening the top two buttons on his shirt, seeking more air. He rolled up his sleeves next, one by one as Shana peeked back at him intermittently. Each time she glanced at him over her shoulder, she immediately went back to hiding her face in her hands. Her nervousness was well founded though.

He planned to spank her bottom bright red.

You can read the first chapter of Daman's Ward here. This novella, which is the prequel to Shana's Guardian, will release to Blushing Books, Amazon, etc. in a few months.

Daman's Ward blurb:

Shana has never given her guardian, Uncle Daman, a bit of trouble . . . that is until she turns eighteen and decides she’s an adult and can therefore do as she pleases. After getting caught drinking and transporting illegal alcohol, the council in Jackson Settlement lock Shana and her friends up. Uncle Daman comes to her rescue, but she soon discovers she hasn’t escaped punishment entirely. He gives her a spanking – her first spanking ever. He also insists that turning eighteen doesn’t change a thing. She’s still his ward, and she’ll remain subject to his discipline as long as she lives under his roof.

Daman is shocked by Shana’s sudden rebellious behavior, and he’s determined to curb it by whatever means necessary. One spanking isn’t enough, and his little niece soon finds herself back in his study, bent over his desk with her bottom bared for another lesson. Daman disciplines her with love, and as time passes, he realizes his feelings for her have changed drastically. White hot jealousy consumes him at the thought of another man taking her away, and now he’s reluctant to set up a marriage match for her even though she’s come of age. She’s his niece by marriage, not by blood, and he wonders if she could ever see him as more than her strict uncle. Dare he hope?

A visit from a young man seeking Shana’s hand in marriage puts fear in Shana’s heart. She doesn’t want to leave Uncle Daman. Not ever. She loves him, though she worries he will forever see her as a child and as his ward. She attempts to seduce him, but her plan blows up in her face and only gets her into trouble. Uncle Daman keeps growing stricter and stricter, but her love for him doesn’t falter. She’s determined to stay true to him, and she tries her best to obey him. But the temptation of visiting the nearby gypsy village for a night of wild dancing is hard to resist, and she sneaks off with her friends, certain that he’ll never find out and her bottom will be safe.

When Daman discovers Shana missing from her bed in the early morning, he assumes she’s been out all night with a man. He’s heartbroken, furious, and he can’t help but feel betrayed. Misunderstandings, secrets, and frustrations threaten to drive them apart, and Daman still has to punish Shana for her disobedience. Neither of them are ready to confess their true feelings, but will a little honesty be enough to repair their changing relationship?

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  1. ooh, I just love her peeking. so sweet.

  2. Love it! Love the little peeking and the embarrassment. Just YUM

  3. I love her embarrassment. The way she keeps peeking over her shoulder and then hiding her face again. Very cute snippet :)

  4. Oh, your book blurb reminds me of a L.M. Montgomery short story about a girl who falls in love with...I'm not sure if he was her guardian, but someone much older who cares for her. Your excerpt is so naughty, but your description of the story is so sweet!

    1. Are you comparing Sue to the woman who wrote Anne of Green Gables? LOL

  5. That's just too hot to be legal. The image of her bent over the desk and peeping nervously is so delicious

  6. I think I love the embarrassment the most - it just does something for me that brazenness doesn't do. I enjoyed this.

  7. I loved his reaction to seeing her faintly puckering hole.
    Hot snippet!

  8. oh I love the tension and the description- great snippet

  9. Nice build up of tension. Like her peeking, the descriptions--well, it's all good!

  10. What a great way to show her innocence with the peeking.

  11. The details in this scene are wonderful. I'll look for it on Woodshed and give it a read. :)

  12. Checked this snippet out while I was here, and it sounds like my kind of read! I'll definitely have to read this one.