Friday, November 6, 2015

"This is one of your wifely duties" #SatSpanks #spanking #romance

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Today I'm sharing a snippet from His by Law, my story that is included in Unwrapped: Three Holiday Novellas, which releases on Tuesday, November 10th. Unwrapped also features stories by Vanessa Vale and Ava Sinclair. I'm so excited about this release and can't wait until Tuesday!

Excerpt from His by Law (Unwrapped: Three Holiday Novellas)

He threaded his fingers through hers and squeezed. “You belong to me now, Lucia, and I intend for us to consummate this marriage at once. Keep protesting and you’ll find yourself bottom up over my knee. Do you want another spanking?”

She paled and shook her head. “No-no, sir.”

He smiled at her encouragingly and sank down next to her, his hands at once going to the top button on her gown. “I want you to be my good girl, Lucia, and do as I say. You’re my wife now, and this is one of your wifely duties.”

Unwrapped blurb:

Put some sizzle in your holiday season with these erotic novellas penned by three of the best-selling authors in the genre.

In Sue Lyndon’s His by Law, Lucia, a homeless trespasser, finds herself on the wrong side when she enters the home of a wealthy stranger. But she finds more heat than she bargains for when she encounters handsome, dominant Jackson McNabe.
Jackson sees potential in the beautiful waif, for he’s in need of a wife. But what seems like a fairy tale for Lucia comes at a price, for Jackson demands obedience and plans to enforce it with spanking. Will the two find love? Or will a sinister plot tear them apart before their holiday marriage can take place?

In Ava Sinclair’s The Christmas Fig: A Tale of Victorian Correction, pretty Millicent Hargrove, finds it hard to wait to find out the contents of her gifts. But her husband Edward, while indulgent, is also firm and warns her not to peek. When she disobeys, Edward decides that her disobedience warrants more than just her usual spanking; he plans to introduce her to the practice of “figging.” Such a punishment is sure to gain her obedience. But can Millicent forgive herself for selfishly violating her husband’s trust and ruining his special surprise?

In Vanessa Vale’s Mistletoe Marriage, Julia Belmont dreams of being married, but she never thought it would take place in a jail to the man she hates. But being forced to the altar through trickery doesn’t diminish her feelings for the man who truly has her heart. When Garrett Rivers discovers the woman he loves has married a dangerous criminal, he is determined to save her. But can he heal Julia’s heart and awaken her deepest passion now that they’re back together? Mistletoe Marriage is a story of Christmas miracles, and Christmas hope.

Coming Tuesday!!!

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  1. Love the premise of all three novellas, Sue. A definite holiday purchase.

  2. Looks like November is a great month for books - I'm looking forward to this one.

  3. Oooh! All three sound great! Can't wait Sue. :)

  4. oo, Merry Christmas to us! I love holiday stories. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great snippet, Sue, and I love that cover!