Thursday, December 17, 2015

Book Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Rose by Lee Savino #spanking #romance

Lee Savino is stopping by today with a peek at her hot new release, Rocky Mountain Rose!


Ever since she was a young girl, Rose longed for a handsome prince to come and rescue her from her life as a saloon girl. By the time Lyle Wilder shows up, Rose has grown into a breathtaking but jaded beauty who’s vowed never to fall in love. When an evil man sets his designs on Rose, it’s up to Lyle to rescue her. He saves her life, and carries her, kicking and screaming, to safety. Despite her fiery temper, he vows to protect her, even if it means disciplining her to keep her by his side and spanking her bottom when she breaks the rules he’s set to keep her alive.

Will Rose let her heart thaw enough to trust him? And can Lyle convince this wild rose that he’s the hero she’s been waiting for all along? 

Set in the 1860s Wild West, the Rocky Mountain Bride Series follows the lives of mail order brides and the strong frontier men who take them in hand. Rocky Mountain Rose is mostly stand alone and contains domestic discipline sessions including otk spankings administered with hand and other implements, including a slipper and a strop.


He smoothed her hair, then covered her with a blanket. She felt his warm breath on her temple a second before he pressed his lips to her skin a second time. The kiss was confusing, so she stayed in a ball and shut her eyes, trying not to think about it. Every time Lyle touched her, whether to comfort or discipline, her body responded, a slave to its master. She was determined to fight it, but her flesh betrayed her.

“I’m not going to let anything happen to you, Rose. I mean it. Misbehave and I’ll blister your bottom, but I’ll never truly hurt you.” His fingers touched her hair, then lifted a few fiery strands to clench in his fist. “And no one else is gonna touch you. I swear it.”

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