Tuesday, June 3, 2014

C is for "Corner Time" #SpankA2Z

Welcome to day 3 of The Spanking A-Z Challenge!

June 3rd - C is for "Corner Time"

Today I'm sharing a corner time excerpt from Becoming Little Lexie. Oh and the scene continues a bit after Lexie's corner time ends, just because it's very naughty and I felt like sharing.


“Tell Daddy why you’re about to be punished.”

“I was naughty.” Her voice didn’t sound like her own, and she felt about two decades younger as she stood under his stern, watchful gaze.

“How were you naughty?” His tone was deep and commanding.

“I kept secrets from you and told a little itty bitty fib. I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“That’s right, little girl. Now I want you to stand in the corner with your bare bottom on display.” He guided her to an empty corner and patted her backside, sending a delightful shiver up her spine.

“Oh Daddy, do I have to stand in the corner?” Alexa wasn’t sure what came over her, but she gave a little stomp of her foot and stuck her bottom lip out, feeling sullen despite knowing she’d earned this punishment.

“Alexa Marie, you will not stomp your foot at Daddy. Little girls who have temper tantrums end up with very sore, very well-punished bottoms.”

She peered over her shoulder, meeting his reproachful gaze. “Sorry, Daddy.”

“Nose in the corner, young lady, until I say otherwise. And stick your bottom out a bit. That’s it. Good girl.” He patted her backside again, three times, each light contact causing the heated pulses of her arousal to quicken. “I will return shortly. If you move out of position, I promise you will be one very sorry little girl when I’m through with you.”

On the heels of a threat that sent moisture trickling down her inner thigh, William left the room and she heard the floorboards creaking in the hallway as he went… somewhere. Where was he going?

Excitement bounded within her. An hour ago she’d been sick with worry over how to confess her needs to William, and now here she was with her nose in the corner awaiting a bottom hole punishment after being told her thong was much too grownup for her.

She whimpered, staring into the corner as she wondered what size butt plug he’d bring back. Sometimes when he gave her a punishment spanking, he’d insert a plug into her bottom before paddling her to tears. Even though he wasn’t going to spank her today, she was still nervous about taking the plug into her tight hole.

The creaking floorboards announced his return, and she felt exposed as she remained in the corner with her naked bottom sticking out. She sensed his eyes on her and considered his reaction to her confession. He’d been rock hard beneath her as he’d cradled her on the porch. What a fool she’d been to hold her secret desires in for the last two weeks. She’d cried herself silly and made herself sick to her stomach on more than one occasion, and her worries had been unfounded. Or so she hoped.

Apprehension twisted in her tummy. What if William decided he didn’t want to explore age play after tonight? Or what if her desire to explore her little side with a firm daddy faded? Or what if she grew tired of his nurturing side or it made her feel suffocated? Oh, what was that saying again? If ifs and buts were candy and nuts…

She couldn’t remember the rest, and she tried to shut the worries out.

A hand on her shoulder startled a gasp from her.

“Turn around and come with me, Alexa. Let’s get the rest of your punishment over with.”

Liquid fear churned through her insides as she turned at his beckoning. The thin, whippy cane he used to correct her most serious offenses dangled from his hand. “But you said you weren’t going to spank me.” A sense of betrayal burned within her, and she glared at him pointedly to let him know exactly what she thought of his change of heart.

“You can wipe that disrespectful look off your face right now, little girl. I’m not going to spank you. I said I was going to punish your bottom hole, remember?”

He wouldn’t. Not with the whippy cane. Where he’d gotten the thing, she wasn’t sure. It had appeared in his study one day after she’d tried to cover up a speeding ticket with a couple of little lies. A shudder coursed through her as she recalled what an awful sting it packed, as well as the dreadful whooshing noise it produced the moment before it connected with her flesh.

“Please, Daddy,” she said, her face heating as she stared at the terrible implement in his hand. “You can’t do that to my bottom hole. I th-thought you were going to use a plug.”

“You thought wrong. Now be a good girl and bend over on the bed.” He guided her into position with her palms on the bedspread. “I know it’ll be uncomfortable for you to reach back and hold your own bottom cheeks apart with your rib, so I will spread your cheeks apart for you. In the future, however, I will expect you to hold your cheeks apart during this type of punishment, just as I require you to do when I put a plug in your bottom hole.”

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  1. Sue, my WORD! HOT HOT HOT sizzlin' hot! I have never really read much age play, but this makes me want to!!

    1. That was exactly my response to reading this! Oh my goodness, I REALLY want to read more of this.

  2. I'm with Dinah! You may have converted me. Whew!

  3. Very hot! I enjoyed the book very much.

  4. Oh my! Bought this yesterday after reading a great review!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I hope you like it! :)

  5. I actually really want to read this.

  6. Awwww.... Just when you were getting to the really good part. Big tease. Daddy needs to punish you for that too, naughty girl. ;) Great excerpt, Sue.

  7. HO. LY. SHIZ. NIT.

    Now, that was hot writing right there folks...