Sunday, January 3, 2016

Coming to Terms ~ #FREE with #KindleUnlimited #erotic #romance

Hey, everyone! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and Happy New Year!

I should have blogged about this earlier, but I'm a tad behind in everything right now due to all the holiday madness--Coming to Terms has been re-released with a new look and is FREE to borrow for Kindle Unlimited members! Coming to Terms features seven domestic discipline stories by seven authors, including my story, Confession Time.


Seven couples facing issues in their domestic discipline relationships have high hopes for their vacations. But will time away bring them closer…or will it drive them farther apart? Seven stories by seven authors. 

Spank and Run by Renee Rose: One drool-worthy mayor, a hairbrush, and a chance to find out if he's up for keeping her in line... 

This Moment by Alta Hensley: Lacking passion in her marriage, is a vacation and a session over her husband’s knee just what this wife needs? 
Reconnecting by Celeste Jones: Too much time online leads to an off the grid vacation...Disconnecting leads to Reconnecting.  
Wife on the Lam by Cara Bristol: Miffed at her husband for "forgetting" their anniversary, a wife discovers she can run, but she can't hide. 
Confession Time by Sue Lyndon:  Family drama threatens to ruin James and Lucy’s summer when her sister learns of their DD lifestyle. 
Days With You by Jade Cary: As Diana Rios (from The Point of it All) prepares for the holidays in Chile, she reflects on her life with Val, and sees him in her dreams. Are they dreams, or is Val still alive? 
Tomorrow by Anastasia Vitsky: Picking up the pieces after an unexpected separation, thirty-something Kat Astra tries to make sense of a relationship gone wrong.


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