Monday, March 3, 2014

Taming Megan by Natasha Knight - hot new spanking romance!

I'm so excited to have Natasha Knight visiting me today with an excerpt from her new release, Taming Megan. Take it away, Natasha...

Hi Sue, thanks so much for having me here today! I wanted to share a piece from Taming Megan, my new spanking erotic romance. This is my first where domestic discipline (in a contemporary setting) is central to the storyline. I found I really enjoyed writing it. In this scene, Jake confronts Megan after having given her multiple opportunities to tell him about the financial trouble her bakery is having (since he co-signed on her loan), but she's put it off for so long that the bakery is in real trouble now.

* * * *

"Megan," Jake called from the study. "Can you come in here please?"

"Coming," she said, rising slowly. "What's up?" she asked, standing just outside of the study. It was a little after nine o'clock on Tuesday night.

"Come inside and close the door."

She looked at him finding his expression strange. It was then she saw the papers on his desk, the logo of the bank they'd come from.

She closed the door and went to stand in front of the desk when he held the papers up for her to see. "Why haven't you told me how bad things are at the bakery?" he asked.

"They aren’t that bad," she began, but she caught a glimpse of the numbers on the page he looked at. "It's been better the last few days and we had a really good weekend…"

"You barely paid the interest on the loan this last month," he said. "Do you remember out conversation when we took out this loan?" he asked.

She nodded, casting her eyes down. Jake had co-signed the loan, it had been the only way for the bank to give her one. Her credit history had had some hiccups prior to her meeting him. She had happily given over managing money to him when they had married and his one stipulation with co-signing was that she pay off a specific amount which was slightly more than the minimum the bank wanted, every month. He had calculated it out for her so that if she did this, she could have the loan paid off in almost half the time it would take her otherwise.

"When I went in there the other day, Anna showed me the letter from the landlord," Jake said.

"I was going to take care of it. She shouldn't have done that," Megan replied.

"How were you going to take care of it?"

She looked away, rubbing her now sweaty palms on the sides of her jeans.

"Meg," he began, leaning on the desk. "Do you understand this isn’t just about you? You've got a single mom employed at the bakery not to mention the part timers."

"One part timer. I let go of our driver," she volunteered.

"So who's doing the deliveries then?" he asked.

"Me and Anna. We split it up."

He shook his head and cleared a few things off his desk.

"I was going to tell you," she began.

"When? When you were evicted and lost everything, including the damage to my credit as your co-signer?"

She hadn't thought about that. She hadn't thought about any of it. The owner of the building was a nice man. She was planning on talking to him, but then the property management company got involved. As for it not being about her, he was right. She was so wrapped up in doing this on her own that she hadn't given a thought to Anna's situation. To what would happen to her if she lost this job. And then there was Jake's credit on top of everything else.

But she just didn't need to deal with this right now. "You're right, I'm sorry."

Jake stood and set the notice form the management company on the desk facing her.

"Bend over the desk, take down your jeans and panties," he said, unbuckling his belt.

Her heartbeat picked up and she forgot all about Sean Connelly for the moment.

"Now, Megan," he said, pulling the belt from its loops and doubling it up so he held the buckle in the palm of his hand. She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them and her panties to her knees in one go. She then bent her torso over the desk, supporting herself on her forearms, watching him move behind her form the corner of her eye.

"No safe word, this is punishment. Don't bother counting," he said.

* * * *

Jake Roark is the husband Megan never dreamed she could have—handsome, responsible, kind-hearted, and so much more. Before she ever said her wedding vows, though, she also knew that he was traditional enough to take a misbehaving wife in hand. When the bad habits from the wild life she led before she met Jake begin to resurface, Megan soon finds herself over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.
Jake's firm hand and old-fashioned ways only increase her love for him, but when a mistake from the past is suddenly thrust into the forefront of her life and her marriage, will Jake's love for Megan be strong enough to keep her in his arms forever, no matter what he learns about her?
Publisher’s Note: Taming Megan is a stand-alone sequel to Taming Emma. It is an erotic romance novel that contains graphic sexual scenes, anal play, and spankings, including domestic discipline in a contemporary setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



  1. Thanks for having me here today Sue!!

  2. Sounds like a fun DD story, Natasha. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like that, "I was going to tell you" :D Famous last words. Really looking forward to reading this one, Natasha. Congratulations on the release.

    1. It does sound funny now that I read it in your comment Tara! :) Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I'm starting this tonight!
    Great excerpt!

  5. Excellently written and one of my favorite kinds of spanking (bent over furniture, pants down or skirt up, and belt used).
    Great work!