Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Naughty, naughty little girl....an excerpt from Daman's Ward

I woke up to some good news yesterday that I just have to share. Last month, Daman's Ward ranked #5 in the top ten sales for Blushing Books on Amazon. I'm pretty excited, especially since it released in the middle of the month. I was a little curious about how my first spanking book without any sexy shenanigans would be received, but it looks like it's doing well. Thanks to all the awesome readers who've picked up a copy! :)

Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes in Daman's Ward:

A feminine figure rushed down the street, head bowed as she clutched a shawl. Daman stepped back from the window, cursing aloud. He’d just finished searching the house for Shana to find her missing, yet again. Had the girl not learned her lesson the first time? Perhaps he hadn’t spanked her hard enough, and perhaps he needed to use something other than his hand. He fingered his belt and tensed at the sound of footsteps on the porch.

The door burst open. Shana bustled inside, oblivious to his presence as spirals of wind and rain followed her in. She turned and shut the door quickly. She took a few deep breaths before removing her shawl, hanging the wet garment on the coatrack and then placing a book on the windowsill.

The naughty little girl. She’d left the house, against his wishes, and run off to the library. He rubbed his hands together and considered how to best deal with her. He opened his mouth to scold her, but kept quiet when shivers racked her body. Dammit. She needed to get out of those cold, wet clothes before she caught her death. His heart contracted at the thought of harm coming to her, and the need to protect her melted the edges off his anger.

“Shana,” he said, keeping his tone firm.

She gasped and looked in his direction. Her eyes widened and she paled visibly. A second later, her teeth began to chatter, and her hands started shaking violently.

Worry consumed Daman. He was at her side in an instant, unbuttoning the front of her wet dress.

“I’m so sorry, Uncle. I should’ve listened to you,” her voice wavered as she continued to shiver uncontrollably.

He met her startled gaze. “You know you were naughty,” he said sternly. “You will be punished, Shana. Severely. But not until you’ve gotten warm.” He peeled her dress off to find she’d been soaked to the bone. Her chemise and undergarments clung to her like a second skin and hid nothing underneath. Water dripped from her hair, the droplets rolling down her neck and arms.

Daman led her to the fireplace and instructed her to kneel. He draped a blanket over her shoulders and used another blanket to dry her hair. But her shivering still didn’t lessen.

“I’m going to haul the bathtub in here, Shana. You need a hot bath. While I’m doing that, I want you to take off your chemise and undergarments.”

“Yes, Uncle.”

He paused on his way out of the room. He’d expected her to argue over having to get completely undressed, but she’d readily agreed. The blanket slipped from her shoulders as she stood up, and he watched in fascination as she drew the chemise over her head. His heart pounded. His mouth went dry. Beautiful didn’t begin to describe her. Her skin was smooth, her curves perfect. And her breasts...

Daman blinked hard and left the room the moment she reached for her undergarments. He shouldn’t be watching her so lustfully. She was his ward. He fought to regain his senses, reminding himself that she’d been disobedient and needed correction. He’d ordered her to remain in the house until the rain passed, and she’d deliberately disobeyed him, risking her health in the process. Naughty, naughty little girl.

Daman's Ward is the prequel to Shana's Guardian, which released over a year ago. The books can be read in any order.

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