Thursday, February 18, 2016

Omigosh!! Bound, Spanked & Loved hit the USA TODAY bestseller list! #Loved2016

Big news! I'm so excited to share that Bound, Spanked & Loved has hit the USA TODAY bestseller list!

A big thank you to all the readers and friends who helped support this box set! I'm extremely grateful to all those who bought a copy, left reviews, and shared our book. :)

Congrats to my fabulous co-authors Sierra Cartwright, Annabel Joseph, Cari Silverwood, Natasha Knight, Emily Tilton, Renee Rose, Cara Bristol, Alta Hensley, Kallista Dane, Trent Evans, Korey Mae Johnson, Katherine Deane, and Ashe Barker! I love you guys!!

Bound, Spanked & Loved is only available until March 9th: