Sunday, October 11, 2015

New release! ALIEN'S PRINCESS BRIDE #scifi #romance #KindleUnlimited

I'm excited to share that I have a new book out under my Sue Mercury pen name! Alien's Princess Bride just hit Amazon. It's the second book in the Mail Order Human series, and it's just 99 cents or FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Be sure to check out the excerpt below for a glimpse at one of the naughtier scenes in the book...


A princess on the run. A hunky alien in need of a wife.

Fearing for her life, Elizabeth signs up for Mail Order Human and hopes for the best. It frightens her that marriage to a stranger--an alien!--on a faraway planet is her only option for survival, but she can't stay hidden in the English countryside forever. She arrives on the planet Sepkar, beyond nervous about meeting her new mate. He's a fierce looking alien, after all, and a huge one at that.

Zarr is drawn to Elizabeth at first glance and hopes they can build a happy life together. But it isn't long before their cultural differences cause a rift between them. It's never a good sign when your new bride screams the moment you take off your pants on your wedding night. There's also the problem of marking her as his and hoping she doesn't hate him for it. Wooing his human bride just might be the most difficult thing he's ever done, even more so once it becomes apparent someone on Sepkar is trying to harm her. Can he keep her safe and earn her trust at the same time?


“Don’t be afraid, Elizabeth.”

Zarr really should have warned her. He had done enough research to know the area between his legs didn’t look much like a human man’s. Somehow he’d hoped she wouldn’t glance at his manhood. Sepkarian females were submissive in bed, even shy, and usually didn’t look directly at their mate’s appendages.

Elizabeth peered at him now with wide, frightened eyes. She was huddled in a corner of the room, holding up a hand to ward him off.

“Elizabeth, come back to bed,” he said more firmly. Didn’t she realize he wouldn’t harm her? Didn’t she realize he intended to give her pleasure? He wasn’t selfish in bed, and though it had been ages since he’d had intercourse in a Sepkarian pleasure house on the other side of the planet, he was certain he remembered how to please a female.

He wanted to caress and kiss Elizabeth until she moaned and grew wet, until she parted her legs willingly and begged him to enter her.

“I will not come back to bed.” She pointed at his center. “You-you have two things between your legs!”

He glanced down at himself, then looked back at his nervous bride. “I suppose I do.” He gestured for her to take his hand. “Come here.”

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