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Niven's Nurse by Moira T. Moore

Please welcome Moira T. Moore to my blog! She's here today to talk about some of the lesser known kinks related to BDSM and she's sharing an excerpt from her hot new release, Niven's Nurse.
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Thanks Sue for having me on your blog today to talk about Lights Out Press’s latest release—Nivens’s Nurse.

Nivens’s Nurse is a little off the BDSM beaten track. There are a variety of kinks and fetishes, some of which may seem a little bizarre to people who are very familiar with BDSM practices. While Dominance/submission and physical pain as part of play have come out of the closet, some of these are only found in the darkest regions of the Internet.

Pet play is a common kink. People act as cats, dogs, ponies, and even cows. They take it as far as they want and the sex shops are willing to accommodate with butt plugs combined with tails, fake noses and ears.

Another kink is a little more extreme – body modification. This can mean anything from tattoos to extreme corseting to erotic lactation. Put pet play and erotic lactation together and you have a hucow, a woman who brings in her milk and is pumped several times a day, or nursed, just like a cow.

Moira T. Moore’s book delves into erotic lactation, but it is still a romance with a HEA ending. While there are other lactation books out there, this review on Amazon gives you an idea of something else about this book – it’s better written than most!

“Wow breastfeeding is HOT!!! While the topic of this book is not for everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ashley and Mr. Nivens's story. I have read a few other lactation stories and this one tops my list of best written.”

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Laid off from her job and unable to pay her rent and tuition, Ashley decides to temporarily become a wet nurse to make ends meet. Under the tutelage of her first client, Mr. Nivens, she begins to discover the joy adult nursing gives her. She worries a man will never marry a woman who gives her milk daily to strangers. Neil, the attractive handyman, confirms her fears with his disdain of what she does. Will she have the strength to give up wet nursing? Or will she allow her body and mind to be seduced by this erotic practice?




Ashley stared at the three pieces of paper on her kitchen table—her upcoming tuition bill, her past-due rent notice, and the pink slip from the nursing home where she worked.

Correction. Where she used to work.

What she had left in her savings would cover her rent, with precious few dollars left for food and gas. She needed to find a job. Soon. But who would hire a nurse’s aide who didn’t even have an AA degree?

She flipped open her laptop and typed “Nurse Help” in the search engine.

The first page of results gave her a list of jobs she wasn’t qualified to do. The name of one agency caught her eye—Certified Household Staff. They might need a nurse’s aide to help out with a rich, crotchety old man.

She smiled. Ashley had a fondness for old men, even if they were always trying to cop a feel of one of her breasts or slide a hand up her skirt.

They were harmless, and the attention gave her a little bit of a thrill.

She clicked open the link. A group of refugees from the downstairs portion of BBC’s Upstairs Downstairs smiled from under the site header.  The list of jobs tantalized her: Baby Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant, Disability Care, Elder Care, Senior Care, Wet Nurse.

Wet Nurse?

Didn’t wet nurses go out of style over a hundred years ago?

She clicked the link to read the description.

Women willing to breast-feed wanted to nurse babies, seniors, and more. Must be open-minded and dedicated. Previous pregnancy not required. In some cases, we can help you lactate. Good pay and extra benefits available for dedicated professionals.

Her pussy twitched.


She couldn’t be turned on by this. Wouldn’t be turned on by this. No. No.


Her fingers crept up to tweak her nipples, increasing the flow of desire. She imagined a mouth latching onto her breast, and her breath shortened. What would it be like to feed a man with milk she produced?

She groaned and closed the browser. Not her. She needed something safe and reliable, not something that was suspect and slightly kinky, no matter how much the fantasy turned her on.  Besides, no one really hired wet nurses did they?

A half hour later she was surprised to learn wet nursing was having a comeback, not only for babies, but for adults as well, especially in China. Even if she didn’t want to feed an infant or adult directly, she could sell her breast milk.


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