Friday, August 1, 2014

Home from vacation...and a new release coming soon!

I feel completely disconnected from everyone right now! I've been away for a large chunk of July, and while I've had Internet on my phone (on most days), I still haven't been around much. The good news is...I'm home and ready to get back into my normal routine!

Also, I have a new fantasy novella coming out on August 19th with Blushing Books called Taming Princess Anna. I should have the final cover ready to share soon, but until then, here's the (unofficial) blurb:

Princess Anna plans to flee the Kingdom of Iverson and start a new life across the sea, far from her cruel father and the unscrupulous cousin she’s supposed to marry. As her wedding date approaches, she escapes the castle dressed as a commoner, only to become trapped within the heavily guarded city walls. She watches the walls while biding her time on the streets, determined not to be found by her father’s soldiers. The man who captures her though is no soldier, and he doesn’t return her to the castle either.

Bronson the Hunter finds the spoiled little princess easily enough, and his only concern is getting her outside the city walls before the rebellion against King Mendel is underway, a rebellion he’s played a crucial role in. The fighting starts as he whisks the unwilling princess across the island to Cimastown, where he orders her to renounce her nobility and marry a commoner—him.

Princess Anna can’t believe Bronson the Hunter is the same servant boy she used to follow around the castle as a child. She also can’t believe that he’s grown into such a broad-shouldered, mountain of a man, or that he has no compunction about baring her bottom for a sound spanking when she gives him trouble, even on their wedding day. But just as she starts to find happiness with the firm handed husband who is determined to tame her, an old enemy of her father’s comes seeking revenge and threatens their new way of life.

Now...who wants to help me unpack and do all our vacation laundry so I can get back to writing? :)

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  1. Welcome home! It does seem like you've been gone a long time. I always dread returning to the mail and the messages on the answering machine when we return from a long trip. Exciting to come home to a new release though!