Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Break Fright by Avery Dawes - Free #Halloween Short

Avery Dawes' new release, Fall Break Fright, is free on Amazon all weekend. It's a short MM story with a little bit of everything, zombies and spanking threats included! I hope you'll check it out and download your free copy. Here are the details as well as an excerpt...

Title:  Fall Break Fright

Author:  Avery Dawes         

Release Date:  September 30, 2014

Genre:  M-M Romance with Zombies

Story Length:  Short Story, approx. 12K words


Carson Davis can’t go home…
His aunt is his only relative in the world, and she’s made it clear she doesn’t want him there during his fall break. Looks like he’s stuck at college, alone and heart-broken. But Carson hasn’t figured on his new roommate, Tyler Owen, who’s extremely hot and unfortunately straight.
Or is he?
Tyler unexpectedly invites Carson to go with him to his family’s home in Kansas. Not only that, but Carson’s gaydar must be off, ‘cause Tyler is not only gay, he’s into Carson! However, things go horribly wrong once they reach Kansas. Not with them, but with the unexpected appearance of...
The world seems to have gone mad, and now it’s Carson and Tyler against the walking dead. They have to survive these creatures so they can enjoy their happily ever after. 


Sliding his hand into Carson’s hair, Tyler tugged, tilting his roommate’s head back and exposing his neck. Tyler nipped his way down Carson’s neck before sucking at the base. His voice raspy and deep, Tyler warned, “You better be careful what you wish for, Car.”

And if that wasn’t enough to make him come in his pants like a sex-starved teenager. Carson moaned, his body completely at Tyler’s mercy.

“You better not come—” Tyler started before two rapid-fire shots jolted them back to reality.

“Damn zombies!” They complained nearly in unison.

“Those shots were off to our left. Gotta be Pritchard again.” Tyler paused. Carson guessed he was trying to get a fix on the zombies. “I don’t hear anything else. We better get moving while the coast is clear.”

Carson couldn’t help himself, “Yeah, quit screwing around Tyler. We’re supposed to be battling zombies, not making out in the tree line.” 

“I see how it is,” Tyler said seriously even though his eyes danced with mischief. He smacked Carson on the ass. Hard. “Just wait, Car. The next time I get you naked, the first thing I’m gonna do is drape you over my lap while I punish you for that comment.”

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About the Author

The secret is out: Avery Dawes is Denise Wyant’s naughty alter-ego. Avery enjoys writing about the passion that exists between two hunky and sometimes geeky men while Denise favors the alpha male who sweeps an intelligent and sassy woman off her feet. Both believe in their characters finding love and happiness, no matter the trials they have to endure to achieve it. 

When Denise & Avery aren’t relaxing just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, with a cup of coffee, or staying fit—running, lifting, or cycling—they make time to write and blog. You can find them at



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