Saturday, June 13, 2015

O is for Outrunning an Alien Warship is Hard! #SpankA2Z #scifi #romance #kindleunlimited

Welcome to day 14 of the Spanking A to Z Challenge!

O is for Outrunning an Alien Warship is Hard!

In my new Sue Mercury release, Savage Alien, Mia tries desperately to outrun a Reestrian warship that is headed her way. Poor girl doesn't run fast enough though, and she ends up beamed aboard the ship and sees aliens (of the hunky variety) in person for the first time.


“Human female,” the tallest Reestrian boomed, his gaze one of stark interest. “What brings you to Rahatha?”

Her whole body broke into a tremble. She tried to answer his question, but fear stole her voice.

The other two males grunted and left the room. Tearing her eyes from the Reestrian still standing over her, she glanced around and saw nothing but gray walls illuminated in soft, yellow light. Beneath her was a black circular platform. The room contained no furniture or control panels that she could see, and she feared this room might be intended as a prison cell.

Her prison cell.

The Reestrian gripped her upper arms and hauled her to her feet. She cried out and tried to escape his grasp, but his strength surpassed hers and she soon ceased her squirming.

“I’m sorry I trespassed,” she finally said, her voice shaking as hard as her body.

Her captor leaned down and began sniffing her.

What the hell? Was he seriously smelling her? She swallowed hard and blinked rapidly as tears gathered in her eyes. She had never been more terrified in her life.

“You are unclaimed. That is good.”


She peered at him with wide eyes as she slowly grasped his meaning. Fantasizing about being carried off by a Reestrian male at the height of his mating urge was one thing, but to actually experience it? She felt dwarfed by his size, panicked by his intense gaze, and wished to God she had run faster.

His next words startled a gasp from her.

“My brother will find you pleasing.”


Mia is beamed aboard a Reestrian warship after venturing past a roadblock near Rahatha. She fears she’s in trouble for trespassing, but soon discovers her predicament is much worse. The captain has taken her as a mating gift for his younger brother, Sekor, a Warrior Reestrian who’s experiencing his mating urge and is in desperate need of a female.

Her fascination with the aliens fades under the cold reality of not being given a choice, and though she thinks her intended, Sekor, is rather charming, she still hopes to escape. Warrior Reestrians live by their own rules and are considered savages among their kind. But the thought of being claimed by the massive, hunky alien leaves her breathless with desire, and she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to become a Warrior Reestrian’s mate.

Sekor gladly takes ownership of the little human called Mia, but her rejection confounds him. Why doesn’t she wish to mate with a powerful Reestrian who will protect her, love her, and cherish her? Just when he thinks he’s finally wooed her, she vanishes from the ship. With his mating fever burning hotter by the hour, time is running out. Even if he finds her before The Madness claims him, will he succeed in convincing her she’s destined to become his mate?

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  1. I love the scifi spanking genre, lol. Great blurb!

    1. Thanks Julia, but my Sue Mercury titles don't have any spanking in them. Sorry! SM is my non-spanking alter ego. :) But I still plan to write spanking sci fi as Sue Lyndon. :)