Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cover Reveal: Christmas Choice by Trillium

Today I'm hosting a cover reveal for Trillium's upcoming release, Christmas Choice. It's a gorgeous cover and the book sounds scorching hot! Congrats, Trillium!

Christmas Choice (Submission Trio Book 1) by Trillium

Published by Lights Out Press (

Release Date:  11/27/2014

What does her master want her to do? She’s done everything he’s asked of her to earn the submission she’s always craved. Almost everything. Being shared with another man is a soft limit, but one she isn’t ready to cross. Peter has invited Rick, her ex-lover to Christmas dinner. Why? Does he expect her to sleep with him? What will happen to their relationship if she refuses?
Originally published as Toni’s Dilemma in 2011, this short story (about 25 pages) has been substantially rewritten. Includes BDSM, forced nudity, orgasm denial, and spanking. If these topics offend you, please do not purchase this book.

A shiver cooled her skin. Over the past few months, Peter had been working with her to get her used to being exhibited. He got turned on by her flashing a boob to a friend at a party.

And it turned her on.

But would he really go so far as to share her with Rick? True, he hadn’t said any more than dinner, but they’d discussed three-ways in the past. It wasn’t a hard limit for her, but it was definitely not something she was ready for.

"Time to go make dinner." Her master’s eyes were closed and his lips upturned.

She glanced at his strong-jawed face from the corner of her eye. He wasn't going to change his mind. She'd have to figure out some way to deal with Rick that would keep things normal—whatever normal was in their household.

She went to the closet to get clothes for the day, choosing a heavy blouse to hide her breasts from visitors.

Peter opened an eye. “It’s going to be a little hot to cook in that.”

“I’ll be okay.”

“You’ll also change before our guest comes. I’ll pick something out.”

Why had she ever gotten involved with Rick’s boss?

She'd been a bookish freelance CPA who handled several corporations in the Philadelphia bedroom community of Harper's Grove when she started dating Peter. She'd taken care to dress conservatively, minimizing her bust line and developing a glare to force straying male eyes back to the business at hand.

Now, as she looked at herself in the mirror, she could no longer see the dowdy accountant. According to her Master’s demands, her curly brunette hair reached her shoulders, her angular face shown with light make-up, and her nails were polished. She never wore less than four-inch heels, and her skirts bordered on obscene. Instead of chiding men for staring at her boobs, she invited a look with low-cut, clingy blouses.

Her master loved to watch his employees ogle her.

She sighed and put her mascara tube down. A long day lay ahead. She didn't want to go back to who she was before Peter uncovered and nurtured her need to be dominated. She'd just have to put on a happy face and get through the day.

She glanced at her neck, still bare of a collar, and slipped on the sapphire earrings he’d given her the night before and headed to the kitchen.


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