Wednesday, June 4, 2014

D is for "Dolphin" #SpankA2Z

Welcome to day 4 of the Spanking A-Z Challenge! Only 22 more posts to go...woohoo!

June 4th - D is for "Dolphin"

Okay, I'm sure you're thinking Sue got really lazy with her post today. I mean...D is for dolphin...really? BUT I have a real life story to share, and it does involve dolphins.

Back when I was maybe fourteen or fifteen, my parents took us on a family vacation to the beach. My sister and I were pretty far in the water with our boogie boards, having a great time, when all of a sudden we hear someone yelling "SHARK! SHARK!"

We both freeze and start looking around. I don't see a shark, but I do see people running out of the water. Not a good sign. And then I see the person who is frantically jumping up and down and yelling "SHARK! Get out of the water!" on the beach. My mother.

Well, we moved pretty fast and got out of the water. Then we go stand next to my mom and stare out into the ocean, trying to get a glimpse of the shark. For a long time, we see nothing, and people are staring at us and I'm starting to feel pretty embarrassed.

Then something jumps out of the water, and another something a few seconds later. Dolphins! No sharks, just dolphins. Being the smartass teenager that I was, I said something like, "Wow, thanks for saving us from those killer dolphins, Mom." LOL.

So that's my dolphin story. I guess it's better than having a shark story though.

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  1. Smartass! LOL I like that story though. I grew up by the ocean and I have only ever seen dolphins playing close to the beach once, it was awesome.

  2. Too bad you missed your opportunity to swim with the dolphins. People pay good money for that experience.

  3. I bet the dolphins love it when they freak people out like that. Behind their big goofy smiles they're thinking "Suckers!"

  4. Love it! And I could see me being the person on the shore sounding the (false) alarm.

  5. Swimming with dolphins huh? They pay crazy amounts of money for that in this country. Supposed to be good for all kind of mental illnesses. Maybe it is. You swam with jaws. I think that is really tough. Sounds like you have had a very nice time back then. Great post!

  6. LOL, I was just having a Jaws flashback!