Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New release! Report for Punishment...a contemporary #spanking romance for Punishment is out today! It's a contemporary spanking romance that was originally split into two parts on Bethany's Woodshed a few months ago, but part one and part two have been combined into one book for release. The story follows a woman who comes home for Christmas to discover she has something majorly in common with her childhood crush. They're both spankos!

“Craig, I don’t think…”

A finger pressed to my lips stilled my speech. His eyes darkened further and I couldn’t look away. Six years. How could my silly girlish feelings return just like that? I chastised myself for being too busy with work to date. If I’d brought a man home with me for the holidays, I bet I wouldn’t be closed in the laundry room with Mr. Heartbreaker.

He dropped his hand and I opened my mouth again to protest, but a raised eyebrow kept me silent. He looked stern, and that didn’t help kill my crush either. I liked stern. Not that there was any way he could know that…

“My parents moved away two years ago,” he said.

I raised an eyebrow at him, mimicking his expression. “And?”

“I’ve missed this little town. Your brother invited me to spend the holidays here. I tried to get a hotel room, but they were all booked, so I took him up on the offer.”

I wasn’t sure where he was going with this, but I was certain I wouldn’t like it. Beneath his stern visage, I detected a hint of guilt.

“So your mom put me up in your old bedroom. She said you’d be staying at your dad’s house like you always did during the holidays, always the good daughter something something, she said, and that you wouldn’t mind.”

My eyes grew wide, and I tried to step back. “What? But it’s my room!” I almost stomped my foot. Almost.

He smirked. “How long ago did you move out?”

I glared at him, my hands itching to slap that look off his face. “Three years ago, but I only live two hours away and I visit a lot, so it’s not like a guest room. It’s my room and it’s full of my stuff!” My voice had risen, but I doubted anyone on the other side of the door could hear my screeching rant. Laughter, the hum of conversation, Christmas music, and the clinking of glasses had likely drowned out my outraged words.

Oh, I was fuming. How could my mother do this to me? She’d known all about my crush on Craig. Everyone had.

“You can’t stay in my room!”

“Don’t raise your voice at me, young lady.” His eyebrow went higher.

My pussy clenched, and disbelief jolted through me at his strict tone. “What?” I said, gasping. I managed to yank my hand from his and backed up into the dryer.

He followed, bracing a hand on each side of me. Trapping me. Warmth gushed to my center. I trembled for his touch, but it would be a cold day in hell before I admitted it. Peering up at him, I couldn’t help but admire how handsome he’d become. His shoulders were broader than I remembered, his face a tad rugged. Worldly. A hint of gray streaked his black hair on the sides. My fingertips tingled with the urge to touch it.

“Yes, I’m sleeping in your room and spending the next week or so with your family. Merry Christmas, Sarah Jane.”

“It’s just Sarah. For fuck’s sake, can you please get my name right?”

“Tsk tsk. Such language. I bet you’re on Santa’s naughty list, Sarah Jane.”

My teeth grinded together. “Sarah!” I hissed.

Humor lighted his eyes, causing my anger to flare hotter. What right did he have to tease me like this? It was almost . . . flirting.

But no. He wasn’t interested in me. Couldn’t be. We hadn’t seen each other in forever, hadn’t talked or had any contact whatsoever. The few times he’d happened to be in town, I wasn’t here, and vice versa. The only reason I knew he lived in Ohio was because my mother told me.

“Anyway, back to the naughty list. If there’s any girl I know who deserves to be on it, it’s you, Miss Sarah Jane.”

"And why’s that, Craig?”

“Because you have a penchant for naughty books and naughty toys.”

“And how do you know that? Pray tell.” Sarcasm laced my voice.

He leaned closer, so close our noses nearly touched. His hot breath tickled my face, causing goosebumps to scamper across my arms and a delightful shiver to race up my spine. Not to mention more moisture to pool in my panties.

“I know all about your naughty tastes, Sarah Jane, because I found the big lock box under your bed. Except it wasn’t locked. And I’m not much of gentlemen, I confess, because I peeked inside and examined all the contents, one by one by one.”


Part One: The last thing Sarah expects when she comes home for the holidays is to find a card carrying spanko staying in her old bedroom. She hasn’t seen Craig in years and tries to ignore her renewed feelings for her childhood crush, who happens to be all grown up now. Resistance proves futile though, when he’s suddenly scolding her, calling her young lady, and paddling her bare bottom bright red for getting sassy with him.

The magic of the holidays, as well as their mutual love for all things spanking, bring Sarah and Craig closer than ever. But New Year’s is fast approaching and everyone will be going home soon. Can they make a long distance relationship work, or will the attempt only lead to more heartache for Sarah?

Part Two: Newlyweds Craig and Sarah Jane are trying to enjoy their first few months as husband and wife, but a series of strange break-ins in their new neighborhood puts a strain on their relationship. Craig expects his wife to obey his safety rules, but she rebels when his overprotective ways get under her skin. Her rebellion earns her a soundly spanked bottom on more than one occasion.

Sarah Jane loves her husband and the dynamic of their domestic discipline relationship, but obeying is hard when Craig won’t even let her join the new neighborhood watch, even though many of the other neighborhood women volunteer. She is certain the vandal on the loose isn’t a terrible danger, probably just a teenager causing some mischief. Craig disagrees and insists she remain vigilant while he’s at work and not do anything foolish to put herself in danger.

The neighborhood watch seems to keep the vandal away and all is quiet for a few weeks, until Sarah spots someone lurking behind the bushes in her backyard, and the man she witnesses stealthily crawling over fences is no stranger!

Report for Punishment is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Blushing Books.

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