Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Her Old-Fashioned Doctor - now available as a stand-alone! #spanking #medicalplay

My medical play spanking romance novella, Her Old-Fashioned Doctor, is now available as a stand-alone on Amazon and will hit other e-book stores soon. This story was previously released in the What the Doctor Ordered boxed set with four other naughty medical play novellas, and this collection is still available and also includes stories by Natasha Knight, Casey McKay, Trent Evans, and Tara Finnegan.

Here's an excerpt from Her Old-Fashioned Doctor:

“I’m ready for the next part, sir.” She met his eyes bravely.

“Are you now?” A smirk eased across his features, and an air of challenge sparked between them.

Her tummy flipped. Perhaps being brave had its consequences. She was pretty sure he meant to press her limits now that she’d all but admitted she wasn’t scared. Except she was scared. Wonderfully frightened, in fact, so much so that her pussy clenched and everything below her waist was growing tense again. She averted her gaze from his, worried he might be reading her mind. He was exceedingly attuned to her body, and she wouldn’t put mindreading past him.

“Lie down on your stomach, Melissa, and then pull your bottom cheeks apart.”

She gawked at him, and some of her bravery fled. “Wh-what?”

“I know you heard me the first time,” he scolded. “Pull your bottom cheeks apart and show me that tight little virgin hole of yours. If you hesitate again, I will punish you.” His tone brooked no argument.

Not wanting a third spanking, she rushed to comply with his humiliating command. She lay on her stomach, wincing as her sensitive nipples pressed against the table, and rested her cheek on the paper covering. She cupped her backside, one mound in each hand, and slowly drew herself apart. John stood right at her side, and she didn’t have to glance up to know where his gaze was focused. She felt the heat of his stare as she awaited the first trickle of lube down her crevice.

She detected John moving around, retrieving something from the tray. He leaned over the table and a cool liquid rolled down between her spread cheeks, eliciting shivers from her and a deep moan of pleasure. A finger prodded her secret, untouched hole, and she tried not to clench or inadvertently release her bottom cheeks. The desire to please John fell upon her, and a quick look at his crotch and the huge bulge within his pants left her momentarily breathless. She wanted to feel his hard cock pumping in and out of her aching pussy, and to see his face twisting with pleasure as he reached his peak and came inside her.

The prodding turned to massaging, and he circled her asshole with firm strokes, the lubrication easing the way. Finally, he pressed a finger into her tightness. She drew a quick breath in and tensed around the invasion. It burned at first, but once she forced herself to relax, the burn subsided and gave way to a delicious fullness. He pulled out partially and thrust in again, deeper this time. She groaned and her fingers dug into her sore bottom cheeks.

“I must prepare you for the thermometer, Melissa.”


After she catches her fiancĂ© cheating on her, Melissa packs a suitcase and sets out on a road trip to give herself some time to recover. But things take an unexpected turn when she rear-ends Dr. John Holden’s truck in a tiny rural town and he responds by inviting her for an impromptu dinner date.

The handsome medic’s charm and take-charge manner—not to mention his willingness to spank her bare bottom if he feels it necessary—all combine to set Melissa’s heart beating faster than it has in a long time. Almost before she knows it, Melissa finds herself falling deeply in love with the old-fashioned doctor, even though she’s only known him for a couple of days. But is her rapidly growing crush on John merely a rebound fling, or can his hold on her heart last forever?

Publisher’s Note: Her Old-Fashioned Doctor is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book collection entitled What the Doctor Ordered.

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