Friday, December 23, 2016

Enter to win a $50 Amazon GC! #erotic #menage #romance #contest #giveaway #bdsm

To celebrate the release of Claiming Their Princess, I'm giving away a $50 Amazon giftcard over on Facebook.

An excerpt from Claiming Their Princess:

“Will you be a good girl and take three cocks at the same time, Laina?” Aron asked.

She made a strangled noise and tried to slip between Hadden and Randall, but they caught her easily and pressed her back against the counter.

“Don’t be naughty, Laina. If you’re naughty, we’ll have to spank you first,” Randall said.

“Actually, brother, I think we should spank her first no matter what. She gets exceedingly wet during a spanking. Don’t you, little girl?” Hadden slipped a hand between her thighs, groping her through the layers of her skirt.

Her only reply was a whimper. She breathed out quickly and lowered her head again. After a few moments she asked, “Um, which one of you is going to spank me?”

“I’m going to spank you first, Laina,” Hadden quickly answered. “You will go over my lap while completely naked, and I will redden that cute little bottom of yours. Then you will stand in the corner with your punished behind on display while you think about what a good girl you will be while taking all three of our cocks at the same time. If Aron or Randall choose to spank you too, then that is up to them.” He threaded his fingers through her hair and tugged her head back, then leaned down to trail kisses along her exposed neckline.

“Whether or not I spank you depends on your behavior, little girl,” Randall said with his mouth to her ear, “but I have decided that it’s my cock that will go in your ass.”

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