Tuesday, November 17, 2015

HIS TO EDUCATE ~ Free on Amazon!!! #spanking #erotic #romance #newrelease

This week is my four year anniversary as a published author! I sold my first story (a sci-fi short story with no sex or spanking...gasp!) to a magazine back in January of 2011, but my first Sue Lyndon book hit Amazon and other ebook retailers in November of 2011.

To celebrate my 'naughty' author-versary, I'm releasing a medieval fantasy short story called His to Educate. It's FREE today, November 18th through Sunday, November 22nd. I hope you'll grab your free copy! :)


His to Educate is a short story of approximately 7,000 words.

When Lord Weston catches Rosalyn sneaking about the castle library, she fears she'll be punished for breaking the rules. But the master of the castle admires her desire to learn and orders her to meet with him each night for a private tutoring session. She gladly obeys and excels under his guidance, and his desire to teach her more than how to read soon becomes apparent.

During a banquet several weeks later, Lord Weston is stunned when his prized pupil insults the visiting king. He orders Rosalyn to wait for him in the library, intending to mete out her punishment himself. As he prepares to redden her bare bottom, he realizes his interest in her has surpassed that of lord and servant, or teacher and pupil. Lord Weston yearns to claim Rosalyn long and hard, then carry her to his chambers and hold her close all night. But can a lowborn servant girl have a future with the lord of a castle?


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