Tuesday, November 8, 2016

FREE on Amazon ~ Sold into Marriage #freebook #historical #fantasy #spanking #romance

In case you missed my last few blog posts, I've been giving away a new free book each day during this long four day voting weekend. 

Saturday's free book was Alien's Princess BrideSunday's free book was Marriage of Convenience, and yesterday's free book was Step AlienAll are still free at the moment, so be sure to grab your copies now!

**Today's free book is Sold into Marriage, a historical fantasy spanking romance novella, and it's FREE today - Saturday.**


When Meadow’s guardian can’t afford his taxes, the foul tempered
man instead offers her into the service of the crown—as a slave. But the commander of a passing troop intervenes and pays a bride price for Meadow, and within a few hours she finds herself married to the stern, intimidating man known as Commander Varron. Her new husband proves to be dominant but caring, and her heart eventually softens to the handsome stranger who bought her. But is there any hope of him loving her in return?

Commander Varron wanted Meadow from the moment he looked into her pretty blue eyes, but he expects his new wife’s obedience and doesn’t hesitate to turn her over his knee and redden her bottom when she’s been naughty. The little lass has a tendency to lose her temper, and he sets out to tame her with firm but loving scoldings, spankings, and even more intimate punishments that leave her blushing yet aching for his touch. But their happiness may be short-lived. As they travel to Varron’s homeland, an unexpected danger arises on the high seas, threatening their future together. Are they doomed to remain forever apart, or will Varron finally be reunited with the sweet lass who has stolen his heart?

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