Friday, September 16, 2016

NEW RELEASE! ~ Alien's Orphan Bride #scifi #romance #FREE w/ #KindleUnlimited

Hey guys! I have a new release out this week in my Mail Order Human sci-fi romance series called Alien's Orphan Bride. It's just 99 cents or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


All Hailey ever wanted was a place to belong. After growing up in

an orphanage and learning firsthand how hopeless survival on Earth has become, she signs up for Mail Order Human. An alien husband on a faraway planet is her best bet at finding the happily ever after she’s dreamed of since she was a little girl. But her heart is broken when her new husband gives her a cold reception and confines her to his property. She tries to uncover the demons haunting the huge Marrlxian so she can better understand his coldness, but he keeps his heart closely guarded and only tightens his leash on her. Will he ever bare his tattered soul to her? Or will he cast her aside after she gives him the heir he so desperately needs?

After his first mate ran away with her lover, Cav doesn’t trust females of any race. But he needs an heir, so he arranges to receive a young human woman from Mail Order Human. He’s heard humans are more easily controlled than the females of his own kind, and he thinks if his new mate fears him, she won’t dare make a fool of him like his first mate did. But Hailey isn’t easily cowed into submission, and he soon learns human females can prove as stubborn and proud as a seasoned Marrlxian warrior. Can he learn to stop living in the past before he drives Hailey away completely?


He sat her suitcase beside the bed.

“Um, where do you sleep, Cav?” An adorable blush stained her cheeks.

“My room is at the end of the hallway.” He moved to her and toyed with her auburn braid, unable to resist touching her. His cock hardened at the prospect of claiming her tonight. He would take her long and hard, leaving no doubt in her mind to whom she belonged.

He cleared his throat, released her braid, and took a step back. “Though this is your bedroom, there will be many nights when you will be required to sleep in mine.”

Her blush deepened. “Tonight?”

“Yes, tonight.”

He wanted to tear that dress off her and toss her down on the bed, then spread her legs and sink into her feminine sweetness at this very moment. But ficka, he had to suffer through the formality of the mating ceremony first. To take a female before the ceremony wasn’t honorable. Only the lower classes engaged in such sinful pursuits.

Beneath her thin dress, her nipples hardened to stiff peaks, as if to taunt him and the morals he struggled to cling to. She fidgeted in place as she held his gaze, and when he detected the sweet, feminine scent of her arousal, he couldn’t prevent the growl that rumbled from his throat.

Her eyes widened and she moved around the bed, staring at him in alarm.

He supposed human males didn’t growl. Or if they did, it didn’t mean anything good. He didn’t apologize for frightening her though. If she was partly afraid of him, or thought him unpredictable, she wouldn’t dare try to escape him. Not like Lishana.

But don’t you want her to care for you? a traitorous voice whispered in the back of his mind.

He clenched his jaw and growled again, this time prompting a gasp from Hailey. Her hands trembled at her sides and her chest rose and fell rapidly.

“The mating ceremony will take place at sunset. You must get yourself ready.”

“Um, okay. I’ll be sure to change into another dress,” she said, glancing at the nearest armoire.

“I will return for you soon.” He departed the room, but not before he envisioned her slipping off her dress and standing naked while she selected something new to wear. Despite being thinner than he thought a healthy female should be, she had wide hips and an ample butt he couldn’t wait to get his hands on. Perhaps the first time he claimed her, he would bend her over the bed and pound into her from behind.

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