Thursday, June 26, 2014

V is for Vagina in the Basement #SpankA2Z

Welcome to the 22nd day of the Spanking A-Z Challenge! If you're looking for my Sci Spanks post and short story, please click here.

June 26th - V is for Vagina in the Basement

Growing up, there was a big plastic vagina in our basement. Okay, to be fair it was more than a vagina - it was a rather large plastic replica of the entire female reproductive system, complete with smooth pink, plastic pussy lips. Before I was born my mom was a health teacher, and it was apparently one of her leftover props.

Anyway, sometimes when I had friends come over, I'd take them down to show them our plastic vagina. Hey, we were kids, and it always made for a good laugh. The health class prop sat on a shelf in the basement for many years, collecting dust. It might still be down there.

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  1. hehe, Sue. I bet you had the coolest basement around!
    We mostly had mold and spiders :(

  2. OMG!!!!! That is the Best. Blog Title. Ever!!!!