Sunday, June 8, 2014

G is for "Good Girl" #SpankA2Z

Welcome to day 7 of the Spanking A-Z Challenge!

June 8th - G is for "Good Girl"
I love it when the hero calls the heroine a good girl. It just makes me melt, whether it's spoken as an endearment ( "There's my good girl.") or as praise ("You're being such a good girl.") or during a scolding ("If you're not a good girl next time..."), it's one of my trigger words. Or in the case of the excerpt from Surrender below, Merokk is using good girl as he's giving Betsy (Fiona) some instructions:

“This is just for fun, Betsy—to give you a taste of what I like in the bedroom. But it’s also meant to serve as a reminder of what will happen when you disobey me. Your punishment in those cases will be much more severe.” He ignored her quick intake of breath and delivered a slap to her bottom. He gave her a dozen more light blows, taking the time to rub her overtop her panties in between each smack. She struggled at first but soon gave up, probably once she realized it wasn’t that bad. Would she ever find this as erotic as he did? His rock-hard erection pressed against the front of her thighs. Pulling her panties down, he absorbed the sight of her bare, reddened bottom. So lovely. She gasped and stiffened in his hold, and Merokk recognized the unmistakable scent of Betsy’s arousal, sweet and pungent and uniquely female.

Despite her protests, the spanking had managed to kindle her desire. His spirits soared, and his cock hardened further. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to plunge inside her at this moment. Taking a deep a breath, he slid his hand between her thighs.

“You said you wouldn’t touch me!” The panic in her voice stilled his hand.

“I can smell you, Betsy. I’m only going to feel how wet you are. We won’t consummate our marriage until tomorrow night, I promise.”

“I—I’m not wet. Please let me up.”

Ignoring her last plea, Merokk slid his fingers along the slit of her pussy lips. She gasped and jerked her body, but he rewarded her with a warning slap on the inside of her upper thigh. “Be a good girl and hold still.” He explored further, parting her folds to discover her soaking wet center. He groaned. “Oh, Betsy.”

What are some of your favorite trigger words?

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  1. I agree! Good girl, or just "Girl" is a trigger word. It's funny...the more different books I read, the more trigger words I have.

  2. The more books I read the more trigger words I have also and "Good Girl" is one of them. This scene for me was very hot:) Hell, I enjoyed the whole book:)))

  3. We even use Good Girl in a Dutch play. I was looking for the correct translation of the Dutch word: "Braaf", but there are only stupid translations in the Dictionary like well behaved, obedient, right minded, true hatred. We use "Braaf" often in praise for a dog: "Brave hond" (nice doggy). Did I get my trigger word across? Braaf also means in Dutch: not getting into trouble and your girl in the snippet did get in wonderful trouble.

    Wonderful post again.

    1. Stupid typo, why don't I check it before I hit send? hatred should be true-hearted of course!

  4. I am with you! There is something to those words that just gets me!!! You know that song Blurred Lines, yes? I loved it from the first moment I heard it and I finally figured out why weeks later - it was the 'you're a good girl...'