Tuesday, November 29, 2016

HIS SWEET AMBER is now only #99CENTS! #historical #spanking #romance #western

In celebration of the FINAL book in the Red Petticoat series releasing today (Gabe's Golden Girl by Maggie Ryan), the first five books in the series have been discounted to 99 cents, and some of the later books in this series are only $2.99. If you're missing a Red Petticoat book from your collection, now's the time to grab it!

My book in this series, His Sweet Amber, is currently on sale for just 99 cents on Amazon. I'm not sure how long this sale will last, so you might want to snag this deal before it goes away. :)

His Sweet Amber Buy Links:

About The Red Petticoat series:

The Red Petticoat Saloon series is a collection of books written by #1 and USA Today bestselling authors. Each book tells the unique story of a different woman, 'a gem', who comes to the saloon to find a safe haven and discovers they become part of a family. Recurring characters appear in each book to allow readers a continuity as they learn about the women who have learned to bend but have not broken under the harshness that life has to offer. It is a series where strong, loving men find not only entertainment at the saloon but the special women who reside under its roof.

*Click here for a listing of all Red Petticoat books on Amazon ~ many on sale!*

Friday, November 25, 2016

New release! ~ HIS LOVING GUIDANCE #spanking #erotic #romance #kindleunlimited

Today is release day for His Loving Guidancea collection of naughty contemporary domestic discipline stories! It's just $2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


Some husbands spank.

His Loving Guidance features three smoking hot domestic discipline stories from USA Today bestselling author Sue Lyndon:

Confession Time

A stay-cation at their lakeside home seems like the perfect way to start summer for Lucy and James - until an unexpected houseguest arrives, spoiling their plans to explore maintenance spanking and other aspects of their budding domestic discipline relationship. Determined to make the most of summer with his wife, James surprises Lucy with a last minute cabin retreat high in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But when Lucy's sister finds out about their DD relationship, she overreacts and assumes the worst of James. Lucy's attempt to smooth the situation over blows up in her face when James discovers her missing. Will hurt feelings, embarrassing confessions, and family drama ruin their summer? Or will James and Lucy find their way through the darkness and back to one another's arms?

Belonging to Ben

Newlyweds Gina and Ben have never had a big disagreement before…until a childhood friend of Gina’s with a penchant for partying and bar hopping returns to town. Ben tries to reason with his wife, insisting that she’s harming their marriage by constantly staying out late, and also putting herself in danger by hanging out in seedy locales. When she shuts him out and becomes increasingly rebellious, he decides enough is enough. It’s time to take his errant wife in hand. But how will Gina react when he turns her over his knee for a hard spanking on her bare bottom?

A Time to Heal

Stephie’s cancer went into remission a year ago, but her husband, Marcus, still treats her like she’s breakable. They resume practicing domestic discipline, but Marcus has a hard time following through with punishments, leaving Stephie frustrated that it’s not the same as before her illness. Can they move past the fears that have built up between them to reclaim the intimacy they lost?

Publisher’s Note: Belonging to Ben is a brand new story, while Confession Time and A Time to Heal were previously published in the domestic discipline anthologies Coming to Terms and Milestones.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

FREE on Amazon ~ Sold into Marriage #freebook #historical #fantasy #spanking #romance

In case you missed my last few blog posts, I've been giving away a new free book each day during this long four day voting weekend. 

Saturday's free book was Alien's Princess BrideSunday's free book was Marriage of Convenience, and yesterday's free book was Step AlienAll are still free at the moment, so be sure to grab your copies now!

**Today's free book is Sold into Marriage, a historical fantasy spanking romance novella, and it's FREE today - Saturday.**


When Meadow’s guardian can’t afford his taxes, the foul tempered
man instead offers her into the service of the crown—as a slave. But the commander of a passing troop intervenes and pays a bride price for Meadow, and within a few hours she finds herself married to the stern, intimidating man known as Commander Varron. Her new husband proves to be dominant but caring, and her heart eventually softens to the handsome stranger who bought her. But is there any hope of him loving her in return?

Commander Varron wanted Meadow from the moment he looked into her pretty blue eyes, but he expects his new wife’s obedience and doesn’t hesitate to turn her over his knee and redden her bottom when she’s been naughty. The little lass has a tendency to lose her temper, and he sets out to tame her with firm but loving scoldings, spankings, and even more intimate punishments that leave her blushing yet aching for his touch. But their happiness may be short-lived. As they travel to Varron’s homeland, an unexpected danger arises on the high seas, threatening their future together. Are they doomed to remain forever apart, or will Varron finally be reunited with the sweet lass who has stolen his heart?

Download Sold into Marriage FREE on Amazon:

Monday, November 7, 2016

FREE on Amazon ~ Step Alien #scifi #romance #freebook

If you missed my last two posts, I'm giving away a free book each day during this long four day weekend, over on Amazon. 

Saturday's free book was Alien's Princess Bride and yesterday's free book was Marriage of Convenience. Both are still free at the moment, so be sure to grab your copies now!

**Today's FREE book is Step Alien, a sci-fi alien romance, and it'll be free for the next five days.**


Kira is shocked when Alex shows up on her doorstep after he’s been missing for six years. She’s thankful her stepbrother is alive, but with his arrival her entire life changes in a matter of hours. Alex confesses he isn’t exactly human, he’s part of a royal alien family, and he’s spent his missing years on his home world completing his final growth cycles and learning about his people.

At over seven feet tall and with muscles like a gladiator, Prince Alex looks like a deadly weapon. But she soon realizes he’s still the same Alex she’s always secretly loved, and when he confesses his feelings for her it seems too good to be true. Then his royal highness drops the ultimate bombshell: his Reestrian mating urge is almost upon him and it’s her he aches to claim, but they must leave for Reestria soon.

Problems arise when the American president announces the existence of Alex’s species months before schedule, and in the mass panic all Reestrians must evacuate Earth until humans calm the freak down. Alex arrives on his home world with Kira, and it’s all he can do to keep from ripping her clothes off before they reach the privacy of his chambers. But then she goes missing. With the full force of his mating urge upon him, all will be lost if he doesn’t find Kira soon and claim the feisty little human as his.

Download Step Alien FREE on Amazon:

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One last freebie is coming tomorrow...stay tuned! ;)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

FREE on Amazon ~ Marriage of Convenience #spanking #erotic #romance #freebook

If you missed yesterday's post, I'm giving away a new free book each day during this long four day weekend. Yesterday's free book was Alien's Princess Bride, and it's still free on Amazon today in case you missed grabbing it yesterday.

Today's FREE book on Amazon is Marriage of Convenience, a 1950s spanking romance, and it'll be free for the next five days. 


When Betty is sent to her college advisor on a disciplinary matter, she doesn't expect Dr. David Bauer to scold her, make her stand in the corner, and propose marriage all within the hour. Yet that's exactly what happens, and out of desperation to escape her family's influence, the young coed finds herself saying yes to the handsome widower.

David is a strict man who has no compunction about baring his wife's bottom for a sound spanking, but he's also patient and caring. Betty feels blessed to be his wife, but she worries he views their union as nothing more than a marriage of convenience. Will he ever truly love her, and how will he react to the shameful secret she's been keeping about her past?

Download Marriage of Convenience FREE on Amazon:

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Until tomorrow...I'll have a new freebie then! ;)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

FREE on Amazon ~ Alien's Princess Bride (Mail Order Human) #scifi #romance #freebook

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog. Life has been crazy. In an effort to get back into the swing of things, I'm offering a new free book for the next four days!!

Today's FREE book on Amazon is Alien's Princess Bride (Mail Order Human, Book 2). It'll actually be free for the next five days, with a new free book offered through Tuesday, each for a five day period.

Hope you'll hop on over to Amazon and pick up your FREE copy, and please check back tomorrow for the next free book...

Download Alien's Princess Bride FREE on Amazon:

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