Saturday, December 5, 2015

A peek at Claiming His Human Wife #SatSpanks #fantasy #romance

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I'm so excited because Claiming His Human Wife releases tomorrow, and today I'm sharing a snippet from the story.

EDIT: Claiming His Human Wife just went live on Amazon!


Rhiannon shivered in Edwin’s grasp. They were but strangers. Surely he would not be so familiar with her as to mete out physical discipline.

“Please.” She trembled. “I don’t even know you.”

For the first time since he’d emerged from the shadows, Edwin’s eyes gleamed with a hint of compassion. Hope flickered inside her chest. Maybe he would let her off with a warning.

“We will know each other soon enough, but I’m afraid I cannot even be persuaded to take it easy on you this first time,” Edwin said, still with that glimmer of warmth in his eyes. “You will treat me with respect, or you will suffer the consequences under my hand.”


Rhiannon fears the rest of her days will be a struggle for survival on the Cold Top. But on her first night on the isolated mountain, Edwin, the immortal Crigon who’s been hunting her, arrives to claim her as his wife. Young and innocent Rhiannon has no choice but to submit to the desires of her dominant Crigon husband, and she soon finds herself blushing at the prospect of being claimed hard by the tall, dark, and handsome immortal who spanks her as often as he makes love to her.

Edwin the Crigon expects his little human wife to obey his rules, and he doesn’t hesitate to redden her bare bottom when she ventures outside into the dangerous Cold Top or gives him attitude. Embarrassing, intimate punishments also await her when she’s been especially naughty. They cannot remain on the mountain forever though, and he must get her to conceive a child before they may enter the immortal world of Stellia once again. But they're being hunted by an evil shapeshifter, and spirits are warning of an even worse foe up ahead. Can he get his mortal wife home safe? Or is he doomed to fail?

Note: Claiming His Human Wife was previously published under the title Karyn and the Crigon. Scenes have been added and the book has been re-edited for re-release.


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  1. yum! I love how he is commanding and compassionate at the same time!
    and that last line already gave me wonderful goosebumps

  2. He sounds kind and caring, but very firm!

  3. Fantastic snippet, Sue, and congrats on the new release!