Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Melissa's First Medical Exam - a snippet from Her Old-Fashioned Doctor #medicalplay

Happy Wednesday! I am very excited because in two days the What the Doctor Ordered medical play boxed set will release! What the Doctor Ordered will contain five standalone novellas by Natasha Knight, Casey McKay, Trent Evans, Tara Finnegan, and yours truly. All the stories feature hot, dominant doctors and plenty of naughty medical play fun.

My story in the boxed set is called Her Old-Fashioned Doctor, and today I'm sharing a snippet from the heroine's first medical exam:

Her eyes darted to the objects he’d placed on the tray. Surely she understood their purpose, and the paper crinkled beneath her under her renewed squirms.

He tipped her chin up. “You’re naked because it pleases me to look at you.”

She whimpered and closed her eyes, tilting her head into his hand as he stroked her hair.

“I wouldn’t be a very good doctor if I didn’t give you a thorough examination while you’re here, Melissa, and as I said earlier I expect your cooperation. Tell me what happens if you’re naughty?”

“I-I get a spanking.”

“That’s correct. A hard spanking on your bare bottom. Now, part your legs, please.”

Under his close supervision, she stayed upright as she spread her legs. He made a show of snapping on a pair of blue latex gloves he pulled from his doctor’s coat, and she watched his every movement with wide, anxious eyes. She gulped and looked down, drawing in a deep breath that she exhaled with shudder.

“I see a wet spot on the paper covering between your thighs, Melissa.” He caressed the top of her leg and pointedly glared at the damp spot. “That’s very naughty of you to make a mess like that.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

He delved one hand between her thighs and traced the moisture coating her pussy lips. Slowly, he probed her with one finger, discovering the vast wetness within.

“Very, very naughty,” he amended.

She peered up at him with an adorable, repentant look. God, she was a perfect mixture of innocence and curiosity. And he had so much to teach her.

“Turn on the table this way.” He guided her to dangle her legs at the end of the exam table. He pulled out the stirrups that had been hidden away. “Scoot your bottom to the very edge of the table and place your feet in the stirrups, Melissa.”

She bit her lip and gulped hard before moving to comply, placing her feet in the stirrups one at a time while clutching the side of the table. Her nipples seemed to tighten, and goosebumps covered her arms and legs. John turned the heat up in the room and returned to run a hand down the flat of her stomach while she gawked up at him. Her body trembled and her chest heaved up and down with each shaky breath.

“Are you nervous?”

“Yes, sir. A little.”

His hands moved up to cup her full, soft breasts. “We’ll begin slowly, Melissa, starting with a breast examination.”

She nodded and a short groan issued from her lips as he worked his way around her right breast first, kneading his fingers around in circles, starting from her nipple and circling outward until the task was complete. Taking his time, he paid the same attention to her left breast. Occasionally she arched into his touch, then flattened her body on the table and blushed, as if shamed over her lustful reaction to his examination. He chuckled over her reaction and she closed her eyes tight. A long, keening whimper built in her throat, a lovely sound that spurred his arousal for her to burn white hot. And they were just getting started.

Look for What the Doctor Ordered on November 7th from Stormy Night Publications!


  1. Awesome snippet. I'm so excited for this book!

  2. Very hot snippet, Sue. Only another couple of days - it's so exciting :)

  3. I'm curious to see how your respective stories compare.