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Book Spotlight: MacDermot’s Bride by Keriann McKenna and Stevie MacFarlane #western #spanking #romance

Please welcome Keriann McKenna today! She's here to share the details about the new release she has with Stevie MacFarlane, MacDermot's Bride, Fall River Ranch Book 2. But first... a question for Keriann...

What are your current projects?

Keriann: Right now I’m doing more editing than I am writing. I do have Fall River Ranch Book 3 about half finished and I hope to release it by the first of June, 2015.

MacDermot’s Bride blurb:

As Mac fall deeper in love with Annie, his past haunts him. He failed to keep the woman he loved safe before and he vowed he’d never fail again.

Annie’s fierce independent streak doesn't make it easy for him. She's created a life for herself, certain she can make it on her own.

Filled with passion, suspense, and humor, their love story unfolds with twists and turns neither of them saw coming. Mac needs Annie, but will it be too late by the time she realizes she needs him too?

MacDermot's Bride excerpt:

Annie sat with her feet up on the couch as Mac began to pace back and forth, raking his hands through his hair. It was all he could do not to shake the daylights out of her.

“You could have been killed,” he yelled as Annie scooted into a corner of the couch and grabbed a pillow. “What the hell did you think you were going to do, rush out there and save me? You don’t have one ounce of trust in me do you?”

“No, I mean yes, I do. Mac, I looked out the window and saw there were three of them against you and I had to do something.”

“You were supposed to call the Police and get under the bed. What part of that did you not understand?”

“Nothing, I understood you, but hiding under the bed, geez Mac, that’s the first place a killer looks for a person.”

“I wasn’t telling you to hide. For God’s sake, Annie; they were smashing your windows and if they’d hit either of the windows over your bed, you could have been seriously hurt. I don’t know why you don’t listen to what I tell you to do. How many times have I told you when I give you an order, you had damn well better obey me?” Mac was visibly shaking now he was so furious with her.

“I’m sorry, Mac, really I am; I was just trying to help.” Annie started to sniffle. “I was so afraid they would hurt you.”

“I didn’t need any damn help and even if I did, you were supposed to be under the bed where you would be safe. Get your clothes; we’re not staying here.”

Annie got up and started to hobble toward the bedroom.

“Never mind; sit down. I’ll get them myself,” he ordered. Mac went into the bedroom and threw a bunch of her clothing into her suitcase. He was so mad; he wasn’t even sure what the hell he packed. “Here, put some clothes on,” he demanded as he tossed a skirt and a top at her from across the room.

“I need some underwear,” Annie said, her voice cracking as she made her request.

“Wear what I gave you!”

She obeyed and dressed quickly, knowing there was no point in arguing with him.

Mac carried their bags to his car and returned to get Annie. When he reached the door, she had put on a pair of flip flops and was walking toward him.

“I told you to sit down and I don’t remember telling you to get up.”

“I’m okay, really I am. My feet don’t even hurt.”

Well, good,” he said as he threw her over his shoulder and walked to the car. “I wouldn’t want to correct you if you were already hurting from the cuts.”

Oh shit, she was in big trouble now and she knew it. “Well,” she pleaded, “there is a little bit of pain when I walk.”

“Bullshit!” He set her down and leaned her over the hood of his car. Lifting up her skirt, he landed five well placed smacks on her little bottom.

“No, please don’t,” she cried out.

“Save your pleading for later; not that it will do you any good.” He ignored her sobs as he laid down five more hard slaps. “Consider that a little something for the road,” he said as he put her in the front seat none too gently. “And know that I’m not finished. I could have been picking your dead body up off the ground tonight and you would have been gone from my life forever.” He went back to lock the front door and wondered why he even bothered.

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Twitter: @keriannmckenna

Author Bio:

Hi Readers, I hope you enjoyed it MacDermot’s Bride and will leave a review. Reviews mean a great deal to authors and even those that are critical help us to write better books.

I’ve been writing for most of my life. My first love was music and lyrics and my first song was a dreadfully simple little tune about a boy I was madly in love with at fourteen. I’m certain I drove my grandmother to distraction as I wailed this boy’s name from the piano in the living room at every opportunity...romance was in my heart even at a young age.

Later in life I developed my craft as a poet and published work in anthologies. I still write poetrybut am dipping my toes in the waters of romance, both sweet and steamy.

I was born in a small community in Upstate New York, but left as soon as I bought a decent car that didn’t require more oil than gas...I’m not kidding. I used to pull into a service station, hand the attendant five bucks for gas and tell him to fill it up with drain oil.

I lived in Canada and the Midwest for several years before settling in the Seattle area with the love of my life. I now live in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains near my family; I’m retired from the counseling field although I still work crisis intervention two nights a week. I consult with and edit for other authors into the wee hours of the night, and I rescue senior dogs and give them a forever home.

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