Friday, March 6, 2015

"I will show you just how beastly I can be"~ Conquering Lady Claire #SatSpanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I'm continuing this week with another snippet from Conquering Lady Claire, my story in the newly released The Conquered Brides medieval spanking romance collection, which also features stories by Korey Mae Johnson, Renee Rose, Dinah McLeod, and Ashe Barker.
Excerpt from Conquering Lady Claire:
A grin brightened his features briefly before the gleam in his eyes once again reflected his serious side. “I need to hear you say it aloud, my lady, or I will think you require a refresher.” He leaned down, his nose almost touching hers, and the white ribbons of his breath mingled with hers in the frigid evening air. “Now, what happens when you misbehave?”
She clenched her teeth and made an indignant noise. “If I misbehave, you will spank me, my lord.” The instant he looked pleased over her response, she added, “That is because, of course, you are a beastly savage.”
“Into the tent with you, my sweet Claire, and I will show you just how beastly I can be.”
The Conquered Brides blurb:
When the castle they called home is besieged and ultimately falls, five women are captured and carried off as wives by their foes. Will they be treated as no more than the spoils of war, or can their new lords prove themselves worthy of the love and submission of their conquered brides?

The Conquered Brides is a five-book collection featuring these brand-new titles from top erotic romance authors:

Commanding the Princess, by Korey Mae Johnson

The Knight’s Seduction, by Renee Rose

The Widow Is Mine, by Ashe Barker

Conquering Lady Claire, by Sue Lyndon

Kidnapped and Claimed, by Dinah McLeod

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  1. Ouch! I'm not sure she wants to know just how beastly he can be.

  2. I love the descriptive atmosphere and the dialogue was very good. great work!

  3. Oh boy. :) I'm not sure why I'm smiling, but I think she's in for it. Congrats on the release! It looks fabulous.

  4. Oh why did you five talented authors have to release this boxed set? Don't you know I have work to do WRITING and not reading? I don't have time to sit down and read five amazing stories right now, but all of the blurbs and snippets I'm reading for this one has my one-click finger twitching. It's only a matter of time. This is gonna be one of those days where I give myself a big WC target and reward myself with buying if I hit it. Congrats on the release! ~Livia

  5. Love your sense of humor, as always. :)

  6. Oh, she should have known better than to make that last smart remark!

  7. OMG... white ribbons of breath? Lovely. And what was she thinking??? Great stuff, Sue, just great.

  8. Great snippet. This sounds like a fab collection!