Thursday, January 14, 2016

#HEROWARS ~ Battle of the Box Sets ~ Tonight 4-6 CST #erotic #romance #readers

Tonight in the After Dark Reading Facebook group, we're having a Battle of the Box Sets! To participate, just show up (try to join the FB group a little bit ahead of time if you aren't already a member) and be ready to have fun! :) We'll be sharing quotes from the heroes from Bound, Spanked and Loved and from For the First Time.

The showdown takes place from 4-6pm CST / 5-7pm EST.

If you haven't already checked out these two fabulous box sets, For the First Time released on Tuesday and it's only 99 CENTS, and Bound, Spanked and Loved is available on preorder for just 99 CENTS. I just did the math and that's almost 40 new book boyfriends for less than 2 bucks, wow!

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