Friday, November 13, 2015

Book Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Dawn by Lee Savino #kindleunlimited #spanking #romance

Please give Lee Savino a warm welcome to my blog today! She's here to talk about the first book in her Rocky Mountain Bride Series, Rocky Mountain Dawn, which is available on Amazon for only 99 cents or FREE for Kindle Unlimited members.

Here's the scoop on the book:

The first in the Rocky Mountain Bride Series, Rocky Mountain Dawn follows the tale of a feisty blonde, Esther, and the tall, dark and handsome Johnathan Shepherd, a doctor who is looking to marry before he heads West.

Their story is loosely based on the real life account of Mary Richardson and Elkanah Walker. In 1837, both Mary and Elkanah wrote separately to the American Mission Board, offering to serve as missionaries. The Board wrote back to Elkanah: "You ought…to have a good, healthy, patient, well-informed, devotedly pious wife. There is a Mary Richardson of Baldwin, Maine, who has offered herself to the Board, but we cannot send her single…If you have nobody in view, you might inquire about her."

For the real life Walkers, it wasn't love at first sight, but we know from her journals how much Mary came to love her husband, through the long journey West and over forty years of marriage. Though my own version is very different and only borrows a few details from the true account, I like to think Esther and Johnathan pay homage to all the brave couples who met and married, and adventured West. 


Esther Richardson longs to live a life of meaning, and settling for a hometown suitor simply won't do. Instead, she writes to the American Mission Board requesting a post in the West. A single woman of twenty-three, she's shocked when a tall stranger arrives at her door. Sent by the Board, Johnathan Shepherd needs a wife to take West, and he's here to see if Esther will fit the bill. 

Will her new, firm husband and the hard journey West break Esther's spirit, or give her the adventure she's always wanted?

Hot and steamy excerpt:

"You will never," Johnathan's hand crashed down, punctuating his words, "ever, ever put your life in danger so again."

"Yes, sir," she whimpered, squirming. She'd worn her silky drawers this morning, in hopes to stir his blood. Now, feeling his anger through his punishing hand, she wondered if she'd pushed him too far.

A minute passed and his hand didn't let up. Bottom aching, she felt a growing pressure inside her, something she'd kept bottled up far too long. She shifted forward, spreading her legs, and her drawers fell open. He smacked between her legs and she cried out, widening her knees.

Above her, Johnathan drew in a harsh breath and stopped the spanking. His hand rested on her backside and squeezed. She moaned, but the sound heralded more pleasure than pain. Then Johnathan shifted and she came to her knees, staring up at him with a dazed expression.

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Rocky Mountain Bride, book two in the Rocky Mountain Brides series just released and is available here:

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