Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Spotlight: Amelia by Stevie MacFarlane #spanking #romance

Please welcome Stevie MacFarlane! She's here today with an excerpt from her new release, Amelia.

“What are you going to do about getting your bride back?” Duncan asked, draining his glass.

“I plan to wait a few days and let the dust settle while I get to the bottom of this. Then I will present her with the evidence of my innocence. Hopefully, she will realize it’s all been a horrible mistake and come home with her loving husband,” he said, placing his hand on his chest and giving a small bow. Picking up his glass he drained it and slammed it down on the mantle.

“When we get home, I will teach her a very valuable lesson regarding marriage, commitment and trusting one’s husband.”

“And if she refuses?”

“Oh she can refuse at the top of her lungs; she’ll come home under her own steam or over my shoulder getting her ass swatted every step of the way. If it comes to that, I plan to take the long way home, right through the center of town.”

Duncan scoffed. “You’ll never get her out of the house that way. Not unless you plan to do battle with you mother.”

“I was hoping you would take care of that part,” Hugh said. “It’s time you stood up to her father, and you know in your heart I’m right. She’s taunted you for years; it’s almost like watching someone poking a sleeping bear. She flits here and there doing lord knows what. Now she’s tossed you out of your own damn home. Where does it end? Divorce?”

“Never,” Duncan roared. “I’ll no give her a divorce under any circumstances!”

“Then do something about her,” Sam sighed. “She’s out of control, has been for years. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for us, for any grandchildren we may give you. Hell, do it because you love her and it’s for her own good. She’s not getting any younger you know and neither are you. What are you waiting for? Isn’t nearly thirty years of her tantrums and spending frenzies enough? Think of the example she’s setting for Amelia, and if I ever get married, I certainly don’t want my wife behaving like that. How will I argue against it when my own father tolerates it?”

“Ach, it’s a sad day when a man has to take his hand to his wife,” Duncan sighed, his shoulders slumping. “I’ll think on it."


Fresh out of Mrs. Pettigrew's School for Young Ladies, Amelia Westcott and her two best friends are ready for adventure. Suddenly a life filled with social obligations and meaningless gossip seems unappealing. On a whim the girls investigate the phenomena of young women heading west to marry, and Amelia is captivated by the freedom such a decision offers.

Hugh Jordon needs a wife. The severe shortage of women in the Pacific Northwest makes advertising for a bride seems reasonable. As long as he finds a wife who is the exact opposite of his tempestuous mother, he’ll be well satisfied. Studying the applicants, he chooses one that seems to best fit his needs, and delegates his head clerk with the critical task of sending polite rejections to the others. Unfortunately, most of them never get the letter Hugh anticipated and soon the brides descend, all expecting to marry the same man!

Amelia is horrified, and realizes that the adage "marry in haste, repent at leisure" has never been more true. How could he do that to her? What sort of man was he, to propose to so many women? She simply must have their wedding annulled and return to Massachusetts at once.

Hugh has other ideas. In his opinion, the perfect place for his bride to learn about faith, loyalty and commitment is in his home and over his knee!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!
    Thanks Sue and Stevie!

  2. Hi Sue and Stevie

    Thanks for the excerpt - sounds like a fabulous read!