Monday, February 24, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop

A big thank you to Renee Rose for inviting me to this blog hop, where writers answer questions about their writing process.

1. What am I working on?

I'm writing the sequel to Report for Punishment, a contemporary novella which appeared on Bethany's Woodshed a few months ago, and I'm also working on a contemporary husband/wife age play novella. Neither of my WIPs have titles yet, and let me tell you it's driving me doubly crazy!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Spanking romances can be pg-rated (no explicit sex) to x-rated (packing lots of naughty heat), just as they can be short stories or full length novels. I tend to write shorter novellas with lots of naughtiness and punishments that go beyond simple spankings, and I've dabbled in many different subgenres.

3. How does my writing process work?

After an idea pops into my head, I usually let it percolate for a few weeks or months before I start writing the story. There's been a few times where I started writing the moment the idea came to me, but those times are rare. I like to think about the characters and the scenes for a while, and then I work up a rough outline before I begin typing.

Next week on March 3rd, three of my friends, Denise Wyant, Sidney Swann, and Joelle Casteel will be answering these same questions on their blogs. Here are their bios:

Denise Wyant enjoys writing romance and urban fantasy stories where the good guys win and love conquers any obstacles in its path. She makes her home in Maryland with her Himalayan cat, Willow. When not crafting works of fiction or laboring at her job, she can be found in the gym or at her local coffee shop. Denise writes m-m romance under Avery Dawes.

Sidney Swann Author Sidney Swann is a woman with more interests than time to pursue them all. An unapologetic geek, she revels in all things technological and considers every computer gadget a must have. However, despite her love for electronics, she's rather old-fashioned in her other pursuits. She loves formal teas and Renaissance Faires, although her favorite time period is the Victorian era. She's quite fond of cats and books, and has a decided weakness for gentlemen in three-piece suits. She convinced reincarnation is real, and hopes that next time the gods will get it right, and she'll wake up in Victorian England.

Joelle Casteel has been writing for as long as she can remember. Explicit, graphic, her writing isn't for minors or the easily offended. Once upon a time, she preferred to write on a PC, sitting on a stool- there were those who told her she looked like Tori Amos playing the piano. She's still trying to get the hang of writing in an arm chair instead, although she manages to amuse her Master with her tiny feet up on a big ottoman. With BDSM gaining a broader audience with various books- which she will not name because she can't stand them- she feels it's past time to put out her impression of what BDSM can look like in reality.


  1. oh two WIPs with no titles? that's rough. I struggled for several days with not even a working title on the newest WIP I started. thanks for the tag

  2. Some titles come to me instantly; others take some work. You've been extremely prolific lately. Your writing process obviously works for you.

  3. I like to percolate too! I guess I fear I would end up changing too much if I plowed in right away before I'd really thought it all out...

  4. My ideas have to percolate too or I get too stuck. And you have been prolific lately, good for you!

  5. I never percolate! I just have to go for it straight away. It's how I've ever done anything in my life. It might explain things though... ;)

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  7. Thanks, Sue, for inviting me to participate :-) I can't imagine letting a story percolate like you do - my characters are usually pretty demanding, wanting me to get their stories written ASAP! LOL