Sunday, August 17, 2014

A conversation with my husband...and an excerpt from Taming Princess Anna

A recent phone conversation with my husband...

Husband: We need to talk about something, young lady.
Me: Sure, what's up? (trying to sound casual while racking my brain to figure out what I could possibly be in trouble for)
Husband: You haven't updated your blog lately, and you have two books coming out soon.
Me: You check my blog?
Husband: Someone has to keep an eye on you. Now why haven't you been keeping up with your blog?
Me: (Deep sigh) Um, I've just been busy, I guess. I will blog soon. Promise.
Husband: All right then. I'll be watching.

Yikes. Well I guess I'd better get back to blogging! I do have two books coming out this week with Blushing Books, Taming Princess Anna on 8/19, and Report for Punishment on 8/23, so how about a snippet from Taming Princess Anna? I don't have the final cover to share yet, but I got a peek at it and it's gorgeous!


“Booking passage on a ship isn’t a possibility,” he said, sitting straighter.

“Why not?” That was still her plan. To leave the Kingdom of Iverson and start a new life far away from the shame of her family’s cruel reign and the accusing eyes of the people. She doubted she’d be able to fit in anywhere on the island, even if she married Bronson and became a commoner.

“Travel on the seas is dangerous, little dove, and passenger ships do not sail into the ports here. Not anymore. Merchant ships are full of hard men and you’d probably be the only woman on a ship for months until you reached your destination. I won’t allow you to leave the island. It’s too risky.”

She bristled and her jaw clenched. Perhaps his words held some truth, but that didn’t mean she liked it, and she certainly didn’t like the fact that he was ordering her around as if they were already married. She gulped past the dryness in her mouth and glared at him, hoping she appeared more angry than afraid.

Bronson smiled, a kind smile that softened her insides despite her annoyance with him, and he brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. He maintained his grasp on her chin, his body pressed close to hers. Her heart beat faster and the tingly warmth returned, this time pulsating between her thighs. The feelings confused her, because she felt like she wanted Bronson to hold her closer. Tighter. It didn’t make sense though. How could she want him when she hated him? He planned to keep her on the island against her will. How could she not despise him for foiling her plans?

“I cannot marry you, Bronson, just as I cannot stay in the kingdom. I will find a ship that’s sailing far away and I will book passage.”

“No.” He released her chin and gathered her closer.

His arms surrounded her, and warmth seemed to radiate off his body. She resisted the urge to lean into him and snuggle her cheek against his chest, or against the dark stubble covering his chin. “You cannot stop me," she said. "Come this time tomorrow, I’ll be gone.”

“Come this time tomorrow, you’ll already be my wife.”

Anna felt the blood drain from her face. She struggled in Bronson’s hold, desperate to escape. “Let go of me! I’m leaving right now!”

He pulled her onto his lap and captured her hands when she tried to claw at his face, easily subduing her. “Anna, you will stop this nonsense right now.”

Ignoring him, she dug her nails into his wrist, forcing him to readjust his grip on her hands. All the while, she continued to thrash and tried to flail herself off his lap.

“Anna,” he said through clenched teeth, “this is your last chance. Settle down or I’ll make you settle down.”

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she should stop her antics, but she was too angry and too far gone to listen to reason. With all her strength, she fought Bronson and didn’t stop until he’d carried her to a fallen tree, sat down on it, and flipped her over on her stomach. He held her over his lap as if he intended to chastise her. She froze for a moment, not quite believing.

“Anna, as your husband, I will not put up with your temper tantrums.”

“I was not having a temper tantrum!” She tried to slide to the ground, but he pressed a hand to her lower back and held her in place.

“Yes, you were having quite the little fit.” He cupped her bottom and she gasped at his touch.

“Let me up, Bronson.” Her voice came out strained and raspy. She was breathless from her struggling. Fear and disbelief twisted her insides. Perhaps he was just playing around. She could only hope.

“I will be happy to let you up, Anna, but not until I’ve given you the sound thrashing you so richly deserve.”


Princess Anna plans to flee the Kingdom of Iverson and start a new life across the sea, far from her cruel father and the unscrupulous cousin she’s supposed to marry. As her wedding date approaches, she escapes the castle dressed as a commoner, only to become trapped within the heavily guarded city walls. She watches the walls while biding her time on the streets, determined not to be found by her father’s soldiers. The man who captures her though is no soldier, and he doesn’t return her to the castle either.

Bronson the Hunter finds the spoiled little princess easily enough, and his only concern is getting her outside the city walls before the rebellion against King Mendel is underway, a rebellion he’s played a crucial role in. The fighting starts as he whisks the unwilling princess across the island to Cimastown, where he orders her to renounce her nobility and marry a commoner—him.

Princess Anna can’t believe Bronson the Hunter is the same servant boy she used to follow around the castle as a child. She also can’t believe that he’s grown into such a broad-shouldered, mountain of a man, or that he has no compunction about baring her bottom for a sound spanking when she gives him trouble, even on their wedding day. But just as she starts to find happiness with the firm handed husband who is determined to tame her, an old enemy of her father’s comes seeking revenge and threatens their new way of life.

Look for Taming Princess Anna on Tuesday, August 19th!


  1. You are a busy lady! I'm glad your husband checked up on you ;) someone has to! I like that. Taming Princess Anna sounds hot and I look forward to the next excerpt soon! It's a good week for releases I think... :)

  2. Did your husband really check on you? So then you wrote about him. That's fair.

    Congrats on your release tomorrow.

  3. I had a similar conversation about tweeting with my husband! Who knew they were checking?

    Mmm, I like a sound thrashing! This new one looks great :)