Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guest post: Who is afraid of ageplay? Introducing Poppa's Progeny by Alta Hensley #ageplay #spanking #romance #mustread

I'm so excited to welcome my friend Alta Hensley to my blog today! She's here to tell us about her first age play novel, Poppa's Progeny. I'm reading this book now, and trust me, folks, it is deliciously hot and naughty! Congrats on your new release, Alta!

Who is Afraid of Ageplay? by Alta Hensley

I remembered when I finally decided to finish a story that I had half completed, collecting dust on my computer. It was my first ageplay called Poppa’s Progeny. I was terrified of this book. Not because I didn’t love the story, and not because I didn’t love the characters, but because it was an ageplay. For some reason I was scared of that word. Terrified of that sub genre of the genre I had happily placed myself in. I write spanking stories. I love DD romance. I am comfortable saying that. But ageplay? That was different.

But I wanted the story to be told. Little Miss Juniper Ambrose was demanding her story. So I thought about creating a new pen name to hide behind. Alta Hensley was too scared. Or was I? It was actually Sue Lyndon who convinced me to finish it and to have it written by me, Alta. So I did. Although I lost many a night’s sleep over it.

Am I glad I did it? Yes. It’s funny how you can work yourself up over something that turns out to not be a big deal. Am I afraid of ageplay in the future? Nope, not at all. In fact, I can’t wait to finish book two in the Poppa’s Progeny series.

Thanks, Sue for the push I needed. :)

Poppa's Progeny blurb:

At the age of eighteen, all women who cannot afford a dowry for marriage, must be placed in a facility in the hopes to be adopted by an affluent husband.

To maintain order, all women go through a mental reassignment reverting their minds to six-year-old girls— progenies. By keeping the women innocent in all ways before marriage, the women can function as a wife and mother more efficiently. The progenies are sheltered, nurtured, babied, and even disciplined by their assigned poppas. The progenies have no baggage, no hardship, no broken hearts. There are no dark secrets in their life, no torrid affairs, and no pain. Their husband is buying the purest gem there is. He adopts for marriage so his wife is flawless. Life has not chipped away at her.

But what happens when the mental reassignment doesn’t work, and Juniper Ambrose is not truly the little girl she should be? She has no choice but to play the twisted game of pretend, hoping no one, especially her poppa, finds out. Secrets, lies, pretending— this is the world the progeny, and her poppa, have been thrown into.

*** Warning *** This science fiction/dystopian novella contains scenes with Age Play elements, anal play, virgin sex, and spanking. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please don’t take a drink.

Buy Links:

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  1. Read this book and loved it! Great Post guys.

  2. Off to buy. I'm scared of ageplay, too. ;)

  3. Congrats on your release, Alta. This is a popular subgenre right now.