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French Kiss (Decadence Nights) by Maddie Taylor #newrelease #bdsm #romance

Please welcome Maddie Taylor! She's here to share the details (and a naughty excerpt!!) of her hot new release, French Kiss, the latest book in her Decadence Nights series.


Thanks so much for having me on as a guest today, Sue.  I’ve brought along French Kiss, my newest in my Decadence Nights series.  It’s packed with all the action, intrigue, suspense, hot doms, sassy subs and BDSM club action you’d expect from my bestselling original series, Club Decadence so I know your readers are going to love it.

Since your blog is the last stop on my mini-blog tour, I poured through the pages to find something particularly naughty in order to wrap things up with a big sexy bang.  :)


In this scene, Mari agrees to go upstairs to a theme room for the first time, having only played in the main club room since joining almost a year ago.  Usually she chooses easy doms who she can trust not to test her limits, which are many.  She quickly finds Master Arturo is none of those things and is in fact dangerous, to her peace of mind and especially her carefully guarded heart.

My naughty excerpt:

Pinched, restrained, bent double and halfway suspended, even then he wasn’t done, bringing more of the mini suspension system overhead into play. Pulling down two straps, he
deftly clipped the hooks onto the O-rings on the end of each barrel. He then reached up and the straps slowly tightened as if by a winch of some kind, pulling her breasts up by the nipples, not stopping until they tingled and ached. With the brush of his hand, he encircled the base of each elongated breast and squeezed, jiggling them enough to make her moan.

He murmured, “Almost done and then we’ll play.”

Already contorted and tethered, clamped and restrained, there were body parts yet untouched, and with his wicked bent and boundless imagination, she doubted that oversight would continue for long.

“You are a sadist in truth, sir,” she breathed.

“Mais bien sur, I wouldn’t lie about such a thing.” As he tapped on one of the straps, further tormenting her nipples, the golden flecks in his green eyes seemed to glow like the hot
flames of a fire as they shifted to hers. “And no matter your denials, you crave what I can give you.”

Dropping her eyes, she didn’t confirm or deny his assertion. Nor did she look up when the bed shifted again. That changed with the sudden thwap of leather on her inner thighs, first
one then the other, followed by a sharper slap of what felt like a dozen searing tongues on her mound. Next, it licked at the underside of her breasts, evenly matched blows in quick succession causing her upper body to sway again in the restraints. Her lashes flew up and she sought the source of the delicious torment.

Between her spread knees, Arturo knelt on the mattress calmly swinging a mini-flogger. He tipped his head to the side, watching as he repeated the pattern—thigh, thigh, pussy, breast,
breast—but harder. The sequence then repeated in reverse, before moving up her body again, adding a few licks over her belly on the way to stroke over her breasts and nipples again. She
would have arched into the pain, if she weren’t in that position already.

As the lash moved back down her body, over her stomach and to the apex of her thighs she quivered in anticipation, moaning when he changed the angle and drew the flails in an upward fashion in a long glide along her slit. It turned into a guttural cry when his hand rotated and he applied a series of stinging whacks right across her fleshy lips, the thongs connecting with her protruding clit every time.

Liquid flooded her pussy and she knew much more of this would make her come, and she needed that, badly.

“Sir,” she implored raggedly, “please, may I come?”

He grunted. “A very pretty request, but it would carry much more affect if your begging included something stronger from your sweet lips. Henceforth, no more sirs while we play, you
will call me master, instead. C’est compris?”

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The Blurb:

At thirty-eight, Marilee Hoffman finds herself a widow with an empty nest and an empty heart. She is lost, floating aimlessly through life as her family and friends, even the boutique that bears her name, move on without her. After losing her husband and master of eighteen years, Mari has vowed never to open her heart to the pain of that kind of loss again. But she is still young and has needs that only a dominant can fulfill. She searches for what she craves at a distant BDSM club, but as her limits are tested, she refuses to submit fully and leaves unsatisfied time and again, suppressing the submissive and the inner masochist that she truly is.

MI6 Agent, Arturo Durand, is assigned to stop the leak of weapons technology that is being turned on his fellow agents with lethal force. His mission leads him to south Texas, where he calls upon Tony Rossi, an old friend and colleague, and his security team for assistance. The sadist in him is pleasantly surprised to receive a guest membership at Club Decadence, the BDSM club that Tony and his partners run. Arturo finds it is the perfect place to unwind and fulfill his needs while the investigation drags on.

One night, when Mari's easy, non-threatening dom is called away, she is paired with Master Arturo for a scene. Having seen him wield his whip masterfully, she knows on sight, he is dangerous to her vow to keep her heart uninvolved. There is an instant spark and as the weeks go on, Arturo breaks through the barriers Mari has erected around her wounded heart. When new leads in the investigation implicate a terrorist group and Mari's dead husband, Arturo is also shocked to find that his new submissive has become his prime suspect. Can he fulfill his commitment to the crown while protecting Mari and proving her innocence? And when his identity is revealed and she is hurt, thinking he has played her from the beginning, can he convince her that she was more than just a mission and somehow keep her as his own?

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