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Book Spotlight: Captured and Examined by Kallista Dane

Please give Kallista Dane a warm welcome! She's here today to share the details as well as an excerpt from Captured and Examined, her new erotic romance that has a little bit of everything: science fiction, adventure, time travel, lots of spanking, and medical play, oh my!
Before we get to the good stuff, I have a question for Kallista. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

KD: I’ve written stories since I was a little girl. My Dad was my biggest fan. He’d gather the whole family together – grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins – and read my latest story to them. Fortunately, I wasn’t writing erotica back then! But his support and encouragement meant the world to me.

Aw, that's so sweet of your dad!

Captured and Examined excerpt:

She kicked him then, right in his bad knee, with Remy’s hard boot. Quinn crumpled, sagging down onto the hard slab of stone behind him. He swore and pulled her face-down across his lap.

“If you were a man, I’d knock you cold for that, wait till you woke up, then knock you cold again.” As he spoke, he was yanking the jeans down, exposing her bare bottom. “I can’t beat you up, but I certainly can blister your ass.” His hand cracked down on her left buttock, then on her right. Tess shrieked and fought like a wildcat. But he simply shifted his position, trapping her legs between his.

“You’re going to tell me the truth this time,” he growled. “Or I swear I’ll whack you till you can’t sit down for a week.”

Tess began beating on his thighs with both fists. Quinn grunted and captured both her wrists in one hand, pulling them behind her back. Then he smacked her again, the sharp slap of his open palm against her bare flesh echoing through the countryside. She let out a howl.

Quinn spanked her harder, settling into a pitiless rhythm that had her ass glowing a brighter red than her hair in no time. First one cheek, then the other, all the while punctuating his punishment with a nonstop stream of orders.

“You’re going to stay right here, bent over my lap with your ass bared, and we’re

going to do another interrogation, this time my way. I’m going to ask you questions and you’re going to answer me. No games, no bullshit. If you don’t tell the truth, you’ll get spanked some more. I’m not going to stop until you convince me that you’ve told me everything you know about what happened the other night.”

Captured and Examined blurb:

When her father tries to force her to marry fat, old, drunken Owen Leary to preserve the family lands, Tess O’Rourke runs away from home. She gets lost on the heath in the midst of a ferocious storm and loses consciousness, only to awaken in a cave, naked and shivering, staring into the eyes of a handsome stranger. To her dismay, the man questions her in an unfamiliar language and then spanks her bare bottom when she tries to run away.

After computers all over Europe are hit with a crippling attack, Quinn, an ex-Navy SEAL now working for NATO’s cyber-terrorism squad, is dispatched to the Irish coastline in search of the problem’s source. It is there that he discovers a naked Irish lass hiding in a cave near an ancient stone outcropping. After she attacks him and attempts to flee, he brings the defiant girl back to his headquarters with a well-spanked bottom. Once there, his medical team conducts a thorough examination, leaving his captive deeply humiliated and even more determined to escape. Quinn has no intention of letting her go until he gets the truth, but Tess speaks only Gaelic and seems to know nothing of modern day life, and hard as it is for him to believe, over time Quinn becomes convinced that she has somehow been transported from the past.

With each passing day his feelings for the feisty redhead grow stronger, and when he discovers that his superiors plan to lock her up indefinitely and study her like a lab rat, Quinn risks everything to rescue her. But can he keep her safe long enough to unravel the mystery that brought her into his life?

Publisher’s Note: Captured and Examined is an adventure and erotic romance novel that includes spanking, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Kallista’s Bio:

Like my ancestor Scheherezade, I cannot sing or dance or paint. I have but one talent. I am a weaver of words. I love to tell stories of strong women and the even stronger men who suddenly show up in their lives when they expect it least and need it most.

As a little girl I was afraid to take risks. As a woman, I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, gone scuba diving in underwater caves, and skied a black diamond run in Vail. But the greatest risk I’ve taken is putting my naughtiest secret fantasies in print.

Kallista’s Blog http://kallistadane.blogspot.com/

Kallista’s Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/kallista.dane.5

Kallista’s Amazon page http://www.amazon.com/Kallista-Dane/e/B00D54IW6M/

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