Monday, June 9, 2014

H is for Hobbies #SpankA2Z

Welcome to day 8 of the Spanking A-Z Challenge!

June 9th - H is for Hobbies

These days I don't have as much time for my hobbies as I used to. Before I started writing, I devoted many hours each week to sewing, crocheting, reading, and scrapbooking. I used to go hiking quite often too, but I've only managed to go twice in the last year. I still read a lot, but those crafty hobbies of mine are sorely neglected these days. My craft room has turned into my office where I spend most days writing. In between books though I try to take a small break and do something crafty. Here are a few pictures of some of my crafty projects:

Scrapbooking pages from a trip to Montana
Christening gown for my middle child
Baby shower present
Scrapbooking pages from a trip to the National Zoo
Now I'm really in the mood to organize the craft room side of my office and spend the day working on my 2010 family scrapbook. Yes, I am that far behind!
What are your favorite hobbies?

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  1. WOW! you do some great work:) I can't sew to save my life. I have a sewing machine and know how to thread it, but that's about it. I use shutterfly for my photo memories, and forget about crocheting:) My only hobbies are guitar, working on my land, reading, and most recently blogging:)

  2. Nice! The christening gown is beautiful and I'm sure it will be a family heirloom.

    I think one of the downsides of writing or any work from home job is that it can become almost all consuming so you feel like any free time you have ought to be devoted to the job, but taking time out for hobbies is important too. I've been doing better about walking every day w/my dog and I always come home w/a new idea for whatever story I'm working on. Same with knitting/crocheting.

  3. You do some wonderful work! I would love to get our pictures organized, I haven't gotten them in boxes since around 1993 - someday...

  4. Beautiful work, Sue! Scrapbooking and crocheting seem relaxing too. My hobbies come and go. The only thing I do now besides work (write) is read and travel--although my husband and I have not taken a big trip in a few years (big defined as out-of-country).