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A is for Auction #SpankA2Z #spanking

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A is for Auction

I enjoy reading books that depict the heroine getting auctioned off for one reason or another. Maybe it’s for a charity ball, or maybe she’s been kidnapped, or maybe she's been sentenced to a lifetime of servitude. All's well that ends well though, because the heroines undoubtedly find love, or at least some measure of happiness (and kinkiness!) with their new masters. I’ve listed a few books that have auctions in them:

1. All the books from the When the Gavel Falls collection by Maren Smith, Tabitha Black, Darling Adams, Maggie Ryan, and Abbie Adams

2. The Auction by Kitty Thomas

3. Commander’s Slave by Sue Lyndon

4. Theirs to Take by Natasha Knight

5. Say You Love Me by Johanna Lindsey

6. The Virgin’s Auction by Amelia Hart
***I know I missed about a million books with auctions in them! Let me know what books I missed! (Please note: Later in the month, I'm doing a separate post for books where the heroine gets sold in a non-auction situation)***
An excerpt from Commander's Slave:
The day of the auction had arrived.
The midday sun beat down on Betsy’s arms and breasts. Dizzy and drenched in sweat, she licked her dry lips and pressed a manacled hand to her empty stomach, too hungry and hot to care anymore about her nakedness. The weight of the iron bands dug into her wrists. Her head dropped and she swayed, but she was jostled into wakefulness as the line of condemned slaves ahead of her moved forward, all of them naked with their wrists bound. Tracking devices had been implanted in all the humans as they exited the Merrina, vanquishing her dreams of escape. She was the last in line and had stood in the sweltering heat for hours in the middle of the alien town. Her ears rang with the shouts of the crowd, the huge Kall men waving bags filled with rattling coins.
For a race so technologically advanced, they were quite primitive. Even on the battlefield, they preferred primitive methods. They used their technology to disable all human weapons—from guns to ground weapons to air defense—and then swooped down in their ships with swords drawn and axes swinging. She recalled a video she’d seen on the Internet from the first few minutes of their invasion, with American soldiers attempting to shoot at an advancing army of Kall only to discover their artillery wouldn’t fire. The Kall then hacked them to pieces with their primitive yet deadly weapons. It wasn’t long before world leaders, including her father, began discussing a surrender.
The line moved again and she stepped forward, staring at the back of the human man in front of her. About a dozen people remained ahead of her, waiting to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. She dared a glance at the crowd and shuddered when a large Kall with long black hair made a crude face at her, wagging his tongue in what could only be considered a sexual advance. Her eyes widened when he held up a money bag and pointed at her
Ice filled her veins as she stared at the awful man. She shook her head, trying to recover from her shock, trying not to feel disgust as his gaze moved over her naked flesh. She shot him a hateful look before returning her attention to the line.
A woman with long brown hair tangled in knots stepped up on the auction block, and the auctioneer danced and hollered on the podium as the bidding commenced. Two distinctive voices rose from the crowd, two Kall men caught in a bidding war that lasted several minutes. Betsy shut her eyes as another wave of nausea swept over her, and she held her breath and prayed she didn’t become ill. She’d need her strength.
The next four auctions passed quickly, all men. Her stomach lurched when the man in front of her wobbled up to the block, his hands shaking as he climbed the stone steps. Sweat trickled down his bony, bent back. The auctioneer pointed to the sickly man as foreign words tumbled from his mouth, until finally the crowd offered a handful of bids. The auction lasted less than a minute.
She watched wide-eyed as the crowd parted and the winning bidder appeared to grab his slave by the arm, leading him off to his new life.
She was next.
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  1. Fun topic. The creativity of this challenge is amazing.

  2. I agree. Excellent topic. I think Trish Green has a book that includes an auction. Rescued by the Spy.