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Who's Your Daddy ~ Lexie's Embarrassing Punishment #WhosYourDaddy #spanking #ageplay

June 20-28 we're sharing our love for Daddies! Be they sexy or stern, you'll want to meet these little girls' Daddies. From Daddy Doms to Age play it will all be represented with snippets from stories of littles being spoiled and spanked. Be sure to stop by each site. because there's a giveaway at every stop! And be sure to enter our Rafflecopter for a $40 Amazon gift card.

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For this hop, I've decided to share a very naughty snippet from Becoming Little Lexie:

“Turn around and come with me, Alexa. Let’s get the rest of your punishment over with.”

Liquid fear churned through her insides as she turned at his beckoning. The thin, whippy cane he used to correct her most serious offenses dangled from his hand. “But you said you weren’t going to spank me.” A sense of betrayal burned within her, and she glared at him pointedly to let him know exactly what she thought of his change of heart.

“You can wipe that disrespectful look off your face right now, little girl. I’m not going to spank you. I said I was going to punish your bottomhole, remember?

He wouldn’t. Not with the whippy cane. Where he’d gotten the thing, she wasn’t sure. It had appeared in his study one day after she’d tried to cover up a speeding ticket with a couple of little lies. A shudder coursed through her as she recalled what an awful sting it packed, as well as the dreadful whooshing noise it produced the moment before it connected with her flesh.

“Please, Daddy,” she said, her face heating as she stared at the terrible implement in his hand. “You can’t do that to my bottomhole. I th-thought you were going to use a plug.”

“You thought wrong. Now be a good girl and bend over on the bed.” He guided her into position with her palms on the bedspread. “I know it’ll be uncomfortable for you to reach back and hold your own bottom cheeks apart with your rib, so I will spread your cheeks apart for you. In the future, however, I will expect you to hold your cheeks apart during this type of punishment, just as I require you to do when I put a plug in your bottomhole.”

Despite her fear, the knowledge that this wasn’t a onetime occurrence gave her a little thrill. She swallowed hard and heat flooded her face, traveling down her chest to deepen the aching in her pussy. Her nipples were tight, painfully so, and her breath came in ragged puffs as she remained bent over.

“As you are about to find out, Lexie, little girls who fib are dealt with harshly.”

Lexie. Her head shot up. Had he really just called her Lexie? She glanced over her shoulder and met his eyes in question. “My name is Alexa, Daddy.”

He shook his head and placed a hand on her right bottom cheek, squeezing her mound as he held her gaze. “Alexa is too grownup. I think Lexie suits you much better, little girl. Now please turn around, unless you want to watch as I spread your cheeks apart.”

She immediately turned around, jumping in place as he splayed her bottom apart with one hand. Flushing, she tensed as he drew the tip of the cane over her private hole. He’d plugged her bottom before, and he’d even spanked her pussy lips during a punishment, but he’d never punished her in such an embarrassing manner as this. She trembled and closed her eyes, wondering how many times he’d bring the cane down on her delicate flesh.

“I’m going to turn your little pucker an even deeper shade of pink than it already is, Lexie. Twenty quick, light strokes of the cane should do it.”

“Daddy, that’s too much!”

“Light strokes, Lexie. Not full strokes like I’ve administered to your bottom cheeks in the past. Now be good and hold still. We’re going to begin with the first set of five.”

Though she knew it was coming, the first whack of the cane against her tight hole left her gasping. Before she could recover from the surprise, William brought it down four more times in quick succession.

“How are you doing, Lexie? Are you in any pain? Aside from your bottomhole, I mean,” he said with a smirk in his voice.

“I’m okay, Daddy,” she said, touched that he was pausing to inquire about her rib.

“Good.” He tapped at her sore entrance a few times, and she flushed again, knowing he was doing it simply to see her hole clench and unclench with each touch. He did the same thing each time he prepared her for a butt plug. “Next set of five,” he announced.

Five strokes, light but still packing enough sting to draw more gasps from her, landed directly over her bottomhole. He repeated the process twice more, inquiring about her pain levels before tapping on her sore entrance and then delivering another set of five strokes of the cane. By the time he finished, the shame produced by this unusual punishment combined with the soreness in such a private place had her on the verge of tears. She sniffled and stood slowly with his assistance.

“Your punishment is over, Lexie,” he said, warmth lighting his eyes as he stared down at her. He tossed the cane on the bed and gathered her close, petting her hair as he held her against his chest.

Alexa breathed in his scent, marveling at how little she felt each time he called her Lexie. She liked it. She’d never had a nickname before as her parents and friends had always called her Alexa. Not only did it make her feel little, but it felt like an endearment too, and her heart swelled as she peeked up at him.

“I’m really sorry I lied to you, Daddy.”

“I know, little girl, and you are forgiven. Daddy still loves you very much.”

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  1. I would like a all around daddy that would take care of me in every way.

  2. I think love is the most important trait

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  3. Consistency, it keeps things in order. You know the rules and the consequence of breaking the rules.

  4. Love, compassion, consistency, strength, nurturer.... I think that sums it up

  5. Oh my goodness, so HOT! And this is my one of my favorite covers. Thanks for participating in the hop.