Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Two Free Books and a New Release! #kindlefree #scifi #romance

To celebrate my birthday, I have two freebies on Amazon this week, and I also have a new Sue Mercury release!

Big Blue Valentine is free through tomorrow, 7/23:

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Boss Alien is also free through tomorrow, 7/23:

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New release - The first book in a brand new sci-fi romance series!

Alien's Innocent Bride (Mail Order Human, Book 1)


Desperate to escape war-torn Earth, Tara submits an application to Mail Order Human, a company that specializes in matching young women with alien males from distant planets. She’s excited when her application is accepted, but as she boards the Starship Matchmaker, reality sets in and she can’t help but worry. She’ll never see her home planet again, and there’s no guarantee her new alien mate will treat her kindly.

Not long after she’s dropped in the wilderness of a strange world, a huge beast of a man chases her down, claiming he’s her mate and she belongs to him. He actually thinks he owns her after paying Mail Order Human’s exorbitant fee for an otherworldly bride. Oh, like hell! One way or another, she’ll escape the big, muscular alien.

The chase is a tradition in Sev’s culture, and he’s angered to discover Mail Order Human didn’t educate Tara about his people. After a series of mishaps, the spirited human softens and he thinks he’s won her over, and though the animal in him hungers to take her roughly, he’s gentle and patient with her during her first time. But the next morning, he awakens to discover she’s run away, and he senses her distress in the forest below. Though her rejection stings, he bounds into the forest, determined to save her. Will he manage to win her heart once and for all? Or will the stubborn human still insist on returning to her home planet?

***99 cents or FREE w/ Kindle Unlimited!***


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