Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cassie's Tale by PK Corey

I'm excited to have spanking romance author PK Corey visiting today with the details about her new release, Cassie's Tale. She's also sharing an excerpt (featuring that hairbrush on the cover below) that you won't want to miss!

Cassie's Tale blurb:

Cassie continues to live life to the fullest. From wheeling around in her new sports car to mastering the art of riding a motor scooter with no hands, she manages to keep Tom on his toes. The fly in the ointment is that Tom’s firm wants him back for a project and Cassie wants him all to herself. Tom takes the job, leaving Cassie lonely and bored – never a good combination.

Left to her own devices, Cassie makes some poor decisions, frightening Sue and causing Tom to lower the boom. Tom's new schedule for Cassie, including her getting a job, leaves her little time to get herself in trouble – yet she still manages.


All we’d done was go out for a bite of breakfast. We hadn’t knocked over a convenience store or anything, yet I felt a little hesitant going into the house. Sue and I trailed behind Annie and Beth as they went in laughing and joking. The men were all standing in the kitchen and looked like a solid wall of husband. Tom pinned me with a look the minute I walked in the door, but it was Steve who spoke first.

“Where the hell have you been?” Steve asked first.

Annie usually followed our lead, but neither Sue nor I spoke up. Annie tried to lighten the mood. “Don’t look so worried, boys; we just went out for an early breakfast. We’re home safe and sound, so you can go back to bed.”

Steve wasn’t going to be put off. “And not one of you thought it might be a good idea to leave a note or take your phone?”
Oh, shoot. I was sure one of us had one, but apparently not. Tom still said nothing.
Andy, sounding much less angry than Steve, asked in a conversational tone, “So where did you girls end up?”

I really had no idea where we’d been, but when Annie told him, suddenly Andy was none too pleased, either. “Annie, for heaven’s sake, that is not a safe section of town at night.”
Oh for goodness sake, could he have said anything worse in front of Tom? Suddenly the entire day and night hit me at once, and I felt totally exhausted. I sank into a chair and closed my eyes.

Tom finally spoke. “Cassie’s tired. I’m taking her to bed.” He put his arm around me and led me to our room.
I swear I couldn’t think of a thing to say. Tom didn’t seem to want to talk, either. In bed I barely remember Tom pulling me close as I drifted off.

I slept until nearly ten-thirty, but as I was first stirring, Tom came in. I glanced at my chair, but neither my gown nor robe was within reach.
Tom sat on the bed. “You messed up last night, girl.”

“Now, Tom, wait. I didn’t. We went out and got breakfast, that’s all. Andy’s wrong about the neighborhood. It was perfectly normal. No prostitutes, no drug dealers, no men in masks carrying chainsaws, no mad bombers – just normal folks. Let’s not make a big deal about this. I’m going to take a quick shower.”
Ah well, it was worth the effort.

“Cassie Jane, you know exactly what you did. You were mad because you felt we played golf too long. You thought you would get back at me by slipping off in the middle of the night, no phone, no note – nothing to tell us where you all were. Well I hope you really enjoyed it. When are you going to learn to stop cutting off your nose to spite your face?”
“Tom, it wasn’t like that.” I sat up to pull the sheet around me. Do any of you think it’s just an accident we always seen to have these conversation when he is dressed and I am nude? I started to fall back on my old standard, “It’s all Sue’s fault,” but I realized I’d be wasting my breath. I knew what was coming. I could see it in his eyes. Evidently, he felt the conversation was over, because he went over and got the brush out of his suitcase. As he was on the other side of the bed, I tried to make a quick dash to the safety of the bathroom. Didn’t work, and my view of the carpet was pretty much a forgone conclusion since we had turned the corner and seen all the lights on.

 “Girl, I love you, but I’m not going to put up with dangerous behavior. You get with Sue, and you seem to think you’re invincible. That you can do anything, go anywhere, and it’s all funny. I love your fearlessness, but your recklessness is something I will not tolerate. I am going to get your attention somehow.”
He took off spanking with the ivory brush so hard I thought I’d take a bite out of the pillow. Have I mentioned that I hate that damn brush? Tom was spanking fast and hard, and I knew I couldn’t take much more.

Tom paused and I knew he planned to finish with a flourish. He did, and I nearly came off his lap as ten hard swats rained down on the top of my thighs. Tom held me over his lap, rubbing my throbbing bottom.
He gently helped me stand and wrapped his arms around me as I finished snubbing. “Are you all right, honey?” he asked soothingly, continuing to rub away the sting he had just caused.

“No. You spank too hard,” I told him as I lay my face on his shirtfront.
“And you run around at night without telling me where you’re going or taking your phone.”

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  1. I so love that line, 'solid wall of husband.' Sounds like another hit, Sue:) Congrats!

  2. I think Tom knows Cassie better than she knows herself.

  3. Sue, thank you for having me here. I appreciate the shout out and thanks too to Mary and Celeste for your kind words.

  4. I am going to get this book this weekend I would have already gotten it but the way it shows up when looking at books to read on amazon Below the book it has the tittle then () it looks like this Cassie's Tales ( Cassie's space) so I thought PK had just changed the front cover so I didn't even click the book to see what it was about Thought I would share my confussion incase I am not the only one confussed Have a awesome day Angel