Tuesday, June 24, 2014

T is for Thermometer Play/Temperature Taking #SpankA2Z

Welcome to the 20th day of the Spanking A-Z Challenge! Oh my...only 6 more days to go!

June 24th - T is for Thermometer Play/Temperature Taking

"Turn over and spread your bottom cheeks apart,
young lady. It's time to take your temperature."

When I'm reading a book and it appears the hero is about to take the heroine's temperature (you know, the old fashioned way), I get just as excited as when I think a spanking is imminent. Maybe she's sick, maybe it's part of a punishment, maybe it's part of a medical examination, or maybe they are roleplaying. Maybe she struggles a bit and ends up with a red bottom before he takes her temperature. It doesn't matter to me...I just think it's really hot, especially if the poor heroine is hesitant, embarrassed, and feeling vulnerable over what's about to happen.

Quite a few of my books have temperature taking scenes in them, and the first thermometer scene I wrote was in Shana's Guardian. I think. Pretty sure. Anyway, here's a glimpse of how Uncle Daman deals with Shana after he's caught her pleasuring herself:

“You’re being disobedient, Shana. You know what happens to disobedient girls under my roof. Now, turn over on your stomach or I’ll take my belt to your thighs.” She hated being spanked on the thighs, and sure enough this threat did the trick. A few seconds later, Shana was lying on her stomach, trembling under the white bed sheets. “Good girl,” he said, always as quick to offer praise as chastisement.

Daman sank onto the edge of the bed beside the naughty young lady, his senses thrumming with delight. He peeled down the covers and shifted her nightgown up to her waist. Repressing a groan as he took in the curves of her luscious bare ass, he ran a hand over the red belt lines marring her flesh. He hadn’t been too hard on her, but knew she would have trouble sitting down tomorrow, possibly the next day as well. After placing the thermometer and ointment aside, he continued to rub her bottom cheeks while she remained silent, apart from her heaving breathing.

“Now, tell Uncle Daman what happens to bad little girls who don’t listen to instructions?” His hand traveled down to her thigh and squeezed hard.

“They get punished,” she answered.

“That’s right. Bad little girls who don’t listen get punished. Why are you about to be punished, Shana?” His roaming hand probed her dripping wet pussy lips and he spread her moisture around, knowing this damning evidence of arousal humiliated her immensely. When she took too long to answer, he smacked her bottom soundly.

“Ah! Okay, okay. Because I wouldn’t show you how I pleasure myself.”

“Correct. I already spanked you once this evening, Shana, and I would hate to have to repeat that punishment, so I have something else in mind. Instead I’m going to punish that pretty little hole of yours until I think you’ve learned your lesson.”

Her breath hitched, but she didn’t pull away. No doubt she realized there was no escape. And there wasn’t. Daman was a large man and could easily overpower her if she resisted, and resisting would only earn her a harsher punishment. With both hands, he drew her bottom cheeks apart, spreading her wide to his gaze. She whimpered and tensed up, and her little hole instinctively clenched, as if sensing an imminent intrusion. Keeping her rear end splayed open with one hand, he flipped the lid off the ointment and scooped up a dollop of cream on one finger. He pressed it against her tight, puckering hole, smoothing it around and eventually pushing his finger at the entrance. He watched her clench and unclench as he nudged against her there, teasing her most private area with the promise of unforgiving penetration.

She hissed when his finger slipped forward and he pushed knuckle deep. God, she was tight, so unbelievably tight. When she was his wife, he planned to fuck her ass good and hard sometimes in lieu of, or in accompaniment of, a spanking.

He would have no less than her total submission.

“It hurts,” she complained, hiding her face and her shame in the covers.

“It doesn’t hurt, Shana. It’s uncomfortable and no doubt humiliating. There’s a big difference.” He withdrew his finger partially and then pushed forward again, and repeated the process over and over, building a rhythm inside her tightness with his lubricated digit. “So naughty, Shana,” he scolded. “Pleasuring yourself is against the rules, don’t you know that?”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry,” she whispered, her breath coming in gasps.

“And then you refused to demonstrate how you pleasure yourself, disobeying me and kicking me in the stomach. You’re a very bad girl and you deserve this, don’t you?” He pushed deeper, past his large knuckle.

To Daman’s shock, she replied, “Yes, I deserve this.”

His heart swelled with pride to hear her admit it, and he knew he was getting through to her. “It’s time for the thermometer,” he announced, retracting his hand and appreciating the sight of her little hole pulsing as he pulled out. He reached for the thermometer and spread her ass cheeks wide, placing the tip at her entrance. He inserted it, driving it slightly deeper than necessary. “You’re to remain in this position until I say otherwise.”

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  1. Hell Sue, I think I read this book, and now I have to go look and read it again. Damn hot!

  2. I read this book and this scene was HOT!!

  3. How did I miss this post???? Me too! I think it's the humiliation... :)