Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bride Two Soon by Rayanna Jamison

I'm so excited to have Rayanna Jamison visiting today! She's sharing an excerpt and the details about her debut spanking romance novel, Bride Two Soon.


Beth Anne had followed Ben’s instructions and was standing in a corner of his office, nose against the wall, hands behind her back, waiting for him. Her nerves were stretched so tightly that she began to cry the minute she heard him enter, locking the door behind him. She had thought of nothing else for weeks, but now that the moment was actually here, she just wanted to turn and run.

She felt so ridiculous standing in the corner like a naughty child, but also she felt silly because of her reaction to knowing she was about to receive her first spanking as an almost-married woman. She couldn’t get control of the fear she was feeling, and she knew it was silly, and that there was nothing to be afraid of. The women she knew were spanked every day; her mothers, Ben’s mothers, Mollie’s mothers, Mollie. Around here, submitting to your husband’s discipline was just part of being a married woman. And, Beth Anne was about to join their ranks.


This is a story of love and life- long friendship against the odds.

What happens when two life long best friends Mollie, and Beth Anne find themselves married to the same old fashioned man?

Can they remain friends? Will jealousy get the best of them? Will their husband be able to fix the problem with a good old fashioned spanking, or two?

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  1. Congrats on your first book Rayanna. I used to be obsessed with Sister Wives, so I'm intrigued by this book. And, if I may add some shameless self-promotion...we'll be discussing this book on my blog for Spanking Stories Book Club June 27. :)