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Saturday Spankings: A snippet from Daman's Ward

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This week I'm sharing another excerpt from Daman's Ward, my work-in-progress that is the prequel to Shana's Guardian. The following snippet is a peek inside Daman's head after he realizes Shana's a grown woman now, and many settlement girls her age are already planning to marry soon.
Coldness clutched his heart. The thought of another man taking her away was enough to still his breath. He supposed it was only a matter of time before the first man came calling to ask for her hand. Daman’s jaw clenched and he couldn’t imagine a single man in Jackson Settlement he considered good enough for Shana. But he couldn’t keep her to himself. That wouldn’t be fair. The coldness clutching his heart spread through his body, penetrating down to his bones. When she’d come to live with him, he’d never imagined he’d become so attached to her.

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Betrothed to Mr. Darcy by Violet Bedford

I'm excited to have fellow Lazy Day author, Violet Bedford, stop by today to talk about her new release, Betrothed to Mr. Darcy. Take it away, Violet...

Hello Sue and thank you for inviting me to visit your blog to talk about my new book Betrothed to Mr. Darcy, which is a Pride and Prejudice variation. Sorry folks, no sex. I think there might a kiss on the cheek and there is some fervent hand holding. 

For those familiar with Pride and Prejudice (and isn’t everyone?) Betrothed to Mr. Darcy takes place in the short period of time between when Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy get engaged and eventually make it to the altar. I couldn’t help but imagine what wedding preparations might be like with that cast of characters.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt, which is one of my favorite scenes.

“Hill! Hill! Where are you?” Mrs. Bennet’s shouts attracted the beleaguered housekeeper and three stray dogs. The household, in anticipation of the arrival of Miss Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam, as well as the ever present Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley, was in a heightened state of chaos. Although Mr. Bingley’s sisters, as well as the indolent Mr. Hurst, were included in the invitation, they had sent word earlier in the day that they would be unable to attend due to the untimely headaches which had assaulted both of the frail ladies. Rather than showing concern for the health of these women, Mrs. Bennet rejoiced in the knowledge that there would be one less single woman to interfere with her plan for the evening.

Once Mrs. Bennet verified all was in readiness for the dinner which she had planned, she returned to her own preparations which consisted of inspecting the appearance of her two unspoken-for daughters.

The Netherfield foursome, arriving in a carriage bearing the Darcy crest, were observed semi-surreptitiously by Mrs. Bennet and her two younger daughters from an upstairs window.

“Oh, my. Miss Darcy is a pretty girl, though not so handsome as any of my girls,” Mrs. Bennet said, pretending to herself and all others that Mary was not so painfully plain. 

“Look at her dress,” Kitty said with much admiration. “I have never seen so much lace. Even Mrs. Hurst’s fanciest dress is not so elaborate.”

“I have found that often layers of outward elegance are used to disguise a less than elegant character,” Mary opined.

Mrs. Bennet and Kitty turned from the window to stare at Mary, and resumed their observations without responding, as was their usual practice where Mary’s platitudes were involved.

“That must be Colonel Fitzwilliam. Oh, Kitty! Look at him in his uniform! Who needs Brighton when officers come directly to our home?” Mrs. Bennet could hardly believe her good fortune. If all went well, she might have four daughters married quite soon.

 “He is not nearly so handsome as Mr. Darcy,” Kitty lamented and turned away from the window.

“He is the son of an earl,” Mrs. Bennet said, the word ‘earl’ making her flush with excitement, “and that makes up for anything he might lack in handsomeness.”

“Mama, he is a younger son. He will never inherit his father’s title.” Kitty admired herself in a full-length mirror. “What is the point if he will never be an earl?”

“He is an officer. A colonel! And what’s more,” Mrs. Bennet pulled Kitty away from the looking glass to tuck a piece of her daughter’s errant hair back into place, “you don’t know but that his older brother might be in poor health or could meet with a horrible accident.”

“Mama,” Kitty said in amazement, “what a thing to say!”

“Oh, fiddlesticks! It’s not as though I said that I wished he would die. I simply mentioned the possibility. And if his older brother’s demise benefits one of my girls, then who am I to complain? You know I never complain anyway, as it is a dreadful characteristic, and I hope both of you will remember that, especially when in the company of young men. Young men like to be around girls who are full of spirit and good tidings. Why do you not think that Lydia became the first of you all to be married?”

“Frivolity of manner cannot take the place of esteemed accomplishment, which is the result of a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages,” Mary pronounced to no one in particular.

Kitty rolled her eyes while their mother pretended she had heard nothing. Mary, undaunted, continued, “In addition, she must improve her mind through extensive reading.”

Mrs. Bennet swatted her hands about her head as though warding off a bothersome insect and dragged Kitty back to the window for further observation of the arriving party.

The man in question, whether out of curiosity or due to the sound of voices above him, looked upward and quickly back at the ground, a slight smile playing at the corners of his mouth. He soon composed himself and joined the rest of his party as they made their entrance.

“Mama, he looked right at me!” Kitty was all excitement.

“Of course he did. You are beautiful. Now let me look at you before you go and meet him.” Mrs. Bennet tugged a bit here and pushed a bit there to magically create a bosom where little had been before.

Mary observed the process and said, “Illusions of beauty are quickly shattered. True beauty lies in the virtuous soul of a young lady.”

“Oh, shut up!” Kitty and Mrs. Bennet chorused.

After a year of misunderstandings, misconceptions and missed opportunities, Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy have finally opened their hearts to each other and will soon be wed.

However, the path to the altar is no smoother than the path to engagement. When the loquacious Mrs. Bennet causes a scene in a London dressmaker’s shop it becomes clear to Lizzy Bennet that she will never be able to rein in her family’s improper and embarrassing behavior. 

Although she has learned to live with the humiliation caused by her relatives, particularly her sister Lydia’s elopement with the scurrilous Mr. Wickham, Lizzy realizes the dire consequences of inflicting them upon Mr. Darcy and his vulnerable younger sister, Georgiana. 

Mr. Darcy’s words from long ago reverberate in her brain: The situation of your mother's family, though objectionable, was nothing in comparison of that total want of propriety so frequently, so almost uniformly, betrayed by herself, by your three younger sisters, and occasionally even by your father.

Will Elizabeth’s sense of duty, combined with her profound love for Mr. Darcy, force her to call off the wedding in order to spare him, and his sister, the disgrace of a lifetime association with the Bennet family? Or will love find a way to prevail?

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Author Bio:

Violet Bedford is a writer who has finally taken her fascination with wondering “what if?” about the characters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and turned it into a book. She can be found online at

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Saturday Spankings: Corner time for Shana

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!

I'm picking up where I left off last Saturday with another snippet from Daman's Ward, the prequel to Shana's Guardian. Shana's in deep trouble with her uncle for sneaking past the settlement barrier and drinking alcohol, which is prohibited in the settlement. Uncle Daman wants to make sure she learns her lesson, so he decides on corner time before her first spanking.

“Quiet, Shana. You will stand here with your bottom on display. No arguments, not unless you want to feel the sting of my belt in addition to my hand, young lady.”

Her shoulders slumped in defeat and she whimpered. The temperature in the room seemed to rise as he tucked her skirt into the waist of her dress. She shuddered with each touch, and he wondered how she would react in a moment when he pulled her undergarments down. Before he proceeded to bare her though, he leaned into her and the heat of their bodies mingled.

“You will stand here and think about what you’ve done, young lady, with your nose in the corner. Think about all the bad things that could’ve happened outside the settlement. Think about how worried I was when I couldn’t find you."

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An anniversary of sorts...

I just realized it's officially been a year since I quit my job to write full time. Wow, it sure flew fast! Also with that year, my opportunity to rejoin the company I worked for has expired. To go back, I'd have to go through a long, long application process all over again, a process that took five months when I first applied about seven years ago. But that's okay, I'm not panicking. I don't plan to go back. I'm happy writing.

A big warm fuzzy thank you to all the awesome readers who've downloaded my books . . . I am having the time of my life right now and it's all thanks to you! The authors and publishers I've met have been wonderful too. When I started writing, I imagined it was a solitary process and I wouldn't have much interaction with other people, but boy was I wrong and in a good way!

I'm definitely looking forward to whatever my second "full time" year will bring! Oh, and if Santa's listening, I'd love a six figure deal with a big six publisher. I've been a very, very good girl this year . . .

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Saturday Spankings: In Uncle Daman's study... #SatSpanks

Welcome to another fun week of Saturday Spankings!

On Tuesday I talked about my latest work-in-progress, a prequel to Shana's Guardian tentatively titled Daman's Ward, and I shared an excerpt from the lead up to Shana's first spanking from Uncle Daman. I'm continuing where I left off on Tuesday, and the scene has just switched from her POV to his.

Daman closed the door to his study and steeled himself to be firm with his little niece. He couldn’t believe she’d left the settlement barrier, let alone consumed alcohol. She’d never given him any trouble before, and he wondered at the sudden rebellious behavior. Perhaps she assumed he’d let her do as she pleased after she turned eighteen. He intended to teach her that wasn’t the case.

He turned to face Shana. Head bowed, she stood in the center of the room looking like a penitent little girl. Long blonde locks of hair fell in front of her face, and her chest rose and fell rapidly to reveal the level of her nervousness. As far as he knew, she’d never been spanked once.

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The lead up to Shana's first spanking from Uncle Daman

I've been playing around with the idea of writing another book set in the same universe as Shana's Guardian for a while now. When I sat down to plot, I tried coming up with a plot using secondary characters, but I found I really wanted to write more about Shana and Uncle Daman. So I decided to write a prequel. 

I've never written a prequel before, but I'm excited about it. It's going to be a challenge because Shana and Daman can't have sex or get up to any funny business in this book or it won't be consistent with events in Shana's Guardian. I'm working on Chapter 2 right now, and the story is probably going to be a little shorter than Shana's Guardian. Just a quickie novella to explore their relationship and how it changed after she turned eighteen. The working title is Daman's Ward, or maybe Uncle Daman's Ward. I haven't decided yet.

Here's a peek at the lead up to the first spanking Shana receives from Uncle Daman, after sneaking past the settlement barrier with her friends to drink illegal alcohol. Oh and please be's not edited.

He loomed over her, tilting her chin up with one finger. “Your naughtiness will not go unpunished, young lady.” His eyes softened then, and he pushed a chair closer to the fire, not releasing his hold on Shana as he did so. “But I need to calm down first, and you need to stop shivering.”

Shana opened her mouth to apologize once more, but before she could speak Uncle Daman had pulled her into his lap on the chair. His action stunned her. He hadn’t cradled her in his lap for the longest while, though he was generally affectionate and gave her lots of hugs, and each night he never failed to kiss her forehead as he tucked her in. The tension left her body and she rested her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“You scared me, Shana,” he said after a long silence. “I went to look for you, and you weren’t anywhere in the house. You didn’t tell me you were going out. Then I get a knock on the door summoning me to the counsel building. I had no idea what to expect.” His arms tightened around her, and her heart broke to hear the worry in his voice.

“I did a stupid thing, Uncle. I’m sorry I scared you. But I’m all right. Nothing bad happened outside the barrier. And I didn’t go as crazy with the liquor as Beth and Margary did. I promise I only had one drink.” She shrugged. “I didn’t like the taste of it, and I didn’t want to become drunk.”

He stroked her hair and put his mouth to her ear. Excitement unfurled in her at the intimacy of this physical contact. Uncle Daman was handsome and only ten years older than her, and he wasn’t her uncle by blood either. He’d been briefly married to her aunt, and she’d never met him until after her parents died. It made for a strange living arrangement, and she’d often wondered if her changing feelings for him were inappropriate. She never wanted to leave him, never wanted to leave this house and take a husband one day. In her eyes, no man could compare to Uncle Daman.

She sighed, remembering he’d mentioned punishment. “Are you going to make me stand in the corner, Uncle?”

He smirked down at her. “After the trouble and worry you caused, you think I’ll let you off so easily?”

Confusion swept over her. If not corner time, then . . . what? Her hands began to tremble, and she thought of Beth being strapped, even though she was nearly nineteen. Uncle Daman had every right to chastise her any way he wished. After all, she was his ward and subject to his discipline. But she agonized at the thought of him spanking her. She played with the buttons on his shirt and stared at his chest.

“I’m very sorry, Uncle,” she said.

“I know you are. And I want to make sure you never do anything so naughty again. You could’ve gotten hurt outside the barrier, and you risked banishment by breaking the settlement rules and drinking.”

Shana couldn’t stand the waiting. She had to know what the consequences would be. “What . . . what are you going to do, Uncle?” As she awaited his response, she clung to him and took comfort in his embrace. She’d been terrified as she paced inside the holding cell, and she loved him even more for easing her fears by cuddling her on his lap. Except new fears now wedged into her consciousness. The thought of being disciplined by Uncle Daman had her insides fluttering and quaking.

He cupped her face between his large, warm hands and pierced her with a firm look. “I’m going to spank you, Shana. After the way you behaved, young lady, you need a good, hard spanking on your bare bottom. I’m your uncle and it’s my right to determine your punishment, and I assure you that you’re not too old for a spanking. As long as you live under my roof, you’ll never be too old for a spanking.”

The first book, Shana's Guardian, is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Blushing Books. I'm aiming to finish the prequel by the end of the month, and I'll be sharing another snippet this week on Saturday Spankings.

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Saturday Spankings: Tension between Hanna and Daddy

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This week I'm sharing another snippet from Hanna's Awakening. In the following scene, Hanna and Daddy are sitting on the couch about to watch a movie, and while she's been calling him Daddy for a while here, there hasn't been any funny business between them yet. They've enjoyed a guardian/ward relationship so far, but as you can see there's some serious tension between them...

“Are you cold?” he asked. 

“A little.” 

To her pleasure, he produced a warm fleece blanket and brought it over her lap. He maintained eye contact as he tucked her in, smoothing his hands over the contours of her body. Her senses heightened as time slowed down. 

“As snug as a bug,” he murmured, oh so close to her ear. “Say ‘thank you, Daddy.’” 

Her breath caught in her throat, and she stared back at him with wide eyes. “Th – thank you, Daddy.”

Hanna's Awakening unofficial blurb:

Hanna longs for a life outside her tightknit Amish community. She’s always felt like an outsider, and she dreams of leaving to find her way in the English world. As her nineteenth birthday approaches, she’s under increasing pressure from her daat to join the Amish church, and she finally works up the courage to walk away from her religion, her family, and her friends – for good. Her first taste of freedom comes courtesy of an English neighbor, Mr. Foster, who gives her a job and a place to stay. He also gives her butterflies in her stomach and most improper thoughts that she doesn’t quite understand.

The moment Hanna shows up at his cabin and shyly asks for help, Ben’s repressed desires for the young woman resurface full force. Ignoring her sweet feminine presence isn’t possible when she’s suddenly wearing form-fitting English clothes and sleeping under his roof. He loves taking care of her, and he tries to make her feel welcome in his home. But when she disobeys him during a trip to town and he threatens to spank her, it changes the nature of their relationship. She does the unexpected – she comes to him and pleads to be punished. The act of taking her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking stirs his protective feelings toward Hanna. He wants her to think of him as her Daddy, and when she's receptive to his request, their relationship takes a passionate turn as he continues to guide and nurture her.

Hanna blossoms under Daddy’s attentions, and she softens inside every time he calls her his baby girl. She’s never experienced such love and care, and she tries to enjoy every second with Daddy because her time with him is uncertain. They’re both running away from a darkness in their past, and Hanna has always planned to run far, far away. Are their paths only meant to cross for a short time, or will they discover a new path to walk together?

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