Friday, February 7, 2014

Saturday Spankings: Daniel threatens to spank Emily #SatSpanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! This week I'm sharing another excerpt from The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger. Emily is used to being on her own and feels uncomfortable accepting help from anyone, and she becomes argumentative when Daniel offers to let her borrow a shirt to sleep in. In the following scene, he's had enough of her arguing and threatens to spank her for the first time:

“Little girl, you might be here with us for a while. There’s no telling how long it’ll take to clear the charges against you.” He bent down and met her nose to nose. “I suggest you learn to accept help and not argue about every little thing, or you might end up with a sore bottom.”
He left the room before she could protest further.
A sore bottom? Her eyes widened as she replayed what he’d just said. Had he actually just threatened to spank her?
The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger is in the publisher's hands right now and I'm hoping it'll release in a few weeks. I'll keep you updated. Until's the unofficial blurb:

After witnessing a car crash outside his ranch, Daniel rushes to help the young woman behind the wheel. He carries her inside his house and uses his skills as a doctor to tend her wounds, all the while wondering what brought her out this far in the country in the middle of the night. The young woman, Emily, breaks down and confesses she’s on the run from the police after knocking a cop unconscious who tried to take advantage of her. Because of her past mistakes and record, she doubts the police in her hometown will believe her story, especially since the cop in question promised retribution.

Daniel and his brother, Trevor, a Texas Ranger, feel protective of Emily and promise to keep her safe and help clear her name. They agree to let her stay on their ranch as long as she agrees to do chores and obey their rules. The prospect of a spanking if she misbehaves excites Emily, and she shyly approaches Daniel with this confession. He decides to give her a taste of his discipline and bares her bottom in his study, takes her over his knee, and spanks her soundly. The love she feels as he cradles her in his arms afterwards is unlike anything she’s experienced, and she soon discovers Trevor is almost as strict as his older brother, but just as loving.

Emily becomes their sweet little girl, and Daniel and Trevor delight in dressing her in cute frilly dresses, taking care of all her needs, and even disciplining her when she’s been naughty. She thrives under their attentions and falls hopelessly in love with both brothers, and it isn’t long before they each claim her, separately and then together. Trevor is confident he’ll have her name cleared in a matter of weeks, but Emily despairs over leaving the two men who’ve changed her life and stolen her heart.

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  1. I'm waiting anxiously. That threat of a sore bottom, I can feel it coming.

  2. I hope the publisher doesn't take too long. yowza

  3. Not so much a threat--more of a promise!

  4. I can almost feel her trepidation. First being told she may be stuck there for a while. And then the threat, or promise rather, of a spanking.
    This is going to he a hot one for sure. Her spunk, and his authority are going to make a rapture of a read.

  5. Your book blurb after the part of the story makes you wonder how it will end for her.

  6. God this looks good. I love AP books. Throw in a doctor and a Texas ranger--I won't miss it!!

  7. So many yummy things in one book; AP, spanking, manage... anymore surprises? I guess will have to wait and see. Hurry publisher!

  8. I have a feeling little Emily is going to learn arguing with these guys can carry some severe consequences. I also get the feeling she's going to eventually come to enjoy everything they can hand out.

  9. oh intriguing... I can't wait to see Daniel and Emily interacting