Friday, November 20, 2015

My first experience with Draft 2 Digital #indie #publishing

After a long stint in Kindle Unlimited, I've decided to do a wide release for Big Blue Valentine. I've been wanting to try out Draft 2 Digital to distribute to B&N, iTunes, and Kobo, so I used Big Blue Valentine as my test book. I was surprised by how easy and fast D2D was. It was nice to only have to upload a Word file onto their site and have them do all the rest. They convert your Word file into all the book formats you need, which you can then preview. All my conversions turned out perfect. Big Blue Valentine appeared on Kobo within hours, iTunes the next day, and B&N two days later.

In addition to Kobo, iTunes, and B&N, D2D also publishes to Oyster, Page Foundry, Scribd, and Tolino. My book wasn't accepted on Oyster since they don't publish erotic books, but Big Blue Valentine published quickly on Page Foundry and Tolino. Still waiting on Scribd though, four days after hitting publish. Now, I'll admit I don't know much about these additional sites, and I have no idea if I'll sell many books through them, but it'll be interesting to watch.

D2D takes 15% off the top of your royalties, so you have to decide if you're willing to part with that money. One of things I really like about D2D is that you can do preorders without uploading your final book right away.

Also, keep in mind to publish directly to iTunes (iBooks) you need to use a program called iProducer that can only be installed on a Mac, so if you don't have a Mac you could just use D2D to publish on iTunes and opt out of all the other venues.

I'm not sure if I'd use D2D every time I do a wide release, since I've uploaded directly to B&N, Kobo, and iTunes before and I already have publisher accounts set up with all three, but if I'm in a time crunch I might, and I would certainly recommend it to indie authors who don't want to go through the hassle of setting up publisher accounts on that many sites.

Big Blue Valentine Links:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
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Barnes and Noble
Page Foundry (Inktera)


  1. I've used them for all my self pub releases after I've published to Amazon and I'm very satisfied with the result. Another thing is the sales data you can track daily.

    1. Do you know if there a lag time on tracking sales data? Or is it really accurate for day-to-day sales tracking?

  2. I am getting ready to pull two of mine from KDP too. I used Smashwords for mass distribution last time and will again. I paid to have it specially formatted for Smashwords before uploading but no additional royalty. It's a trade off.

  3. D2D is very easy and user friendly. I don't use them for BN, because BN is very easy too and D2D does take 15%. But for the other sites, I highly recommend them.

  4. I LOVE D2D. They're easy and their customer service is great. I have to say with formatting though, I still have my books formatted beforehand because if I write in first person, I have the name of the speaker under the chapter heading and the formatting gets wonky then. Also BN can't handle an American living overseas! SMH. It's 2015, I can't be the only American author living overseas. Anyhow, I love them! Glad your experience was good.

  5. Thank you, Sue! I'm pulling my first self-pub out of KDP in early Jan. So, this was a great read for me. :)