Friday, April 4, 2014

Saturday Spankings: "The day of the auction had arrived."

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!

This week's snippet is from Commander's Slave (the sequel to Surrender), which will release on April 18th. In the following scene, Betsy is on a slave transport ship headed for the Kall homeworld, and the person she's talking to here is a jerkface Kall guard who's just threatened her.

“I won’t give you any trouble,” she whispered, closing her eyes once more. She didn’t open them until the Kall’s footsteps retreated and the door hissed shut.

True to her promise, Betsy caused no problems during the next seven days. Her attempt to keep track of time by counting meals proved pointless because they weren’t delivered at regular intervals. A prisoner soon to be sold as a slave apparently wasn’t worth three meals a day.
With empty time on her hands, she had nothing to do but ruminate over her past mistakes and bleed for the happy ending she would never know. And that’s exactly what Betsy did until the door hissed open and two Kall guards entered to place cold manacles around her wrists.
The day of the auction had arrived.
Commander's Slave (unofficial) blurb:

Sentenced to a lifetime of slavery on the Kall homeworld for crimes she did not commit, First Daughter Betsy Carson expects the rest of her days to be a constant struggle for survival. She’s stunned when a kind old Kall purchases her from the auction block, and even more stunned to learn she’s a gift for his younger brother – a fierce Kall warrior who loathes humans with his every breath. Her hopes to be left alone by her new master are dashed when he orders her to sleep in his bed, and she soon discovers disobedience will earn her a firm, bare bottom spanking from the strong warrior. Not only that, but her resolve to resist his advances crumbles as time passes and she finds herself trembling for his touch.

Commander Edek enjoys taming the spirited Betsy, and he finds owning a petite human slave has its benefits. Her silken red hair, sparkling blue eyes, and soft curves entice him like no other female before. Her sweet presence calms the storm raging in his heart, healing the wounds caused by the war against Earth, and the passion they share gives him hope for the future. But his new world is shattered when he arrives home to find her missing one day, and Edek’s skills as a Kall warrior are put to the ultimate test.

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  1. Oh nice. She's in so much peril! Nice job, Sue.

  2. Nicely descriptive - I can feel her apprehension.

  3. Such a scary situation. The blurb sounds sweet though

  4. I can feel her anxiety. Nice job.

  5. Fear combined with the desire to survive, makes for a great story.

  6. You can feel and sense her angst and unsettled wonderment in your words... and such an teasing end to your snippet with that hissing door... Lovely Celeste...

  7. Obviously I have not had enough of my Dominant blend coffee this morning, Sue - "It was Lovely Sue"

  8. I am dying to read this book You should release it Now cause we Need to read it sounds awesome

    1. Aw, thanks, angel! :) I'm anxious for this book to be out. Only one more week! :)